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How to select fashionable gold jewellery for men

How to select fashionable gold jewellery for men

Gold jewellery is for everyone. However, you might have noticed that there is not much discussion out there about gold jewellery for men. Well, let's change that here.

Even though this might surprise some people, jewellery was not always a sign of femininity. Archaeological evidence indicates that men have been wearing jewellery way before women started wearing them. Prehistoric remnants demonstrate men's jewellery with engraved details, such as family names that could have been used as heirlooms.

If you have watched medieval or period dramas that featured soldiers in metal armour, you might have seen detailed, intricate designs on the armour itself. Precious metals such as gold and silver were smelt into not just men's armour and also to decorate their war weapons such as swords. Although, unlike today, only a small portion of highly rich men had this golden privilege; therefore, it led to the association of wealth and royalty.

After going through dynamic fashion trends, men's jewellery is rising to trends again, so why not talk about it? Whether you are a man yourself or shopping for someone else, In this blog, we will cover the basics of selecting fashionable jewellery for men.

  • Go window shopping
  • Do research on gold jewellery for men
  • Gold jewellery as a compliment to your body
  • Consider your personal style
  • Choose a trusted buyer
  • Take the lifeline; ask a friend
  • Step out of that comfort zone a bit!


Go window shopping.

Window Shopping


The mental pressure of buying the perfect gold jewellery for men sometimes will be counterproductive by stressing you out. So we recommend forgetting about buying for a minute and just surfing through all the shiny options first and foremost.

This might seem like nothing to do, but in reality, this will help you realize what you prefer in terms of types of gold, designs, or what kind of body jewellery you want to purchase. Pay more attention to what your heart lingers on a tad longer when you go window shopping.

This does not necessarily have to be at the local jewellery store around the corner. You could still be a couch potato and go window shopping online right here in our store. Maybe take some screen grabs for inspiration that will help when you actually shop to purchase; if you have a solid opinion on what you want, window shopping will also give you more options.

This could be beneficial, especially if you are looking to select gold jewellery for someone else with little knowledge of what they would like.

Do research on gold jewellery for men.



After gaining an initial idea of what your possible picks are for gold jewellery for men, you need to do some preliminary research; consider this your personal pilot study.

Jewellery, in general, is known to bear rich symbolism that has been bound by culture and traditions for years. These symbolic meanings, coupled with society's attitude toward wearing gold, allow you to alter how other people perceive you simply by choosing the right kind of jewellery for men.

Some gold jewellery for men has a more statement-like appearance, while others have their own unique meanings upon accessorizing. By educating yourself on this matter, you can narrow down your jewellery selection while also enabling you to choose gold that fits you perfectly.

Gold jewellery as a compliment to your body.

What most people forget is the fact that gold jewellery for men has to match themselves, not Tiktok's or Instagram's newest fashion trends.

While there is nothing wrong with following a trend hot as a potato out of the oven, you need to make sure that the jewellery complements you as a person. When you are selecting gold jewellery for men, try and see what types of gold match your or their complexion the best.

For example, a yellow gold hollow rope necklace would bring warmth to olive complexions, while a white gold bracelet would brighten up neutral to warm undertones.

If you are selecting earrings as gold jewellery for men, take face shape into account for the best outcomes. For instance, you can choose a geometric shape with sharp edges, such as a square earring for a round face, to balance your whole look.

Consider your personal style.

Personal Style


Personal style is a must to consider when you select gold jewellery for men. The jewellery you choose to buy should not just be a compliment to who you are but also how you look like. Be it hipster, monochrome, preppy, minimal or athletic, there is something for everyone!

If your signature style involves pops of colour often, you can enhance your look with something like this gold-green clover bracelet. If personal fashion preferences weigh towards old money aesthetic, jewellery such as gold signet rings could totally do the job.

Choose a trusted buyer.

Trusted Buyer


Once you have a pretty defined idea of what you like and what you want, choosing a trusted buyer is the next step in the process.

Ensure that all gold jewellery is provided with standard hallmarking at your buyer, as this will guarantee you are making a worthy investment. Whether it is gold jewellery for men or for anyone else, checking for certificates to seal the purity of gold is super important.

You will be able to see common hallmarks such as 916 in your jeweller when you shop. Beyond these standards certificates offered, you can also notice the weight upon karat number, as high karat weighs more than low karat in real gold.

A trusted buyer will also effectively cater to your fashion needs by helping you select the right design, type of gold and sufficient karat amount which suits your budget and requirement in gold jewellery for men.

Take the lifeline ask a friend.

 Don't hesitate to ask that friend who always had a good fashion sense when it comes to gold jewellery for men. You might be able to get a simple opinion about the ongoing trends in gold jewellery or what they think will suit you best.

Bonus points for you if they agree to help you shop and select the perfect gold jewellery for men with you.

Step out of your comfort zone a bit.

Step out of your comfort zone


Everyone should take a risk once in a while. Why not do that when selecting gold jewellery for men? While going for a safe vanilla option is always comforting, don't be afraid to take a leap in the dark and grab something new.

Make this your chance to shine while simultaneously uplifting and widening your horizon on your fashion by selecting cool and distinctive gold jewellery for men.

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Buying gold jewelry | is it a good investment?

Buying gold jewelry | is it a good investment?

Been thinking about buying gold in Singapore?

No need to feel overwhelmed and confused about what to know and where to start, and, more importantly, what to avoid. Afraid not! We will walk through everything step by step, which will help you decide whether buying gold in Singapore is a good investment.

This blog will provide the perfect guide on everything you need to know about buying gold in Singapore, from what makes it stand out, forms of investments you can choose in Singapore, where you can buy, to factors you should consider when doing so.

So without further ado, let's start!

As one of the most precious metals in the world, gold has earned a position of power, wealth, beauty and sentiment throughout the centuries. It has been utilized for numerous purposes ranging from accessorizing, gift-giving, celebrating, and marking ownership as a currency to passing down legacies and memories through generations. All of these reasons make gold more than just a precious metal found underground and place it on a higher pedestal as a valuable and noteworthy investment for life.

Therefore it is crucial that your investment in gold is well worth and satisfactory for you as a buyer. There are some key points that you need to be knowledgeable about and pay close attention to when buying gold in Singapore.


High Safety.

High Safety of gold


In recent years, Singapore has become one of the most safeguarded places to buy and store your gold. It is a widely known spot all throughout the Asian continent, which has given gold not just a financial and physical value but also significant cultural and traditional importance in its existence. Therefore it is known to be the perfect safe haven for investment in gold as it protects it while giving your investment a run for your money.

Whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else, you need to make sure that place of your investment is extremely trustworthy. Gold in Singapore is credited with high-purity certificates with the accreditation of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

The high trustworthiness and safety of the purchaser should be one of your priorities which is easily fulfilled when you are buying gold in Singapore.


Taxation to encourage gold investments.



In most places in the world, investing in gold can bring unwanted headaches due to expensive and complicated taxation that can even deduct the worth of your gold altogether. The Singaporean government has designed a set of rules and regulations which allows local and foreign gold investors to have a hassle-free process in transaction and storage.

From October 1st of 2012, it was declared that the import and supply of investment grade gold and IPM, which stands for investment grade precious metals, are exempted from GST. Similar to the known VAT tax in Europe, GST in Singapore refers to the Goods and Services Tax. Buying gold in Singapore is tax-free; more precisely, it is GST-free.

However, as there are no taxes bound with your investment when buying gold in Singapore, you can have that one extra stress out of your head and freely make your purchase.


Affordable cost.

Another sound reason for buying gold in Singapore is connected to the above factor about it being tax-free. This makes Singapore one of the cheapest places to buy and invest in gold as a precious metal, as it is exempted from the GST tax.

The most recent pricing for gold in Singapore fell between 85-86 SGD (Singaporean dollar) for 1 gram of 22k gold and around 92 SGD for 24k gold purchases. Ensure to find out the standard prices for your desired karats of gold you want to buy and see if it matches your budget and your preference criteria prior to your valuable purchase.


Best storage facilities.

Best storage


The storage facilities for gold in Singapore are highly impressive as they use cutting-edge technology and armed auxiliary police manpower to ensure that your investment is stored safely. If you choose to store your gold within their safe houses, you have the ability to track your gold to make sure it is safe.

Furthermore, clients have a right to the exclusive ownership of your gold even when you store them within their safe houses. The safe houses in Singapore will only act as a secure rental storage space for your gold. Under Singapore law, if you have your gold stored in safe houses, you have the right to overlook, examine and also withdraw your investment upon your wish anytime.

These regulations and rights given to the client further seal the transparency, and the solitary ownership entitled to the buyer stays constant and solid, which makes your experience as a client even better when buying gold in Singapore.


Strong rule of law.

