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Which is best, yellow gold or white gold

Which is best, yellow gold or white gold

Purchasing gold jewellery is itself a tough decision. Now you have to face another challenge. What type of gold jewellery is better? Didn't get it yet? Let us explain. After investing so much time, money, and effort, you are now deciding which type of gold to purchase, such as white gold, yellow gold, or even rose gold. In this article, we will be talking specifically about white gold and rose gold. If you are unaware of the differences between these two types of gold, don't stress yourself out because most people don't know about the same. Throughout this article, we will discuss the key distinctions between white gold and yellow gold. So, what is better? Is it yellow gold or white gold?

White gold and yellow gold both have their unique qualities. One might love one type of gold over the other for different reasons. It will be easier for you to purchase the perfect gold jewellery if you are familiar with both types of gold types' benefits and drawbacks.

What is yellow gold?


What is yellow gold Which is best, yellow gold or white gold

When you mix pure gold with copper and even occasionally silver gives yellow gold its characteristically high degree of brittleness. Yellow gold contains a higher percentage of copper in its mix when compared to the other alloys of gold. That helps yellow gold maintain the same warm yellow glow characteristic of pure gold.

What is white gold?

What is white gold


Let us reveal something big. Yellow gold is considered gold in its purest form is yellow. But did you know that white gold gets its colour from the alloy mix, which includes pure silver, nickel, palladium, and yellow gold? That is why the gold has taken on a silvery appearance. When a piece of jewellery is made of white gold and is then plated with rhodium, it does not tarnish or corrode. That is because rhodium is a highly reflective metal, just like gold. Because rhodium cannot be molded in its pure form because of its extreme hardness and brittleness, it is always added as a coating to white gold rather than being a component blended within it.

What is higher in gold content? Is it yellow gold or white gold?

What is higher in gold content Is it yellow gold or white gold


Good question. But let us state that the answer to this question depends on the karat weight of the gold jewellery you are about to purchase. A jewellery item of 14-karat yellow gold will have more karats than a ring of 12-karat white gold. A ring made of the 22-karat white gold will have more karats than one made of 18-karat yellow gold.

We all know that 24 karats denote completely pure gold. An 18-karat ring will have 18 parts of gold's natural state and six parts of metal alloy. If your jewellery is 18k, it means that it is 75% pure gold. Here, it doesn’t matter whether it is the jewelry is made of yellow gold or white gold.

History of yellow gold and white gold.

 History of yellow gold and white gold.

Before diving into the differences between these kinds of gold, understanding the background of these types of gold is important. People have been wearing gold to show their social status and signify power and wealth since the earliest known civilizations. It was a rare luxury back then, and even today, people still place a great value on it as lovely jewellery for wedding rings and an investment that can be worn.

After the introduction of the white gold alloy in the 19th century, the yellow gold mixture continued to be a popular choice. But, white gold became a popular choice for engagement rings after the 1920s. The reason was that back in those times; there was a pressing need for a substantial alternative to platinum due to the ongoing war. As a result of the necessity of platinum in the production of military equipment, white gold has retained its popularity up until the present day.

What is more durable? Is it jewellery made of Yellow gold or white gold?

What is more durable? Is it jewellery made of Yellow gold or white gold


Yellow gold and white gold are similar in appearance and weight. But white gold is far more durable than yellow gold. It is mainly because the alloys that it is composed of contain stronger metals when compared with yellow gold. Because nickel is one of the components that is frequently utilized, and nickel is a very robust material. Let's come to yellow gold now. Yellow gold is more malleable than white gold and is also considerably more prone to scratches. It is because of the softer metals mixed in with its alloy.

Note: When it comes to durability, be it yellow or white gold jewellery, it is vital how you organize your gold.

What is easy to maintain? Is it jewellery made of Yellow gold or white gold?

What is easy to maintain? Is it jewellery made of Yellow gold or white gold


As mentioned earlier, yellow gold is soft when considered with white gold. Therefore, yellow gold needs to be polished and cleaned consistently. But, no need to worry. It can typically be done at home, and the cost is relatively low. However, it is recommended that jewellery made of gold with a higher karat content should ideally be taken to a professional jeweller once every few years. Simply put, yellow gold is a soft metal. Therefore, it is often easy to repair at a minimal cost and in a short time.

Let's talk about white gold jewellery now. Rhodium re-plating is a technique that typically does not cost much money, especially if you can locate a jeweller who provides this service at no cost to the customer. In any other case, due to its high hardness, it requires significantly fewer scratch repairs than yellow gold does.

Difference in Properties 

Difference in Properties


In most cases, white gold will still have a very little hint of yellow because it contains pure gold. Rhodium plating is typically applied to white gold to give it the appearance of platinum. It will make sure that it will not rust or corrode. At the same time, they are also suitable for people who have sensitive skin. Yellow gold is not alloyed with nickel; therefore, in addition to being hypoallergenic, it is also softer than white gold.

The last word

This article covered a lot about white gold and yellow gold. In conclusion, you have gained an understanding of the distinctions between white gold and yellow gold, as well as some principles that will assist you in deciding between the two.

Since you want your wedding rings to last for the rest of your lives, we believe that white gold's durability is an additional advantage to consider. It is especially important for rings, which show wear more quickly than other types of jewellery. When going for a mixed-metal model, yellow gold might be an excellent choice for jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets.