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Best Tips for Selecting a Lovely Gold Bracelet as a Birthday Gift

Best Tips for Selecting a Lovely Gold Bracelet as a Birthday Gift

If you have been ruminating over buying an alluring gold bracelet as a gift for your cherished one's birthday, look no further because, in this blog, we will tell you all the tips and tricks you need to choose the best one out of them all.

When it is as special as a birthday, you need to make sure that your gift of choice acts as a symbol of appreciation, admiration and respect you hold for that person. Whether it is a beloved family member, bff or your lovely significant other, a gold bracelet as a present is one of the choices you can never go wrong with.

The value of this precious piece of golden bling definitely did not flourish overnight, as the timeline goes as far as ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamian and Chinese. The archaeological evidence has been spotted in investigatory excavations all around the world, showing that the bracelet possessed an adoration which was shared by most.

Just like most other gold jewellery, the gold bracelet is known for being a reflection of wealth, prosperity and the flow of robust energy. Of course, its versatility allows you to be portrayed in a number of different manners upon accessorizing, depending on the wearer's personal style. Be it sophisticated chic, smart casual, summer fun or bold & sexy, a gold bracelet will serve its purpose and elevate your look effortlessly.

So, what exactly do you need to know when shopping for this perfect birthday gift for that special individual? Let's list out all the tips that will aid you.


Know the size you want

Bracelet Size


It will be all for nothing if the dazzling bracelet your gift does not fit your special person. Therefore, you want to make sure that it will fit on their wrists perfectly.

While this might differ by the seller, the most spotted diameter will be 7 inches for women and 7.5-9 inches for men, as these are the industry standard measurements. The most commonly purchased gold bracelet diameter is recorded as 8 inches, regardless of gender.

If you are looking by the length, you are most likely to find 19 cm length bracelets as these seem to fit the majority of gold lovers. Although most bracelets are adjustable to the circumference of one's wrists; therefore, you don't need to be precise on the measurements.

When it comes to width and thickness, it's all up to you. It is perfectly fine to go for wider and thicker bracelets if you want a bold statement or go for a less thick one for a dainty simple look.

Unlike a ring, a good gold bracelet should not be snug on your wrist. The opinion of most fashion experts is that it should be loose enough to leave some space between your skin and itself but not too loose to slide up and down your whole forearm.

As a rule of thumb, you can see if you can fit 1 or 2 of your fingers between the bracelet and your skin comfortably; if so, the bracelet is a good fit.


Decide your choice of karat.

Choice of Karat


There are only a few things you need to know about karat and gold when you shop.

  1. The number of karats resembles the purity of the gold; The higher the number purer it is.
  2. The highest 24 karats (pure gold) is not suitable for everyday wear.
  3. The lower the karat, the more durable, lighter and less expensive the gold bracelet will be.

You can go for 18k, as most people do, by spending a moderate amount of money while still getting the signature summer hue of gold in your bracelet. 18k and below would be ideal for lightweight wear and also looks great with many outfits.


Try to stick with a budget.



Needless to point out, if you are opting for a higher karat, such as 22k, you will be expected to splurge more than if you were going for an 18k or 14k gold bracelet.

Research the prices of gold and decide and follow your budget. The important thing is purchasing a gold bracelet that a special person will love and cherish, not the one that is the most expensive in the store.

Shopping with a budget will also narrow your focus down to the best options you can afford, allowing you to enjoy your shopping experience as well.

Identifying a real gold bracelet.

Gold Bracelet


The most straightforward manner to recognize a genuine gold bracelet would be the hallmarking such as 916.

These standard hallmarking guarantees the buyer that the jewellery is made with real gold and in the validated and high quality they are offered with. Especially if you are shopping for a gold bracelet in an online store, hallmarking certificates would be an ideal way to make sure you get your money's worth.

If you happen to shop in a physical jewellery store, check if you can feel the weight of the bracelet in your hand, especially if it is a higher karat number. Gold bracelets made with real gold weigh more than bracelets made out of fake gold.

It is highly recommended to shop in a store you trust and have transparency when it comes to the purity and genuineness of their gold products to ensure that they are not deceived.

Consider the giftee's preference.



When getting a birthday gift, we drown ourselves in a sea of questions about our recipient's preferences. This is to make sure that your gift is truly received by your giftee. The same goes for a gold bracelet.

The aim here is to help you choose the gold bracelet by brainstorming what you know about them. Try to answer the following questions to perfect your gifting game.

  • What is their personal style?
  • What kind of jewellery do they usually wear?
  • Is this a bracelet they will choose themselves?
  • Does this compliment their personality?

Don't rush it.

No one wants a birthday present that screams, "I forgot your birthday until this morning, so I got you this on the way here!".

Start early and take your time when choosing the right gold bracelet for that precious person. You might even be able to find a customizable unique bracelet that is meant exactly for them. You can start surfing your options in our trusted online store here right now.

Remember to put yourself in their shoes, and choose the best one you think will say happy birthday to your person in the sweetest way. You can use these options we've discussed to help you along the process and narrow down your options to help you shop.