The Law


Singapore is known for its effective, well-designed body of law, which upholds a solid rule of law as well. This guarantees that every citizen is subjected to the law on an equal platter and is expected to obey it. This could be the main reason why crime rates in Singapore are extremely low compared to other destinations in the world. The laws and the process in which they are executed ensure a neutral political nature which is a benefit for global investors, including customers who are buying gold in Singapore.

In fact, in 2015, Singapore took more steps to shut down opportunities for crimes such as money laundering, using more resources on gold storage units and safe houses for their investors. Therefore now, the high protection and provided confidentiality deliver an investor-friendly environment for anyone who is buying gold in Singapore.


Excellent Connections.

As a major global hub for international markets and trade, Singapore holds great connections with countries which makes it super easy for gold to be brought in and out. As a result of its marvellous geographic location, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Therefore if you are looking forward to visit and buy gold in Singapore, chances are you will find a direct and also, more importantly, an affordable flight to Singapore without a hassle.


Diversify assets.



Buying gold in Singapore will diversify your portfolio, which is extremely beneficial for you as an investor. It simply refers to broadening out your options in investment across different contexts, such as various geographical locations and fields. Basically, as an investor, it is wise not to put all your eggs in one basket. That way, if one industry or place takes an economic hit, your diversified assets will not be lost.

As gold is a globally recognized valuable metal that has a low correlation to major classes of assets, you can have a wider window open for you if you are buying gold in Singapore. If you do not wish to keep your gold investment yourself, you can easily sell it in Singapore or in another country.

Now that you know well about the safety, transparency, costs, taxation, storage, legal and judicial framework and excellent connections you will experience when buying gold in Singapore, you need some more information on the topic to determine exactly if it is a suitable investment for you.


Forms of investments.

Forms of gold


In terms of discussing and assessing buying gold in Singapore as an investment, it is important to know that there is more than one way you can invest your gold assets. And knowing about each one will give you more room for options for you to decide what is the best investment for you.

Below mentioned are different forms of investment you will encounter when buying gold in Singapore. Let's go through each one!

  1. Jewellery
  2. Physical gold
  3. Gold Exchange Traded Fund
  4. Gold stocks
  5. Gold certificate
  6. Gold savings account
  7. Gold Futures



This is definitely the most known form of gold investment you will see out there when buying gold in Singapore. This is an investment type that you can actually wear.

This form includes all kinds of gold wear such as gold rings, gold bracelets, bangles, gold crowns, gold anklets, gold necklaces, gold pendants, gold nose rings; you name it! The value in gold jewellery is not lost over time as gold has merit depending on how high the purity is and based on its weight.

Therefore if you decide to invest in jewellery when buying gold in Singapore, your money will not be spent in vain at all. Through this type of investment, you can use them as accessories to enhance and elevate your look by even adding one or two pieces of gold jewellery.

If you grow out of fondness for the design of the jewellery, you can always take it to your jeweller and have it redesigned or changed within its capacity. Jewellery is super easy to invest in as you can purchase them over the counter or at pawn shops.

At first glance, even if gold jewellery seems it has one purpose to serve as accessory wear, it can be so much more. Gold jewellery can have increasing sentimental value; the longer you own them, the more it will mean to you. This is the reason why most people find it immensely difficult to sell or give them gold jewellery away as time passes. Moreover, this is also the reason why many people choose to own them to pass them down to their children through the next generations.

It is important to keep in mind that when buying gold in Singapore as jewellery which you use at your own home, you become responsible for safe storage and proper care and maintenance. When you attend to them carefully and with consideration, you will be able to maintain longevity and wear them and shine bright like a diamond!


Physical gold.

Physical gold refers to gold in its tangible form, which has extremely high purity of the precious metal, which falls between 99.5% purity and 99.9% purity. Therefore, if your choice of investment when buying gold in Singapore is physical gold, essentially, you will be an owner of almost pure gold.

Also known as gold bullion, these can be seen in the form of gold bars, gold coins and gold ingots in the market. Gold coins and bars are known by most people as a method of investing in gold, therefore, are the most common forms of bullion available.

Sometimes gold bars and gold ingots can be confused as they are similar in a number of ways. The distinction is that gold bars are made by minting gold bullion while gold ingots are made by pouring the melted metal into a mould; gold ingots are generally bigger than gold bars. If you have a safe and special storage space to keep these, you can go for this option when buying gold in Singapore.


Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Gold ETFs offer you an opportunity to take an alternative option to physical gold with a surprisingly low cost compared to other investment options. These are similar to stocks and can be referred to as commodity funds that are backed by real gold. These ETF shares can be purchased by a fund manager or through a brokerage firm. If you do not have a ton of money on your hand and are looking forward to buying gold in Singapore, this form of investment will be good for you.

They allow the investor to become an owner of a small portion of gold-related assets to have exposure to gold without having to physically store it at their homes.


Gold Stocks.

Gold stocks simply refer to shares you can buy from gold mining companies. These gold-associated stocks will provide you with a great opportunity to do day trading, which refers to the ability to buy and sell stocks within the same day.

Some gold mining companies even offer their investors dividends upon purchasing their stock, which is a benefit for you if you choose this form of investment when buying gold in Singapore.


Gold certificate.

If you are someone who does not have the capacity or preference to own physical gold, which takes up actual space in storage, a gold certificate might be a good option for you when buying gold in Singapore. A gold certificate is a representative of ownership of a certain quantity of gold; think of a stockholder's stock certificate, which indicates the share they possess in a particular company.

These gold certificates have no expiry dates; therefore, you do not need to stress yourself about liquidating them. The good thing about these is they can have two holders at once. Gold certificates are usually priced the same way as gold bars.

However, even if storing gold certificates does not require much physical space like gold bars and ingots or jewellery, they still need to be stored safely somewhere you trust to be sound and secure from outsiders.


Gold savings account.

When buying gold in Singapore, a gold savings account might be your ideal option if you are not looking to purchase physical gold like coins, bars, ingots and gold jewellery. This is a form of gold investment that allows you to trade gold by the possession of a savings account; since this method does not require you to store and safeguard physical gold when buying gold in Singapore.

This digital method of investing in gold can be facilitated through banks in Singapore which offer their clients to have gold savings accounts. Your gold holdings will be noted in grams, with most banks offering the chance to have a minimum of five grams of gold per transaction. Moreover, you also must have a minimum of five grams of gold in your gold savings account for it to be viable.


Gold Futures.

Gold futures are a contract-based gold investment option. They can be traded on an exchange between 2 parties upon mutual agreement. If you do not want to pay the complete amount upfront when buying gold in Singapore, gold futures might be a  good form of investment for you, as they have flexibility in how the deals are carried out and when they are finalized.

These are mostly used by hedgers to utilize to manage and handle the cost risk that is related to these types of commodities. You can either take a short position or a long position on a gold future. In a short position, you can sell the commodity with the plan to cover the cost at a later date at a much lower price. While in long positions, you can buy gold with patience and a calculated prediction that the gold price will increase in the future.

Gold futures offer investors more flexibility in their exchange and in the financial aspect; therefore, it comes with more transparency to exchange gold in confidentiality.


Where to buy gold

Buying gold


It is important to know the places you can reach when buying gold in Singapore. You should make sure the place you are buying gold in Singapore is the most trustworthy place for you while ensuring that the gold you are buying meets your requirements and has good rates as well. The place of purchase will depend on what form of investment you choose when buying gold in Singapore. Some of them are,

  1. Jewellery Shops
  2. Pawn Shops
  3. Bullion Shops
  4. Banks
  5. Gold mining companies

You can either choose to buy your gold online or through a physical shop in Singapore. If you feel like you need to physically see your purchase before buying gold in Singapore, you can shop yourself and invest your money. However, if you live out of the country and are unable to travel abroad at the moment, you can easily buy gold through online stores in the comfort of your own home!

Some factors to consider when choosing the place to buy are practicality, personal convenience, preference in shopping, budget and how trustworthy your place of purchase is. Based on these factors, you can choose the ideal place and method for you when buying gold in Singapore.

All in all, buying gold in Singapore is undoubtedly a good investment in terms of all the factors discussed above. No matter where you are buying from, for whom and what way you choose, it will not be a disappointment in terms of investing. As there are many options for gold investments choosing the right one for you is crucial.

You can choose the best way to buy gold for you depending on your personal requirement, preference and practicality. Make sure to research thoroughly before you make your valuable investment to ensure you are getting your money's worth; as we all know, all that glitters is not gold!

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Know about Hollow Rope Gold Necklace

Know about Hollow Rope Gold Necklace

The hollow rope gold necklace, when chosen and worn in the right way, can modernize and enhance the whole look. This timeless piece of jewellery provides a fashionable choice to anyone among the overwhelming options out there.

