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Best gold jewellery trends you need to know

Best gold jewellery trends you need to know

Just like pearly ocean waves rolling at the shore, gold jewellery trends arrive one after the other without breaking a sweat. The undying love for this precious metal makes it immortal among bling lovers, who indulge in the gold mania by exploring the latest trends.

However, in the gold market, the longevity of gold jewellery trends depends on how much people adore them. Therefore, new or old, some gold jewellery trends can truly never go out of style. As a tribute to those undeniable styles of timeless gold, we will tell you all about the hottest trends in gold town!

If you're looking to freshen up your jewellery box or browsing for a little self-update, this article will give you some things to keep in mind the next time you shop for your favourite gold pieces. Let's discuss the hottest trends in gold jewellery trends now and forever.

So, Let's get it going.

GOAT gold jewellery trends go as follows.

Big, Bold & Bright.

With the dawn of 2023, vibrant colours and bold statements became all the rage as the true celebration among gold lovers.

These days, gold jewellery trends aren't just for accessorizing a mediocre outfit but to stand out and make a lasting impression. It is about embracing yourself and freely expressing what you are and what you believe in.

Stylists seem to lean towards bold designs that make a statement over dainty cottage-core gold jewellery. Whether it is an intricate design or bright colours, you can use them to channel your inner fashionista through styling your gold jewellery. If you are not sure where to start, you can check out our most loved crafts, such as the 916 Gold Owl Pendant, to add some pizzazz to your brunch casual outfit, or if you are looking to take it up a notch for the ladies night, you can consider our 916 Gold Zirconia Cross Pendant.

Vintage for the win.

Gold jewellery trends from the 70s and 80s are making a comeback to the current fashion game. This might not surprise you if you have been noticing boho dresses and millennial pink everywhere recently.

What makes vintage gold jewellery trends one of the best is its timeless quality with unique details that undoubtedly turn heads. Chunky golden designs with distinctive cultural features that stand out can trump your minimalistic necklace. The addition of diamonds and colourful gemstones can spice your jewellery game up this summer. If colourful gold jewellery is an untouched territory for you, you can start small with pieces such as our 18K Gold Diamond Emerald Stone Ring or these gorgeous  Gold Brilliance Ear Studs.

If you are not the person for colourful gold jewellery trends, you can go for gold hoop earrings from vintage fashion as they seem to prove to be truly eternal among gold lovers, as people adore them regardless of how old they are and where they come from. A thick pair of gold hoop earrings can elevate any outfit in such a versatile manner you can pair them with a formal pantsuit or a summer dress any day.

Pearl it up!

Speaking of bringing back vintage retro to 2023 gold jewellery trends, we cannot avoid pearls. Pearls in gold jewellery have been an all-time favourite throughout time due to their elegance and unmistakable beauty. The greatest thing about these pretty water gems in your gold jewellery is their ability to blend in and accentuate any outfit at any time of the day.

Since pearls are delicate in design, you can play around and experiment with your other gold jewellery. Say you want to wear a pair of pearl stud earrings for a Sunday lunch; try accessorizing it with a chunky gold bracelet to level up your overall look and give it that edge.

One thing to make sure of when following this gold jewellery trend is not to overcrowd your look with pearly gold pieces. Wearing too much gold jewellery with pearls in their design can result in an overwhelming appeal. So, try keeping it simple. If you really want to layer on your gold, choose other accessories to balance out your pearly gold jewellery trends.

Beaded gold bracelets &  necklaces.

Beaded jewellery is one of the gold jewellery trends that brings a wave of nostalgia by speaking to everyone's inner child. While the younger generation seems to prefer colourful beaded jewellery, most people go for gold beaded bracelets and beaded necklaces to amp up their outfits.

Surprisingly, the beaded design in gold jewellery can add a touch of class and mischievous glamour to the overall appeal. The beauty of beaded gold jewellery is that it can accentuate both traditional and modern style wear effortlessly.

If you are someone who does not prefer to wear pendants or charms on your necklace and bracelets, gold beaded jewellery will do the job just right for you. The beautiful golden beads will provide an edgy look without the need to add more gold while still staying on top of gold jewellery trends.

Charm Gold Jewellery.

Some gold jewellery trends have time-travelled all the way from ancient Egypt through the Victorian era to the present day. Gold charms are a beloved sentiment which most people cherish for their ability to convey and remind them of special moments, places and unforgettable people.

Besides the sentiment charms carry, they have an element of innocent fun attributed to them. The most common and loved ways to wear charms are necklaces or gold charm bracelets. However, some people prefer to wear their gold charms attached to body jewellery, such as gold anklets. Charm jewellery may be one of the most loved styles in gold jewellery trends, especially among younger generations.

However, if you are looking to style your formal outfit for work or an important client meeting, it is better to wear one or two gold charms at most, as it can give away a carefree and casual appeal, one that might come off as unprofessional in some instances. If you are not pressed to make a professional impression, you can style your gold charms however you want. Here at Starlight Jewellery, we have a curated selection of gold charms for everyone; you can start by checking out this cute 916 Gold Charm.

Ring Stacking.

Now, this one is for all the gold ring lovers out there! Have trouble choosing which ring to put on today because you love them all? No problem, you can wear them all.

Ring stacking in gold jewellery trends is basically when you wear multiple rings that differ in design. This trend became the hype in 2022, especially in bridal jewellery trends, when people would wear their engagement ring right over their wedding ring or vice versa. However, since then, ring stacking has evolved into giving a fun, elegant or even formal appeal at times when worn the right way.

The selection of rings for stacking should be carefully selected so as to not overpower each other when worn on the same hand. Ideally, each ring should complement each other by emphasizing their unique individual variations.

Mix & match.

Mixing and matching metals may be an acquired taste among gold jewellery trends, but it never fails to deliver when it comes to stepping up the fashion game. Because of the wide variety of selection in types of gold, you can find out there, you can play with your jewellery to find a striking balance to make a lasting impression.

You can pair your yellow gold jewellery with rose gold, white gold or even silver jewellery in order to achieve a fresh and playful appearance. This will work great if you can match the tones of colour in your gold jewellery to your outfit. If you want to cool down the warm tones in your outfit, you can opt for a white gold bracelet or ring. If you have a lot of cool tones, such as blue, in your outfit and want to warm up your look, you can go for a rose or yellow gold necklace. Neutral colours such as white, grey, black or beige can handle a wide range of mixing and matching in gold jewellery trends.

Just make sure that the jewellery you are mixing and matching with your gold jewellery complements your skin tone and complexion well. The mixed combination of gold jewellery should give a glow-up to your overall look.

Layered Gold Necklaces.

This one is similar to ring stacking. Out of the gold jewellery trends that are most loved, the layered bling is definitely at the top for most gold jewellery adorers.

If you are not the one to wear bold statement necklaces, layering up simple minimalistic chains is the way to go. This way, you can still be stylish without going all the way.

Try pairing necklaces with different lengths and thicknesses to have a diversity that accentuates your neckline and face shape. Usually, two or three different necklaces can be paired to have the layering effect perfectly. However, you could go for a fourth one as well, although we suggest not to overcrowd your neckline with more than that.

This layering necklace trend can also help with shaping up your shoulders and framing your face, giving a winning look. You can try some pendants with some necklaces and leave the others on their own to amplify the diversity in your gold jewellery.

To wrap things up...

These are all of the best gold jewellery trends you need to know that can spice things up for your personal style.

At the end of the day, while following trends is pretty cool, you should also follow your heart and express yourself through gold jewellery in the way you want.