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Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Is not knowing your anklet size holding you back from buying your anklet bracelet in Singapore? Don't give up just yet. Today, we will tell you how to measure your anklet to get the right size. Starlight Jewellery to the rescue!

Buying your dream anklet bracelet in Singapore just to realise it is either too tight or too loose is truly a headache that no gold lover wants. On top of being super uncomfortable, an ill-fitting anklet bracelet will not have the same enchanting effect a well-sized anklet would. There are several factors you need to know about how to choose the right fit and the perfect style for your anklet bracelet in Singapore. So, we are here to tell you how you can measure your ankle properly so that you get the right size for your next shopping spree and start looking at our amazing collection of anklet designs.

Understanding Anklet Styles and Sizing Factors.

916 Gold Heart Anklet

Thanks to skilled and creative gold craftsmen, there are so many designs and styles of anklet bracelets in Singapore. Some of the most commonly loved anklet bracelet design types are charm anklet bracelets, beaded anklet bracelets, chain anklet bracelets and demi-fine anklets.

Does the size depend on the style of anklet you choose?

When you shop for your anklet bracelet in Singapore, keep in mind that the type of bracelet you buy can slightly affect what size you should get; which means that you should measure your ankle for specific styles of bracelets. This is the reason why you should not use the same size to get two anklets of different styles. Don't worry we will get into specifics of that later.

Does your purpose of wear and personal style have an effect?

The simple answer to this is yes. When you shop for a gold anklet bracelet in Singapore, ask yourself how you plan to wear it. For example, if you are someone who travels a lot or lives in tropical areas or near a beach you might want to wear your anklet lower. For someone who wears these types of shoes getting a smaller size might be better as they have to wear their anklet a bit higher to be visible.

When you measure your ankle at home, you can use a conversion chart online to find your corresponding size to buy the best-fitting ankle bracelet in Singapore.

Where should your anklet fit exactly?

Besides the answer as clear as flawless diamond being on your ankle of course, there is no harm in narrowing it down a little bit more to make your measuring process more precise. An ideally sized anklet bracelet in Singapore should wrap around your ankle, draping itself right over or just below your ankle bone. But as we have mentioned earlier your choice of wear can also impact where you want your ankle to be.

Taking the Perfect Measurement for Your Anklet.

Taking the Perfect Measurement for Your Anklet.

Now let's get to the heart of the matter of today's article. How would you go about taking the best measurement of your ankle, to choose the anklet bracelet in Singapore that satisfies your gold cravings?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you that will tell you everything you need to know.

What you need

  • A measuring tape with clear and accurate marking.

How do you measure your ankle?

  1. You can take the measuring tape and wrap it around your ankle snugly.
  2. Now adjust it to your comfort preference, loosening around half an inch to your snug fit.

Alternative methods.

Piece of String/dental flow/ribbon.

If you feel like the measuring tape is not helping in mimicking an anklet bracelet when measuring your ankle, you can use a piece of string, ribbon or dental floss. Try directly wrapping around your comfortable and preferred fit and then use a measuring tape or a ruler to see the measurement.

A necklace you already own.

Another unorthodox but reliable method you can use is measuring with a necklace. As a gold chain is already similar to the gold anklet you intend to buy in terms of dexterity and texture, you can wrap it around your ankle bone and get an idea of how loose you want it to be.

Which Measurements Should You Use?

When measuring your ankle in order to buy the right fit for your gold anklet bracelet . you can take it in either inches or centimetres. This means that whether you measure your ankle in inches or centimetres you can find anklet size conversion charts online that will tell you the size of your faultless gold anklet bracelet in Singapore.

Tip for Making Your Measurement Foolproof Before Shopping for an Anklet Bracelet in Singapore.

Even after measuring your ankle to buy your mesmerizing anklet bracelet in Singapore, you find yourself feeling uncertain if you will get the wrong size. There is a way you can feel a little more confident in your measurement and tighten the chances of getting the right size. If you intend to order your gold anklet bracelet online without being able to try it on first, this method is foolproof for getting the size right when shopping for an anklet bracelet in Singapore.

Measure your ankle with items of your choosing, just like we have mentioned above. But not once but three times. You can either use the same method thrice or different methods for the three times you measure your ankle. If you get the same measurement all three times, kudos to you.

If you get slightly different measurements from your attempts, there is no reason to worry. Just add up the measurements from your three times and divide the sum by three to get an average to purchase an anklet bracelet in Singapore.

Choosing the Right Ankle Size for Different Styles.

Choosing the Right Ankle Size for Different Styles.

Remember we said we would talk about how the style you choose when you go looking for your gold anklet bracelet in Singapore can impact the size you should go for.

Dainty Chain Anklets.

These will fit your ankle just like the way they fit your gold goals for any day. The simplistic chain anklet is beyond beautiful in its minimalism. This can go with any outfit for any occasion. If you plan on buying a delicate chain anklet bracelet in Singapore, you might wanna take a snug fit on your ankle, which ideally drapes over your ankle bone upon wear.

Beaded Anklet bracelets.

The wonderful gold beaded anklet bracelet is the perfect blend between minimalistic and playful. When you buy your gold ankle bracelet in Singapore, you can be sure that this will add extra flair to your summer dresses and give you a youthful, fresh appearance for all outfits. The beaded anklet bracelet in Singapore will look its best when slightly looser than the snug fit on your ankle.

Charm Ankle Bracelets.

If you are looking to purchase a charm anklet bracelet in Singapore, then you will be getting a bonus of sweet nostalgia and the amplified playfulness you get in a beaded anklet. A charm ankle bracelet in Singapore can be minimalistic, bold or sentimental depending on what kind of and how many charms it has. To accommodate the fun movement of the charms it is better to fit your anklet bracelet a bit loose on your ankle.

Beyond the Anklet Size.

Beyond the Anklet Size.

There are some other things you might need to consider when choosing the right size for your anklet bracelet in Singapore.

Ankle Shape

Consider how wide or narrow your ankle is. Usually, larger sizes are not flattering on smaller ankles while smaller sizes are not complementary to wider ankles. To gain a more balanced look keep this in mind when you shop for a gold anklet bracelet in Singapore.

Clasp Type.

Be mindful of the different types of clasps like a lobster claw, spring ring and box clasp might be different in terms of security and comfort. Which kind you want will depend on your usual preferences and convenience on gold jewellery clasps.

Anklet Adjustability.

It is better to get an anklet bracelet in Singapore that is adjustable. This way, if you want to change your size you are free to do so without physically damaging the bracelet. This will be helpful especially if you are buying the anklet bracelet in Singapore as a gift for someone.

Frequently Asked Questions.


How loose should a gold anklet be?

The recommended fit is to add 2 cm to your ankle circumference. However, if you want a looser fit, add 3 cm.

How are anklet bracelets supposed to fit?

They are supposed to fit around your ankle bone, sometimes slightly above or below, depending on personal preference.

What is the length of an anklet bracelet?

The average anklet length is 9 inches. However, there is a range of sizes to fit different people from 8 inches up to 12 inches when you shop for an anklet bracelet in Singapore.

Is it classy to wear an anklet bracelet?

Generally, anklets are worn on less formal occasions to match their energy. Depending on where you work, it might be okay to wear a simple one to work as well.

Wrapping up,

All in all, measuring to get the right size is important as much as taking care of it long term. It really isn't a hard or complicated process, but it is important that you get it right. Proper storage and regular cleaning will preserve your anklet's youth. So, now you can start ahead and shop for your perfect match, looking for a gold anklet bracelet in Singapore.