Rope necklaces made from metals such as gold have been in fashion for a long time, boldly dating back to the Greek and Egyptian Civilizations. Therefore, this piece of jewellery was often associated with beauty, wealth and power, even though nowadays, it can be used to pull off a wide range of looks. Out of the numerous styles, the hollow rope gold necklace is a super affordable option, which can upgrade the overall look in an effortless manner. It can be worn on numerous occasions to serve varying purposes from morning to evening, enhancing the overall look.

This article discusses information about the structure, significance, purchasing, styling and caring for a hollow rope gold necklace.


Structure of the Hollow rope gold necklace.

Hollow rope gold necklaces are made of gold alloy, which is the product when gold is combined with other metals such as copper, zinc and silver. This provides the necklace with a corrosion-resistant quality while also adding a hardening effect on the metal. What makes this stand out is the fact that this gold necklace is designed to appear as a real rope, with a couple of twisted gold strands entangled together.


Why choose a hollow rope gold necklace?



It is designed to be practical for everyday wear without a hassle. The hollow centres add the benefit of a lightweight feel on wear, unlike solid gold necklaces, which can feel heavy when worn. This can offer more comfortable wear without a doubt.

Moreover, it is cheaper than a solid gold necklace. The hollow centres not only bring the benefit of the lightweight feel but also automatically reduce the cost, as less gold is used compared to solid gold necklaces.

Therefore, if you are opting to invest in a good fashion choice that does not empty your pockets and feels great on wear, the hollow rope gold necklace is the one.


What makes it a fashion staple?

There are a few reasons why a hollow rope gold necklace is a must-have in your wardrobe.


The intricate design of the necklace emits an edginess, which lifts any outfit, whether it is for a presentation in your office, casual brunch out with friends or a romantic date night at a high-end restaurant with your significant other.

2.Timeless look.

The fact that it has been in style for centuries says that both the look and the feel are adored regardless of gender and culture through time. It gives you the freedom to express your inner fashion guru no matter who you are and where you come from.


The hollow rope gold necklace is easily fashionable and can elevate your natural beauty with its simplicity and eye-catching unique look. Despite the hollow centres, this necklace is quite durable as long as proper care and maintenance techniques are followed. However, it is not advisable to wear it while engaging in rigorous and regular physical activities. So if you are going rock climbing or jogging every morning, make sure to leave your necklace in your jewellery box!



Jewelry styling


The great thing about the hollow gold rope necklace is the fact that it allows the wearer to style it in such a flexible manner.

Formal; Add a touch of class by pairing it with a formal dress or a pantsuit.

Informal; Wear to add a little bit of glam to any outfit, such as a cocktail dress, jacket and sweater. It will blend in and complement your personal style effectively without disrupting your overall look.

Pairing with other jewellery, if you are going for a simple style, the hollow gold rope necklace can be worn with a pair of simple earrings or a bracelet, which is either gold or has a gold hue. This will give a cohesive look to your accessories while upgrading the whole look.

You can also layer it with other necklaces to accessorize your outfit by playing with lengths and thicknesses. Layering can give a playful look allowing you to creatively express yourself. Make sure to pair it with necklaces that vary slightly in length and look.

Another great fact is that it can be worn on its own, or you have the freedom to add gold, white gold, pearl and even a colourful pendant to enhance the overall appearance.


Choosing the right hollow rope gold necklace.

If opting for a simple look, you can opt for 1.5mm to 3mm in size. However, if you want a bold statement with your style, you choose sizes around 4mm and above. Sizes from 4mm and above are also more durable as more gold metal is utilized in the design. Generally, the heavier the necklace is, the more durable it is. They can start from 9-carat gold and go up to 22-carat gold, expanding options further. The length can be decided depending on personal preference.

Although most hollow rope gold necklaces are genuine, there are some fake ones out there. Therefore, be informed and pay close attention to hallmarks, which certify the purity of the gold in the necklace you want to purchase. Hallmark standards such as "916" means that there are 91.6 grams of pure gold in 100 grams of alloy, which shows high purity in the necklace.


Care & Maintenance.

Jewelry care


Just like any other piece of gold jewellery, the hollow gold rope necklace needs proper care to protect and maintain its appeal. Here are a few guidelines in terms of using, cleaning and storing your necklace in the best way.


Make sure not to expose the necklace to harsh environments to minimize damage to the jewellery. This includes environments such as pool water and extremely high temperatures, as they can tarnish and cause damage to the finished material. Wearing the rope necklace to sleep is also not advisable as it risks breakage.


Water or even a mild cleaning liquid is enough to clean your rope necklace. Dry it well with a clean and non-abrasive cloth after cleaning to ensure longevity. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, as your hollow gold rope necklace is not built to withstand chemicals.


When not worn, store it in a safe and dry place with a moderate temperature. Make sure to store it in a manner that avoids tangling with other jewellery.

By effectively taking care of the rope necklace, following these tips can ensure your investment can last a long time while looking its best.



All in all, the hollow rope gold necklace is a timeless piece of jewellery which can elevate your formal or casual wear by adding a touch of elegance, edge and even playfulness, depending on how you want to style it. While its affordable design makes it unique, it is a good investment for its versatility and durability. However, it is important to ensure your purchase is genuine and worth your money by checking standard purity hallmarks such as the "916". Proper care and maintenance can increase the longevity of the hollow rope gold necklace while allowing you to express your personal style creatively. Continue reading

The common mistakes you make when buying gold in Singapore

The common mistakes you make when buying gold in Singapore

Buying gold is a common practice in all across the world. Even in Singapore, it is the same. People love wearing gold jewellery on special occasions, including weddings. But when you are purchasing gold jewellery, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid. In this article, we are going to discuss what those mistakes are. These points are going to help you whenever you are buying gold.


The metal used


Gold Metals


When you are buying gold in Singapore, there is a point that most people neglect. There are various kinds of gold available. You should pay attention to what kind of gold is used when creating gold jewellery you are about to purchase. As we all know, there are three main kinds of Gold. These types of gold include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The natural colour of gold is yellow. But the jewellers mix this gold with a different metal, intending to strengthen it. The colour of the gold jewellery you are about to buy depends on the metal used in the alloy. Some people believe that when it comes to purity, rose gold and white gold are low when considered yellow gold. But that is not true. The purity of gold jewellery is measured in karats, not its colour.

Did you know that white gold and platinum almost look the same? Some customers get confused between these two. Some even end up buying white gold instead of platinum. If you are confused, we advise you to look for a purity stamp in the jewellery. It can help you identify white gold and platinum separately.


Not inquiring enough from the jeweller

Leave gold jewellery aside, but you should know everything before buying any product. Completing the transaction with knowing everything you need to know when buying gold in Singapore is wise. But why? The main reason is the difference in prices. Depending on the piece you are buying, the price varies drastically. Let us explain to you, citing an example. Suppose that two rings look the same. But one might have a diamond embedded in it while the other doesn't. We all know that diamond is a prized metal. Therefore, if you do not pay enough attention to these details, you might pay the jeweller more than you should. Therefore, do not think twice to ask any question that you have from the seller. It is a vital point you should consider when buying gold in Singapore.


Not doing background research


Gold quality checking


There needs to be more than a thorough inquiry from the store that you will buy gold in Singapore. It would help if you did proper background research. You should take time to understand the field. It will help you better understand what's available in your area and how much they cost. How can you do this? Just check the Internet. Take a look at the online stores that sell gold jewellery. It will help you confront the jewellers with confidence. You can explain what you need beforehand and know how much it should cost.


Not paying attention to the refund and return policies




Here is another important thing. You should properly check their return and refund policies when buying anything from any business. What if something goes wrong? What if you needed to exchange what you bought? You can know what needs to be done if you check the store's return and refund policy. When it comes to gold jewellery, a lot of money is involved. Therefore, if you change your mind, you should be able to return what you bought with no hassle. At the same time, knowing about these details will help you make better decisions regarding your purchase.


Thinking that expensive jewellery is the best




Here is a common myth that many people buying gold in Singapore believe. The price of gold jewellery you purchase is not directly proportional to its quality. It can be true on certain occasions but differs each time. Your major attention should be on the design and this style of gold jewellery you are about to purchase. Firstly, you should fix your budget. Then you should try to stick within. The research for a good piece of jewellery starts next. During this process, you will find a lot of variations. It's up to you to choose what suits you best and fits your budget. There are cost-effective pieces of gold jewellery that look awesome. Therefore, overcome the myth which says that expensive is always better.


You can trust all retailer

It would help if you did not believe that all retailers are the same. There is a huge difference between a trusted retailer with a proven track record and just any retailer. A trusted jeweller will have a wide range of jewellery for you to choose from. At the same time, they will have a better return and refund policy too. Therefore read the reviews and research the jeweller you are about to approach when buying gold in Singapore. Here is a small measure that you can use for security. Click a picture of the jewellery that you are about to purchase. It will help you confirm whether you are handed over the same jewellery that you selected in the first place.


