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Show Her You Care: Choose the Perfect Gold Jewellery Gift for International Women's Day

Show Her You Care: Choose the Perfect Gold Jewellery Gift for International Women's Day

What better day is there to admire the women in your life than International Women's Day, when everything is dedicated to empowering, encouraging and cherishing women across the globe?

This year, The United Nations has highlighted the day with the perfect theme, "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress", to bring light to women's contributions every day to society from an individual level to a larger societal level. In a world that is aiming towards gender equity, better practised human rights and healthier lives not just physically but also emotionally and socially, celebrating women for all their wonder is not a task to do in one day.

However, International Women's Day is a good reminder that women everywhere should be uplifted and appreciated; what better way to do that than with gold jewellery gifts? A gold jewellery gift is the perfect token of empowering women that she can keep for the rest of her life.

Why Choose Gold Jewellery for International Women's Day?

International Women's Day

Gold has always been viewed as a symbol of value and prosperity, making it a timeless window of gratitude and adoration. This precious metal is one of the few investments that you can make, with a very low chance of losing its value. Gold jewellery can come in handy during difficult financial situations, which can also create a sense of emotional security. Because of this quality of gold, it is an extremely versatile way to accessorise and upgrade anyone's personal style and fashion expression.

Furthermore, a gift of gold jewellery is always a reminder of how much someone means to you. Because of this undying symbolism, gold jewellery gifts are given during celebratory occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. This was woven into the very core of humankind from ancient civilisations, where gold jewellery gifts were used to expel bad energy and bring good fortune as well.

These positive things will translate through the gold gift you will be choosing and giving the special woman in your life. And, of course, the beauty and elegance that gold jewellery brings to any woman's wardrobe is unmatched, making it the perfect gift for women celebrating their special day. We at Starlight Jewellery are more than happy to guide you in choosing the best gift for her to show her you care.

Understanding her style.

Bride with flowers

Have you ever heard someone saying, "Oh, I'm bad at picking gifts," or "I never know what to get someone!". Well, if you are one of those people, we have just the right thing to help you out. The true essence of gift-giving lies less in how expensive your pick is and how many stores you shop in and more in your effort to replicate that person's true nature within what you get as a gift.

Now you may ask, How do I find gold jewellery that replicates the special woman in my life for International Women's Day? Well, the first thing you need to do is understand her personal style and how she prefers to present herself to others. Her style could be simple classic, modern and futurist, bold and edgy, bohemian, cottage-core, dark academia and light academia or even a combination of these.

Pay attention to her clothing and accessorising style.

  • What colours does she wear more and why?
  • Does she have inclusions like diamonds, gemstones and pearls in her gold jewellery?
  • What type of vibe and energy does she give off?
  • What are some things she's passionate about?
  • Does she wear gold jewellery more often or only for special occasions?

These are some of the questions you could ask yourself or discreetly ask her so as to not ruin your gold bejewel gift surprise! The more you know and understand about her the higher the guarantee that she will love the gold jewellery gift you get her.

Popular Gold Jewellery Gift Ideas for International Women's Day.

Gold bangle

Lucky for you, there are several options you could go for when choosing a jewellery gift for your treasured woman be it a mother, sister, best friend, girlfriend, fiancee or wife. Now let us give you a sneak peek at each of those options.

Dazzling Gold Earrings.

Gold earrings are essentially the adornments to anyone's face, framing it and ideally complementing their facial features. They fall from a wide range from simple studs and gold hoops to long dangling earrings, giving you the freedom to choose what size and what kind of earrings she will like the best. There are gold earrings with just gold metal and others with additions such as pearls and gemstones in different colours. You can even go for a pair with a gemstone colour she loves or wears often, which will show that you truly pay attention to her.

Irresistible Necklaces.

You can never miss the mark with beautiful necklaces that will add the right amount of spark to her style. You might need to consider the thickness and length when you are shopping for a necklace, along with its style. If her style goes towards more everyday smart-casual, then look for simple and elegant gold necklaces. If her preference lies in making a statement and going bold when it comes to gold jewellery, you can go for a necklace with an eye-catching design and modern twist.

Unmistakable Rings

Symbolising infinity and all wonderful things eternal, rings are the ultimate gifts of love and adoration to give to any special woman on International Women's Day. While some people like to just wear one ring or their wedding ring on their hand, others like playing with stacking and layering gold rings to create a cool and trendy effect. If you look hard enough, you may be able to find personalised and customised rings with something she likes or a symbol that means a lot to her. 

Exquisite Bracelets

Bracelets have been a token of elegance and beauty for centuries, which makes them the perfect gift for any woman. When you shop, explore different styles like bangle bracelets, hollow rope bracelets and tennis bracelets and consider which one is closest to her personal style. If she is someone who loves sentimentality in her gifts and style, a charm bracelet would be a good choice as it gives a sense of nostalgia with the freedom to add charms that are close to her heart.

If you are not sure where to start, just browse through options to see what she would like best. Also, pay attention to what she rarely or never wears; for example, if you have never seen her wear pendants with gold necklaces, then chances are she will not be thrilled if you get her a pendant as a gift for International Women's Day. 

Additional Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Gift.

Gold rings in gloden background

Budget For Your Pick

Choosing the perfect gold jewellery gift does not mean you are putting yourself in deep debt and financial stress. You can find a gift she loves within the amount that you are comfortable with spending. First, decide your budget for the gift and ask for gold jewellery within that price range. If you shop online, some sites allow you to filter your options by price as well. Moreover, with International Women's Day, there are tons of offers that will get you a good deal for your beautiful gift as well. 

Ethically Sourced Jewellery

Ethically sourced gold jewellery are products that do not leave a negative impact on all the people involved in the process till the time it gets to your hands. They tend to be eco-friendly and do not violate human rights, especially among manual workers who made the gold come to life. Recycled gold and handcrafted designs are some signs that the jewellery is ethically sourced, which will add to the theme of female empowerment that prioritises humane and ethical considerations. 

Presentation of the gift

Your gold jewellery gift may be wonderful, but you also need to make sure that you present it in an even more wonderful way. Consider wrapping the present in a unique way, like a customised paper, jewellery, or gift box that she can use long-term. Gift-giving can be enhanced by little things that may not cost as much as the gift, like a handmade card or a personalised note handwritten inside the box. These things will show you that you went the extra mile to show her how important she is to you on International Women's Day. 

To wrap up, 

 In order to make her truly happy on this International Women's Day, make sure that you understand her personal style, favourite colours, sentimental symbols, preferred type of jewellery and the type of energy she vibrates that makes her one of a kind. Try to find a gold jewellery gift that you think will speak to her wardrobe and her heart. The key is finding the balance between getting her something she already does not have in her jewellery box and also something that will fit right in with her other jewellery. You might want to consider the New In s’ too!

It is also important to make sure that your choice of purchase matches your budget so that you can choose your perfect gold jewellery gift without the added pressure of stretching out too thin financially and finding yourself in an awkward position. Ethically sourced jewellery can be a plus point as you are taking a small initiative in making the earth a better place. Ensure that you select a gold jewellery gift that speaks to you in terms of expressing your love, respect and adoption towards your special woman in a way that flows beyond International Women's Day to all the days in the year.