The value of gold jewellery and scrap gold is the same


Scrap Gold


Gold jewellery is a good investment. Some people are buying gold jewellery as an investment in Singapore. If you belong to this category, you should be very careful. You should ensure that the gold jewellery you buy is not scrap gold. Do you know why? Scrap gold is the gold that gets left when transforming gold jewellery into something else. You can also call it residual gold. Therefore, identify real gold and check for their quality standard certifications.



So that's it. This is the end of our list. We advise you to be smart and consider these points when buying gold in Singapore. We are sure that they will come in handy. Get settled for nothing but The common mistakes you make when buying gold in Singapore

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Best Tips to select gold wedding ring in Singapore

Best Tips to select gold wedding ring in Singapore

A wedding is a special occasion in a person’s life. They are grand affairs which will take your relationship with your loved one to the next level. Taking vows and exchanging the rings afterwards is a tradition in wedding ceremonies. What is the importance of a gold wedding ring? It indicates the society that you are already married. At the same time, it reminds you of your commitment towards your loved one. 

When it comes to a marriage ceremony in Singapore, wedding rings are an important part of it. We are proud to announce that; Starlight is the go-to store for creating a customized gold wedding ring for you. This article will discuss what you should consider when buying a gold wedding ring in Singapore. We hope that these factors will help.


Go shopping for a gold wedding ring with your loved one.


Creative art - Love


When planning a wedding, certain decisions cannot be taken as a couple. But, it is better to carry out the process of choosing wedding rings as a couple. It might not take more than a couple of days to finalize a perfect gold wedding ring. We advise you to visit several reputed jewellers and zero down on the best.

What is the benefit of this? You will be able to go through and check out multiple designs. Hence you can choose what attract you the most. Currently, the trends have changed. Purchasing identical or matching rings is no longer the trend. According to tradition, the groom has to buy a ring for the bride, and the bride has to buy a gold wedding ring for the groom. 


Be as practical as possible.


Gold wedding rings


Are you a person who works a lot with your hands? If so, we advise you to get a gold wedding ring that won’t disturb your work. If you work a lot with your hands, we recommend not attaching diamonds or other stones to your gold wedding ring. But why? The stones may loosen or catch dirt if you continue wearing the ring while working.

Therefore, always be practical when you are purchasing a ring. Are you planning to wear it always? What is your job? How often will your ring be touched with hard surfaces? We advise you to answer all these questions before buying your gold wedding ring.


Give priority to your style.


Rose gold ring


Normally, when shopping for accessories, we always consider what we already own. We should apply the same theory even when purchasing a gold wedding ring. You should not go for something similar to what you possess. Ask several questions from yourself. What kind of gold do you prefer? Is it yellow, white or rose? What kind of a stone would you like to have in your ring?  

What is your taste, and how can you identify your style? To do this, look at the jewellery you already possess. It will give you a clear idea about what your taste is. Then, shop accordingly. Why is it important to consider your taste during shopping? A gold wedding ring will stay with you as a part of you for a long time. Hence, choosing a piece that goes in hand with your style is important. 


Don’t delay your shopping.


Buying gold wedding rings


This is a popular question. When should you start shopping for the wedding ring? Is it one month before the wedding, or is it two months? Exactly when? As experts, we suggest you shop for a gold wedding ring six months before the wedding. It will give the jewellery maker plenty of time to focus on your ring.

You should not keep choosing a ring as the last thing to complete before your wedding. If you are already engaged, you should know by now that finding an engagement ring is not easy and takes time. The same goes for a wedding ring. You may have to go to many sellers. At the same time, you may have to spend a lot of time at these shops. A gold wedding ring is something that you will keep with you throughout your life. Hence you can’t select a ring in haste. You should give the process enough time.


Fix your budget.


Gold price


How much are you willing to spend on your gold wedding ring? Finalizing this will help you when you start shopping. Keeping at least 4% of your wedding budget for your rings is recommended. Let us give you a small tip to save you money. This is especially for people who might prefer a platinum wedding ring. Did you know that white gold looks similar to platinum? The good news is, although they look similar, white gold is way cheaper than platinum. 

When shopping for your wedding ring, you can save considerable money if you spend enough time finding the ideal one. How? If you go for designer rings from big brands, it will cost you a lot. Some great jewellers will provide you with the best gold wedding ring at a much more affordable price. 



 Let us conclude. It is not always an easy task to select a wedding ring. The process involves two people, so it will take longer than expected. It will help if you are familiar with the styles and the designs before shopping. 

You can also purchase your rings online. It will save you time, and a huge advantage is that you can compare the prices from different stores. But there are a few disadvantages as well. You will not be able to feel the ring that you choose. You can achieve this only by going to a reputable jewellery shop. 

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Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Even before human civilisations thrived in the glory of wondrous monuments, folks who dwelled inside caverns enrobed themselves with handmade accessories alongside prehistoric clothes such as braided grass and pounded tree bark. Although ankle ornaments crafted using bones or vivid seashells were stated to be worn during predynastic eras, golden anklets were brought into light when Hellenes and Romans conquered our green plant.

On the other hand, thousands of years ago ancient women with Asian cultural heritage wore majestic anklets to represent their marital status. These precious items were also speculated to ward off malicious spirits while acting as almighty talismans.

Due to the heavy cultural influences, anklets carry different meanings. Whilst some wear them to attract a river of fortune, young maidens prefer to accessorise their feet with elegant anklets to embrace and manifest delicate feminine vibes.

In this article, we wish to discuss how you can precisely measure your anklet size. But! Before we dive right into it let’s take a minor detour.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Gold?

Benifits of wearing gold


Did you know gold jewellery can help you harvest biological and spiritual benefits? Prior to buying any piece of jewellery, or you measure your anklet size wonder in a haze about these advantages. Let us feed your curiosity and go through a few of these perks.


1.Healing Properties


Gold is assumed to promote the purification of our fragile mortal bodies. As the therapeutic abilities of gold are believed to be intertwined with distinct bodily systems, it’s not a concealed secret that Chinese, Indian and medieval prestigious medical practitioners had a healthy gold obsession.

Gold was used as a treatment approach for alleviating the pain caused by sore or stiff muscles, and as a mediator for inducing accurate blood circulation.



 As much as this may sound alienating and leave you bamboozled, gold can support reducing your surging tension, shooing away the lingering melancholy and setting your caged happiness free.


2.Compliments Skin

Another benefit of gold jewellery is despite the colour of your skin golden jewels will integrate as one with your skin. Certain folktales reveal that, quite similar to a mystic potion, jewellery made of gold makes wearers’ skin smooth like velvet thus preserving the forever youthful appearance.


3.Confidence Booster

When you beautify yourself with a shimmering, classy and expensive gold jewel it’s hard not to dance in a pool of self-confidence! When you’re rocking the glamorous delicacy of bling it’s possible to regain your sense of felicity.


4.Financial Security

Gold frequently supersedes other mundane metals because of its immeasurable value. Whether you inherit or buy gold jewellery online undoubtedly they last lifetimes. Due to this substantial worth, anyone who possesses gold can withstand harsh economic downturns.

If you wish to gain more knowledge regarding the benefits of gold jewellery, please read here.


Is A Gold Anklet A Good Gift?

Gold anklet


There’s no second-guessing, the simple answer is Yes! An anklet is a prestigious crown for your feet. So, whether you’re a damsel in distress wishing to drown your sorrows or a gold enthusiast who’s aspired to own another masterpiece this could be a great gift option. Self-gifting is indeed the greatest attention you can ever pay to yourself.

Now, if you are a smitten lover hoping to gift the most worthy gold anklet to your sweetheart, you have our blessings! Gifting your loved one an anklet resembles affection and an unwavering desire to be a faithful partner. According to romantic yet, customary traditions in certain parts of the world, a bridegroom often gifts a twinkling anklet to his partner as a token of pure love and commitment.

To bask in the real glory of wearing an anklet, it must perfectly fit around your ankle without being unnecessarily tight enough to suppress your dear veins or too loose to the point you get insecure. So, it’s crucial to measure your anklet size.

Before mindlessly jumping into the unclear waters and buying an anklet without knowing anything, it’s wise to measure your anklet size first. So, let’s get back on track, shall we?


What To Consider Before You Measure Your Anklet Size?

Consider before you measure


Before fussing over the measurement you will have to determine whether you wish to wear your item below or above the bone of your ankle. For example, if you adore visiting coastlines, enjoying the sea breeze and donning sandals, anklets that will dangle below beneath the bone is more appropriate. If you love sporting sneakers that have higher straps, it would be more sensible to wear an anklet above the bone.


How To Measure Your Anklet Size?

In general, there are actually several methods to measure your anklet size. Let’s go through them one by one.


1.Measuring Tape Method.

Step 1: Take a soft measuring tape, and loosen your foot if tense.

Step 2: Now place the tape closely to the surface of your skin, right next to the ankle and measure.

Step 3: Once done, you can check the length. Refer to an anklet sizing chart for further guidance while selecting.

If you want your anklet to droop, measure the area below the bone and, according to how flexible or wider you want it to be add ¼ to ½ more inches. For instance, if you measure your anklet size and it turns out to be 9, we instructed you to proceed with a 9¼ - 9¾ one. This leaves sufficient room for the anklet to be precisely adjusted as well as for your skin to breathe in peace.


2.Ribbon Or Paper Strip Method.

When your eyesight fails to detect a tape or if you do not own one, don’t fret about it. Because you can measure your anklet size without the help of such tools too.

Step 01: Find a strip of paper, a ribbon piece or a string and attentively wrap it around the ankle.It’s highly recommended to use a non-stretchy material because who would find joy in making a stretch error and taking home an incorrectly sized anklet?

Step 02: After making sure it is well levelled, use a pen to mark the point where the string or paper meets your ankle.

Step 03: Use a ruler to estimate the length of the piece of material from the marked spot to the end to acquire and measure your anklet size.


3.Old Is Gold Method.

Alternatively, you can skim through your belongings and check whether you possess an old anklet. If so, you can use this barely touch in years beauty to measure your anklet size.

Take your former anklet out and try it on. If this previous anklet is unbearably bothersome or restricting your leg moments, for convenience you could decide to raise your size by roughly a few inches.

If you are uncertain, feel free to consult a jeweller. These experts are always happy to assist you.


4.Visiting A Store

Another less cumbersome route to measure your anklet size is by paying your favourite jeweller a visit. Typically an anklet, specifically gold anklets suppose to sprinkle charm on your already existing extravagant exterior. So, keep a mental note that the anklet shouldn’t hinder your comfort in any manner.

Alongside the support from staff, once you correctly measure your anklet size, selecting your ideal material and design should be a piece of cake.


What Is The Average Anklet Size For A Woman?

Average anklet size for women is 9


9 inches is the generalised average size pertaining to ladies’ anklet sizes. These medians can be extremely helpful if you’re shopping for items to gift loved ones or if you’re on a mission to measure your anklet size.

However, these norms are calculated without taking individual differences into account. So, sizes from 7.5 to 9.5 are rather ideal to be standardised.

Nevertheless, when you measure your anklet size, consider 10’’ as a medium or large while 8¼ as a small or medium.


3 Tips To Consider When You Measure Your Anklet Size

Leave A Little Bit Of Room.

Even if you know the correct estimations after you measure your anklet size, constantly keep at least a half an inch allowance. Hence! Ensuring an error-free fit.

Think About Physiological Changes.

Our physiology changes gradually and steadily. So, no matter when and how you measure your anklet size, it is also prone to altering over time. Therefore consider keeping an allowance.

Look For Length Adjusters. 

These tiny gadgets work wonders on your anklets. In case any discrepancy happens while you measure your anklet size and it fits too snugly, these extenders will guarantee to deliver optimal comfort.


    Let’s Conclude Our Discussion

    So far, we took our sweet time learning about how one can attract beneficial impacts by dressing themselves with gold jewellery. We also emphasised how to measure your anklet size. It’s high time for you to take a stroll and find your heartfelt gold anklet Continue reading

    Perfect buying guide for a beautiful gold necklace

    Perfect buying guide for a beautiful gold necklace

    Jewels are not merely alluring delicacies. They’re your precious personal biography that unveils bygone chapters in life, the incentives that fuel the roaring self-confidence and the magical pixie dust that helps your spiritual soul to delightfully journey across the neverlands.

    Likewise, beyond a single doubt, the majority of us who dwell in this contemporary world fancy a spellbinding gold necklace. We crave to accentuate our necks with such pieces of golden goddesses and spice up our otherwise mundane attires.

    Although accessorising yourself with jewellery is the easy peasy part, hunting for the best quality necklaces can be quite gruelling to the point you will find yourself falling down an endless pitch-black abyss. To rescue you from this rabbit hole, here we hand the ultimate guide for buying attractive gold necklaces on a silver platter!

    First and foremost, before we dive right in let’s address this vital question.

    Why Is Gold Jewellery Better than Silver Jewellery?

    Silver vs Gold


    Dissimilar to other types of metal, Gold has been showered with respect by everyone throughout the centuries due to its immense value and sacred history. This divine metal which never chemically combines with other elements is relatively rare. Unlike silver, only a 0.0000004% portion of the earth’s crust is gold and miners cannot deftly derive abundant quantities of it. As gold is exceptionally uncommon and cumbersome to stumble upon it has been crowned as the queen metal of jewels.

    When archaeologists rummage through ancient ruins, they unearth artefacts which are primarily handcrafted with gold. There’s no denying even the venerable ones knew how durable this metal is. Due to its neutral and inert nature gold doesn't deteriorate.

    Therefore, jewellery designed with gold can remain for lifetimes, unaffected. This is precisely why they’re culturally significant and considered precious heirlooms which often bequeathed from one generation to the other. Silver, however, does not showcase this significance.

    Furthermore, gold is extraordinarily heavy, boasting a density of 19.4 g cm-3. It is also renowned as a highly malleable material that can be mercilessly hammered into fine sheets that surprisingly cover an entire square meter using barely 1g. On the other hand, silver can be rather mushy and is susceptible to being easily scraped and scratched.

    Did you know purchasing pieces of jewellery such as a gold necklace can be an invaluable investment? Gold conveys a propensity to spike up in value each time living expenses surge sky-high. Hence! it can serve as a protective hedge and counter dementors like inflation. Therefore, during a depressing collapse in currency rates, it could perform an integral financial function as a medium of transaction. Sadly, silver lacks this economic influence.

    Another point why gold jewellery is the mover and shaker is, in comparison to silver it comes in variations of hues. With such beautiful choices as rose, yellow and white, buyers are granted the freedom to match them with every seasonal look and even glamourise old clothes that radiate melancholic despair.

    For a more comprehensive debate session regarding this topic, visit here. Now, without further ado let’s grab our magnifying glasses and investigate how to buy a beautiful gold necklace.

    A 7-Step Guide For Buying A Beautiful Gold Necklace

    7 Step Guide

    1.Identify Real Gold Jewellery From Fake Duplicates.

    Tales concerning individuals who were conned out of their savings by fraudulent merchants peddling counterfeit gold necklaces are indeed a handful. Therefore it’s wise to take precautions. Here are a few ways to test the waters before you jump in.

    Hallmark Test:

    If you carefully observe, a miniature  hallmark imprinted on the exterior of the gold necklace can be discovered in an obscure location. It not only verifies the purity of the item but also symbolises that it has undergone independent inspection, is curated up to the standards and complies with applicable regulatory requirements.on the exterior of the gold necklace can be discovered in an obscure location. It not only verifies the purity of the item but also symbolises that it has undergone independent inspection, is curated up to the standards and complies with applicable regulatory requirements.

    Magnet Test: 

    Real gold doesn’t Real gold doesn’t react to a magnetic field, so this is a smart way to shun away any doubts. Place the gold necklace in front of the magnet. If it's genuine it will not cling onto the magnet. However! This test isn’t recommended to conduct on 10k, 14k or 18K because these types contain base metals, consequently will generate incorrect results.

    Water Test: 

    If you’re tinged with suspicion, fill a container preferably transparent, with water enough to have the gold necklace engulfed in it. Now tenderly drop the gold necklace inside. If it sinks, voila! It’s real. In case it floats yeet yourself out of the store! Unless you are testing your own jewellery, Acid tests or Porcelain tests cannot be directly performed on unbought gold necklaces.


    2.Ask Yourself How Often Would You Wear It.

    If you’re seeking a gold necklace for everyday wear, go for a stronger long-lasting piece. Keep a distance from Serpentine chains as their tendency to be fragile is high.

    Give A Thought About Your LifeStyle

     Consider the activities you follow and your daily routine when choosing a gold necklace. For instance, if you lead an active life, a gold necklace with a strong body and a firm clasp such as the 916 Gold Hardware Link chain or 916 Gold Milano Necklace is recommended over thinner products.

      If you’re a social butterfly who attends a hefty amount of elegant functions 916 Gold Amatera Necklace or 916 Gold Array Necklace could be ideal.


       3.Inquire About What Metal Is Your Gold Necklace Made Of.

      The purity of gold is an important factor to contemplate before impulsively buying your gold necklace out of the blue.

      The amount of gold alloyed with other metals is measured in "carats". 24ct is pure gold (99.99%) without any extra elements attached. 14ct, 18ct and 22ct respectively contains 58.33%, 75% and 91.66% gold. Simply speaking, the greater the amount of carat the more gold you can find. While a 24ct gold necklace may appear as a god-sent treasure, it might not be a reliable choice. Due to the ductile nature of gold, the item could be overly frail.

      Therefore, in order to get the optimal ratio of purity and durability we highly recommend either 18ct or 22ct.


      4.Check Out The Designs Of Gold Necklaces.

      There are a lot of gold necklace designs waiting for you. So, commence a deep search and pick your heart’s call. Below are some of the trendy types.


      They're formed to imitate the pattern of a rope by linking mini wires together. Check out this beautiful collection.


      Squashed, yet soft twisted links are closely intertwined with one another to compose these masterpieces. It’s a hot topic among gentlemen!


      This type is well-adored for its minimalistic and definitive construction. To make this gold necklace, cubed linkages are flattened, and box-like shapes are created and then bonded together.


      It's a classical variation having oval links that has a smooth interior and rounded exterior.


      Like the name, this gold necklace has a woven or twisted appearance that resembles a wheat stalk. In contrast to other types, this is very flexible.


      It contains links that are tightly interlinked and thus will slither around your neck while creating a zigzag design.


        5.Take A Look At What Sort Of Clasp It Has?

          Before getting your beautiful gold necklace make certain to employ your eagle eyes to figure out the type of clasp it contains.

          Hook Clasps 

           A very classic one that looks like the letter S. Beware! You may have to be on pins and needles because this type provides less security.

          Lobster Clasp 

          This highly famous type is rather easier for anyone’s use. It’s high in durability and tends not to snag on your garments.

          Ring Clasp 

          Yes! A safer option. But you might need a helping hand when removing or wearing. Hey! On the bright side, if you desire to plot a little moment of romance with your partner, this can be quite the chance.


              6.Decide Your Appropriate Necklace Length.

              A gold necklace can be found in multiple lengths. From 14-inch types to 40-inch long ropes will be at your disposal. For example, a beautiful 16-inch chain will complement your neckline and will reside slightly above your collarbone.

              Generally, for gentlemen, the chain lengths vary from 12 to 24. For ladies, however, it goes beyond 24 and reaches up to 42.

              While shorter versions would be applicable to your everyday wanders and chit-chattering sessions with your besties, lengthy ones would suit your official suits, elegant wear and date night outfits!


              7.Consider Whether You Would Fancy A Pendant.

              If you’re a pendant fanatic remember, your gold necklace should be capable of withstanding this additional weight. As cookies and milk go well together, snake chains and pendants are the best duo. Nonetheless, if you reconsider, box or wheat chains can be strength-wise better to steadily hold a pendant.

              Thicker pendants frequently pose an overpowering impact. So if you want to emphasise your gold necklace more, avoid relatively bigger pendant designs.

              Use Our Guide Well!

              It’s almost time to bid farewell. Thus far we’ve discussed what factors to consider while buying a perfect gold necklace.

              Here’s a gentle reminder that aftercare is equally important. Although you don’t have to shed buckets of sweat in order to clean your gold jewellery, once in a while dipping it in a dish soap cleaning solution and mildly rubbing it using a toothbrush will help it regain the initial blinding lustre.

              To protect your gold jewellery, while you’re not wearing it, pat your precious dry, wrap them in soft clothing, and store them separately inside a clean box. Continue reading

              Why is gold jewellery better than silver jewellery

              Why is gold jewellery better than silver jewellery

              The famous debate over gold jewellery and silver jewellery has been stewing like hot chicken–noodle soup among lovers of precious metals for years. While some folks have a constant and consistent preference for one over the other, most of us tend to waver between eye-catching jewellery made of these two valuable metals.

              Of course, there are thousands of articles presenting arguments that both gold jewellery and silver jewellery are equally wonderful. However, in this blog, you will see why gold jewellery is truly better than silver jewellery. We will be diving into specifics of the matter, exploring reasons and instances where gold bling trumps silver bling in a number of different areas.

              Below are the facts we will be walking through in this post. So without further ado, Let’s get to the good stuff!

                1.Gold jewellery is a timeless asset.

              Gold jewellery is a timeless asset.

              Dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt, gold has always earned a place of undeniable wealth and often serves as a forefront of prosperity among its wearers. It is well known that gold jewellery has been used for many reasons among the rich and powerful, leading to this positive association today.

              However, this long history does not cause any decline in its value.

              One reason that it is highly valued among sellers and buyers is the rarity of this precious metal. Naturally, gold is only found in rather small quantities under finite circumstances and is processed through a costly production procedure. Even with new technology rising in the future, which can control the cost of production, the intricate nature of gold mining puts pressure on the supply for demand. Therefore, the value of the accesory is likely to remain constant as it has throughout history, unlike silver jewellery.

              So, you can just sit back and relax without contemplating over possible value drop in your assets as it is timeless when it comes to upholding its place in the jewellery market as well as in the hearts of the admirers.

               2.Possess a classic appeal.

              Possess a classic appeal

              If you hopped on a time machine and made pit stops along the way, you will be able to see how gold accessories has found its place throughout generations.

              Take the trendy and beloved gold hoop earrings for an example. Initially originating in African civilization around 2500 B. C. E., they have gained popularity, regardless of gender. Gold hoop earrings have travelled in time flawlessly while still maintaining their signature appeal, even through fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe in the 60s and Diana, Princess of Whales in the 90s.

              Due to its unmistakable summery sheen, it has been adored over silver jewellery for centuries this way. Hence when it comes to classic appeal, gold jewellery sure trumps silver ones without a doubt.


              3.Radiates universal symbolic value.

              Radiates universal symbolic value

              With so much diversity found in different places in the world, it is one of the few assets which retains incredible symbolic value, giving its wearer an instant upgrade. Most people are unaware that these bodily decorations made of gold has been associated around the world with more than luxury and wealth.

              In Asian countries such as India, it has an auspicious sentiment, as it is believed to bring about good luck and prosperity. It is quite common for Indian brides to be showered with gifts of shiny golden jewellery with the aim of sealing financial security in their marriage life.

              In Egyptian culture, it is a symbol of eternal life, as gold is identified as the flesh of the god of the sun. In ancient Greece and China, wearing jewellery made of gold was believed to act as a spiritual shield against evil, safeguarding the person from undesirable entities and bad energy.

              Even though some people might think these symbolic meanings are pointless, this claim falls short of accuracy.

              Empirical research has found that symbolic meanings are capable of influencing people's attitudes, thoughts and impressions in a social context; this phenomenon is referred to in social science as symbolic interactionism. So, similarly, when you wear gold accessories, others might subconsciously associate you with positive symbolic meanings.

              Because of this universal significance it holds, it can elevate your look and add a little spice to your personality everywhere, and anywhere you go.

              The phrase "heart of gold" definitely did not just come out of nowhere!


              4.Longer lasting than silver jewellery.

              Longer lasting than silver jewellery.


              If you have tried to wear your silver rings, necklaces and bracelets often, you might have realised they don't age very well. Jewellery made of silver is far more prone to physical damage due to the natural way the silver metal is composed, as the silver atoms are less packed inside the metal. In contrast, gold is less soft compared to silver; hence, it is less likely to dent and scratch.

              Gold is composed of a naturally non-reactive metal, which makes them safe against most forms of matter and most acids. Silver accessories, on the other hand, are more likely to tarnish and are easily corroded against acids and even polishing cream.

              So, gold jewellery wins the race in terms of looking its best in the long run.

              5.Only need lower maintenance

              Only need lower maintenance

              It is rare that jewellery made with genuine gold metal is tarnished with use. God forbid you to notice any discolouration on your favourite gold jewellery; it absolutely could be cleansed off with some lukewarm water, a mild soap and a soft washcloth. Besides storing them and keeping them clean, you don't need to do any actual maintenance on them to look their best.

              For silver jewellery, this is a different case, as it needs higher maintenance. Unless you keep your silver babies in a low-humidity environment, away from perfumes and moisturisers, they are most likely to lose their shine and appeal. Even hand sanitisers with alcohol can cause damage; Yikes!

              6.It gives you health benefits.

              It gives you health benefits.


              Believe it or not, wearing jewellery made of gold can promote and maintain good health. In ancient China, gold metal in pure form was utilised to manage symptoms and treat serious diseases such as measles and smallpox. And since then, the importance of gold for health was not neglected, as Gold Nano-Particles (GNP) are a common agent in modern biomedicine.

              According to recent scientific research, here are some instances which use GNP as treatment.

              1. Imaging probes
              2. Preclinical Cancer research
              3. Parkinson's disease
              4. Alzheimer's disease
              5. Diabetes
              6. Obesity
              7. HIV/AIDS
              8. Tissue engineering
              9. Rheumatoid Arthritis

              Why is the field of medicine using gold? The key here is the benefits brought by the pure metal itself. So as long as your jewellery is genuine certified gold, you can experience these health benefits by wearing your shiny gold jewellery.

              • Regulates body temperature properly.

              In a world which is racing towards a serious global warming crisis, managing your natural body temperature is a literal breathing window for your metabolism. This is the same reason women who are experiencing menopause are recommended to wear gold jewellery, as the symptoms can throw off your body's natural temperature.

              • Promotes blood circulation

              This ensures that all your vital organs receive enough oxygen and nutrients to function well and keep your health at its highest peak. Good circulation means your cardiovascular system is well-fueled, meaning you will rarely feel tired and lethargic.

              • Improves skin health

              Ancient civilisations wore gold jewellery as they believed it would preserve their youth, and they weren't wrong. It can rejuvenate, moisturise and tighten skin cells providing a healthier glow. This is why you will find so many new gold-based beauty treatments today. Add one more step to your skincare routine by wearing jewellery, and you won't be disappointed!

              • Boosts immunity

              You need to keep your immunity high to fight off nasty infections that will put your physique in danger. You can increase your immunity to harmful agents by wearing your gold necklaces and bracelets without much hassle.


              • Choices! Choices! Choices!

              Unlike silver jewellery, there are so many choices when going for gold jewellery. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, black gold, grey gold, green gold, blue gold, you name it! While some of these might be more popular and commonly found than others, all of them are aesthetically pleasing types of gold you can pick from.

              The different colours in these gold come from what other metal alloys except gold are mixed in the jewellery, which can also affect other qualities such as price, hardness, malleability and durability. You can choose what types of gold you want your jewellery to be based on how much you are willing to spend and on your personal preference.

              Make sure to do your own research thoroughly when choosing the right gold jewellery for you. That way, you can enjoy your beautiful accessories while experiencing the full package of benefits that comes with it.


              Okay, let's round it all up!

              Now that you have read this article, you are well aware of how gold jewellery stands up among other types of jewellery, both among sellers and buyers.

              The bottom line is when it comes to purchasing jewellery; gold is better than silver in various aspects. Be it classic appeal, timelessness, universal intrinsic value, meaningful symbolic nature, easier maintenance, high durability, countless aesthetic options, and unmistakable health benefits, investing in gold jewellery will give your money a good run for it.




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              The Undying Love from gold bangle bracelets in modern fashion

              The Undying Love from gold bangle bracelets in modern fashion

              Roses are red, violets are blue, I love gold bangle bracelets, do you too? If you went window shopping for ten minutes online, you will see the numerous kinds of gold jewellery claiming their precious place in the market at this moment. 

              Amidst those intricate golden creations, gold bangle bracelets are one of the most adored and cherished today. The constant buzz about gold bangle bracelets in modern fashion emerge from a number of reasons.

              These range from high durability, convenience and versatility in wear, easy-peazy maintenance and health benefits that comes free with the one of a kind look on the naked eye.

              Bangle bracelets are exactly what they sound like; bracelets in solid circle shape identical to a classic bangle. Imagine, if Mr. Bangle and Mrs. bracelet had a cute baby; Bangle bracelet, there you go! Originating from the Hindi language, the term bangles comes from the word bangri referring to a rough shape of a ring. The term bracelet on the other hand comes from the French word brachialle, meaning armlet.

              A peek through a Time Slot...

              Gold bangle bracelets have a deep origins from different cultures from all over the world. Below are some findings which affirm the early evidences of these.

              • In Mohenjo-daro 4500 year old statue called the dancing girl was discovered, with gold bangles in her legs which was believed to be worn as aesthetically pleasing accessories.
              • More than ten Dacian gold bangle bracelets was found in a Romanian archeological excavation. (Dacian bracelet is the fancy term for those type of spiral wrist-wear that looks similar to a slinki!)
              • A rare gold bracelet from the 3rd century was found in an investigation in Estonia, which was believed to be high quality due to its delicate design and precise detailing.

              It is stated as a top-of-the-list kind of gold jewellery when it comes to the earliest traces of precious metal wear. Interestingly gold bangle bracelets were not just worn on people's wrists but also on their upper arms and legs to enrich their appearance.

              While science shows us gold bangle bracelets go far back in the timeline as an adored gold wear, the same reputation has been carried through the new generations today.

              Cultural Symbolism of Gold Bangle Bracelets.

              Cultural Symbolism of Gold Bangle Bracelets.

              This historical background of gold bangle bracelets has survived through time due to its rich symbolic meaning that is bound to various cultures.

              Asian cultures such as Indian is more known for incorporating these Golden beauties in their as traditional wear compared to others. You would know this if you take any old Bollywood classics featuring a lead actress embracing gold bangle bracelets in their wrists while swaying like sunflower in the wind.

              • Traditional Indian bridal wear includes wearing multiple gold bangle bracelets that aims for aspirations beyond being aesthetically pleasing. While they bring unmistakable attention to the bride's wrists and hands, they symbolizes physical, mental and spiritual well-being and good fortune for their newly wedded-life.

              Some believe that wearing gold bangle bracelets will guarantee the chance of a long and healthy life of their romantic partner as well.

              • In Sri Lankan culture, gold bangle bracelets remain a beloved vintage that indicates sophistication and social class.  In many households they are treated as a everyday wear, yes even at home! rather than gold jewellery for special occasion.
              • In Chinese and Korean culture, these are a symbol of ever-lasting endearment. This is the main reason newly-wed love birds tends to receive beautiful gold bangle bracelets as wedding gifts. Similar to Indian culture, it is believed to seal a forever bond with infinite adoration and sparkling intimacy.

              Even if we take the cultural symbolism out of the equation, the fondness for gold bangle bracelets remains uninterrupted. Let us spill the tea on why!

              1.Gold Bangle bracelets are highly durable.

              Gold Bangle bracelets are highly durable.

              You can wear your gold bangle bracelets at home doing your household chores, going to the grocery shop and to your neighbor's Sunday dinner.

              Given that they are genuine gold jewellery, the combination of copper, nickle, zinc and other metal alloys with pure gold results in a quite durable gold wear in the manufacturing process. Even though, at first sight, pure gold mixed with other metals seem less durable, they are the materials which increases the strength of the particular jewellery.

              Especially gold bangle bracelets made of 14 karat or 18 karat gold are more durable for everyday wear and is less likely to tarnish, dent or scratch. Bonus, if they are white gold bangle bracelets, as they have an extra protective layer of Rhodium making it even more durable.

              2.They are super versatile in wear.

              They are super versatile in wear.

              You have a presentation at university? an important meeting with your clients? a weekend wedding? or just Tuesday brunch with your friends? three words that goes with all of these; Gold bangle bracelets!

              Because of its versatility, these seem to fit all occasions without a hassle. Gold bangle bracelets, depending on the type and design you choose can uplift and polish your look by giving it a little pizzazz. However, when accessorizing make sure that your gold bangle bracelets compliments your overall look well. To help you get started, here are some outfit-accessory pairing you cannot go wrong on.

              • Pair a roman gold bangle bracelet for a pantsuit or a romper to give it a bold look.
              • Wear a few gold bangle bracelets to a summer dress with short sleeves to upgrade the outfit.
              • Mix and match different designs of gold bangle bracelets on your forearms for a Saree or Baju Kurung to gain a sophisticated appeal.

              Another reason gold bangle bracelets are adored in modern fashion today is its customizable nature. if you are not sure where to start with adding these beauties to your jewellery box, you can opt for a simple classic gold bangle bracelet. You can always take it to your jewellery maker and have it redesigned by adding some details you wish to keep. Be it pearls, gemstones or even gold lucky charms, they will fit right in with the simple gold bangle bracelet.

              3.Lazy-girl-proof maintenance

              Cleaning a bracelet

              Frankly, anyone can easily maintain gold bangle bracelets whether you have a lot of time on your hands or super busy to even think about taking care of your gold jewellery. Here is how to properly retain their upkeep while ensuring your gold bangle bracelets look their best.

              Usage : If you happen to work with harsh chemicals and acids, avoid wearing them to abstain from possible damage to the metal itself. As long as you follow this tip, you can maintain your gold bangle bracelet fine.

              Storing : Generally gold jewellery thrive in cool dry storing places with low humidity. This can protect your bangles from rust and other surface damage that will ruin the overall appeal.

              Cleaning : Keeping your bangle bracelets clean is not harder than washing a dish; only more delicate in the process. Clean it with mild soap water that is lukewarm and rinse well until clean. If your bangle lacks that golden shine you can gently scrub it with a wet soft cloth. Finally, Pat them dry with a clean cloth or a paper towel and viola! its clean as a new penny.

              4.They heal you inside out.

              They heal you inside out

              Wearing your gold bangle bracelet when you go to enjoy a day out can boots self confidence in how you look; as they say you are what you wear. When you feel confident in yourself you can navigate in social situations better with a high self esteem. This positive energy can extends beyond you and radiate towards others as well.

              These golden beauties not only tends to your mental well-being but also to your physical health. The friction resulting from wearing gold bangles in your forearms can maintain homeostasis by increasing your blood circulation.

              They further helps retain a healthy blood pressure and regulate body temperature which is why some recommend wearing gold bangle bracelets for women experiencing menopause and for expecting and nursing mothers.

              5.They make excellent gifts

              They make excellent gifts

              A gold bangle bracelet is one of the types of jewellery which has a inherent sentiment value to it. Therefore, most people prefer to gift them to their loved ones to show adoration, care and respect. You can gift your loved ones a customized bangle bracelet or one that you know they would love so that they can wear it as an accessory while being reminded of your love for them.

              They also make ideal pass-me down through generations because of the same reason. So if you have been looking for a new family heirloom to pass down to your children and your grandchildren, this is your perfect fit!

              6.Countless options for you!

              gold bangle bracelets

              Even though it started with the classic simple round design, with new trends numerous styles have emerged to fit everyone's preferences. Geometric bangle bracelets and irregular gold bangle bracelets will give you a fresh change if you are not fond of the classic designs and add a edgy cool vibe to your appearance.

              Now let's reduce it down to the highlights.

              Gold bangle bracelets are the ultimate It in modern fashion today for a number of reasons from great versatility, high durability, rich cultural symbolic meaning, easy maintenance, marvelous physical and psychological health benefits, while being gift material that comes with flexible choices.

              By ensuring that your purchase is certified and hallmarked for genuine gold, investing in gold bangle bracelet is a choice that you would not regret in the near or the far future.










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              Types of Gold Charm Bracelets That You Can Try

              Types of Gold Charm Bracelets That You Can Try

              Attention everyone! Gold charm bracelets have returned to the fashion game with a bang once again, not alone but with many options for you to choose from. 

              Turns out gold charm bracelets are not that easy to forget after all, as they are gaining popularity in the gold market again. Most people tend to associate these gold bracelets with the lasting sweetness of childhood nostalgia, alongside the belief of bringing good fortune upon wearing. Who wouldn't want a little charm in their life anyway?

              Simply described, these are gold jewellery meant to be worn around one's wrists, which have different decorative features attached to them. 

              You have the total freedom to choose your own charms you want to wear on your bracelet, whether it is a little heart pendant you got from your high school sweetheart or a tiny gold durian charm you bought for fun. It's all up to you to DIY a charm bracelet, giving you all the freedom to work your own charm of your imagination. 

              Let's walk down memory lane of gold charm bracelets.

              If we did a look back on history, gold charm bracelets go way back in the timeline around 600-400 BC. Many believe that practices of wearing various charms must have begun as a way to create a protective shield against evil entities that could potentially bring bad luck. 

              Eventually, the purpose of wearing them became blurred as people started getting creative with what charms they attached to their bracelets to make them look aesthetically pleasing. 

              In ancient Egypt, wearers of charm bracelets were seen as capable of achieving a better afterlife. 

              In the Victorian era, which was marked during queen Victoria's reign from 1837 to 1901, these charm bracelets made a huge leap in popularity. The Queen had an unmistakable fondness for gold charm bracelets.

              One of the most famous among her gold accessories was her gold charm bracelets with sixteen lockets, each of which had a different aesthetic in design. The lockets were oval and heart-shaped with accents in black engraved and enamelled into them. The charms, in this case, the lockets of her bracelets, consisted of a small reminder of her loved ones by a photograph or by a lock of their hair.

              Now that you have taken a little walk down the history lane of these fabulous bracelets, let us show you the options you can try when purchasing these. 

              Listed below are the various types of gold charm bracelets designed to fit the diverse clientele with great taste. We will talk about each of them in detail to give you a comprehensible idea about all of them.

              1. Short-Links Gold Charm Bracelets
              2. Chunky Links Gold Charm Bracelets
              3. Elongated Links Gold Charm Bracelets
              4. Cuff Gold charm bracelets
              5. Gold Bangle Charm Bracelets
              6. Rope Gold Charm Bracelets
              7. Snake Gold Charm Bracelets
              1. Short Links Gold Charm Bracelets

              You can consider this the authentic type of gold charm bracelet, which managed to win the hearts of gold lovers everywhere.

              Some people consider the short links gold charm bracelet the ultimate OG of gold charm bracelets. The gold short links connected together resemble a chain, which will effortlessly fall around your wrist, with their relatively lightweight feel.

              You can shop or rummage through your memory box to find the charms you want to add and connect them easily to different short links so that your bracelets have charms all around 


              They can be easily paired with any look, whether it is brunch on a Sunday morning, a night out with the girls or a casual dinner with your loved one. 

              1. Chunky Links Gold Charm Bracelets

              These bracelets are similar to the classic short link, with the only difference being the gold links having a thicker design.

              This type of bracelet is perfect if you are opting for a much bolder golden look while going out. The chunky links can immediately draw attention to your hands, giving them just the right amount of bling. A chunky links gold charm bracelet is best worn to accentuate simple but elegant wear like a pantsuit or a long or knee-length dress.

              One thing to keep in mind with this type of charm bracelet is making sure not to overcrowd it with other accessories, as it is quite unmistakable and is enough to make you stand out. The trick to accessorize perfectly every time is to keep it minimalistic when wearing chunky links gold bracelet, so the spotlight shines where it needs to be.

              If you choose to wear other gold accessories, wear them to flatter each other rather than to overwhelm you so that you will have a rather splendid look.

              1. Elongated Links Gold Charm Bracelets

              This is basically renewed version of a short-link gold chain bracelet. 

              The extended links give your gold wear a much sleek and clean look when worn. The elongated style has been popular among most jewellery adorers, not just for gold charm bracelets but also for necklaces. Choosing this will give you the space to modernize the classic short link just enough. 

              However, just like the classic short-link gold charm bracelet, the elongated type could be happily married with all kinds of outfits day or night. Because of the modern cutting-edge appeal of the design, you could even wear this to your office and your client meeting.

               It will give you a perfect way to wear your charms while looking professional and confident in yourself.

              1. Cuff Gold Charm Bracelets

              This is a type of gold charm bracelet which will probably never go out of style.

              For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a cuff type we are referring to here is a gold charm bracelet, which wraps around the wrist incompletely with a small opening. This finite circle in the bracelet makes it easier to slide it over your hand on top, giving it a modern, fresh appeal.

              But don't let the modern look fool you, as this type of gold charm bracelet has been worn for a long time by ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Romans and Chinese as an indicator of social class and also to symbolize protection from bad energy.

              Today it has not declined in popularity as many cultures have found an appreciation for this unique golden beauty as well. Fitting for all occasions, these are better worn with long sleeves or on a bare arm to accentuate your natural features through the gold charm bracelets.

              1. Gold Bangle Charm Bracelets

              These are similar to the cuff gold charm bracelets in shape but go around the whole wrist in an infinite circle once clasped safely.

              If you are already a die-hard fan of bangle bracelets, you are going to love it in the form of a gold charm bracelet. It has a simple and elegant appeal, which means there more room for your lucky charms to shine bright to stand out. 

              This is the type you want if you are worried that your gold charms will overwhelm your bracelet, as the bangle will not disappoint.

              1. Rope Gold Charm Bracelets

              This type is, again, a classic style and is already on fire in the jewellery market. If you are one of the lovers of rope gold necklaces and rope gold bracelets, this will fit right up your alley!

              When it comes down to boldness, this sits right between the chunky gold charm bracelet and the elongated gold charm bracelet. The unique rope-like design is a nice change of pace if you are always opting for classic jewellery and looking to divert to more modern styles but are not sure where to start.

              Moreover, if you don't want to splurge on solid gold right away, you can go for a hollow gold rope to wear your new gold charm bracelet to where your heart desires.

              1. Snake Gold Charm Bracelets

              If you want to channel your inner Cleopatra through your jewellery wear, this is the type of gold charm bracelet you should grab. Ancient Egyptians are famous for their legendary love for snake jewellery which birthed out of representation of divinity and royalty.

              They are also symbols of passion, sexuality and prosperity among wearers. This can add a touch of femme fatale or homme fatale to your overall look when worn well. This snake gold charm bracelet would be a better fit for you if the charms you want also have a style of ancient jewellery.

              The snake-like design will give you that edgy cool vibe while complimenting your lucky charms. However, this type of gold bracelet is better to be worn for casual wear rather than formal wear as it gives a hint of playfulness beneath that snake exterior.

               So these are the different types of gold charm bracelets you can try to level up your fashion game while also keeping your sentiments and favourites close to your heart- well, in this case, your wrist. They can range from classic, modern and sleek to edgy and cool in style, all equally worth your investment as they upgrade your everyday looks.

              Depending on your preferences, personal style and fashion aspirations, you are free to make your choice and find the gold charm bracelet that is a perfect fit for you.







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