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How to plan your gold jewellery set for a wedding

How to plan your gold jewellery set for a wedding

Welcome, to-be brides. Let's talk about how you can plan gold jewellery for your wedding. You can check one thing off of your list because we know planning your and your partner's special day can be quite a burden.

It is perfectly okay to feel not okay with all new jewellery trends circulating the wedding world, making your decision-making even harder. Planning gold jewellery for your wedding is not exactly rocket science, but it is not a walk in the park either.

Everyone dreams of looking perfect on their wedding day. Even though it is just one day for many, the sweet memories will last in your hearts and also the albums you can show your grandkids one day. So, it is crucial that you plan and pick the best gold jewellery for your wedding.

We will walk you through a concentrated list of what you need to think about in the planning process. At the end of the walk, hopefully, you will be ready to say "I do" to your wedding jewellery!

Have you decided on your dream dress?

Dream Dress


Undoubtedly, what you wear on your special day will be the main focal point of your whole appearance. Your dress would be the first thing that will catch not just your spouse's eye when you walk down that aisle but also those of the guests.

Because of this, it is way easier for you to plan gold jewellery for your wedding to match your dress. When your dress and gold jewellery are reflecting shine on each other, your whole look will appear more put together.

Let's colour-coordinate

One way to achieve a rather put-together look is to match the colour of your dress to the type of gold jewellery for your wedding.

Worry less about matching your other jewellery for your wedding ring and focus more on the overall outcome. Generally, fashion experts' advice is that ivory and champagne-coloured dresses look great with any type of gold, while diamond-white dresses will look best paired with rose gold and yellow gold jewellery.

If you are going for an atypical bold-coloured dress, try to see multiple gold types to check what matches your fit the best.

Neckline dilemma

The neckline of the dress can throw out your whole look if not paired with the right type of gold jewellery for your wedding.

For a halter or high neckline, a moderate-sized pair of gold earrings alone could amp up the look. If your dress has a lot of design work better to skip the necklace and just let the earrings shine.

For an off-shoulder or strapless neckline, it's up to you to wear a necklace upon the choice if you want your collarbones to be in the spotlight. A pair of long droplet earrings will also pair well with these types of necklines.

While a florentine and asymmetrical neckline is best complemented with a short necklace and oblong or pointy earrings,

For V or plunging necklines, simple earrings and long necklaces will look best by balancing off your entire wedding look.

What about your hairstyle?

Hair Style


Your hairstyle will be the next thing that needs to match gold jewellery for your wedding. Imagine you wear a small pair of gold studs and realise they aren't visible in the slightest under your brushed-out curls.

Talk to your stylist to figure out the best type of gold jewellery that won't clash with or hide under your bridal hairstyle. Or you can try out different designs of earrings and necklaces to see if they go with your hairdo by yourself. If you are going for a full or stylish half updo, don't be afraid to go for a slightly bigger pair of earrings.

One thing you have to make sure of is to keep the earrings sizes from small to moderate, as huge earrings, no matter how pretty they will look on you, will take the attention away from your beautiful face.

Gold jewellery for your wedding should complement you

Wedding Jewellery


While the dress and hairstyles matter, the gold jewellery you choose to wear on this memorable day should also match your complexion and face shape.

There are so many opinions on this matter, saying this type of gold suits this best and that type of gold suits that best. As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that yellow gold looks impressive on warmer skin tones, while white gold appears great on cooler skin tones.

One thing to avoid if you have a rosy pale undertone is rose gold jewellery, as it will create a washed-off look by clashing with your complexion. Your skin would look refreshing when paired with white gold jewellery on you.

To see what you look best in, we recommend trying on different types of gold jewellery under different lighting situations. This will be helpful when selecting gold jewellery for your wedding.

You are likely to be seen under more than one natural and artificial light but should look equally gorgeous in all of them; besides, you want all your outdoor and indoor photographs to look amazing!

Blend into the wedding aesthetic.

Wedding Aesthetic


When planning the gold jewellery for your wedding, you definitely can't forget your wedding aesthetic. Even if you don't have a solid theme decided yet, most people do have an abstract idea of how your and your spouse's day is going to look like.

Having the gold jewellery matching along well with the wedding theme or aesthetics will not just look wonderful both in real life but also on camera. Your wedding day is not the day you want to try mixing and matching, so make sure that everything blends in with each other.

It doesn't matter whether it is classic vintage, bohemian chic or summer tropical. At the end of the day, gold jewellery for your wedding should be in harmony with the vibe of your day.

This may not be hard for you to decide by yourself. If you find yourself in a pickle, work with your stylist or dresser to find gold jewellery for your wedding that complements the theme early on.

Plan and try to stick to your budget.

Wedding Budget


As you might already know, weddings are expensive.

So you want to make sure that you are spending within your capabilities while trying to make your big day as precious as possible. Once you decide the rough amount of money you are willing to spend, among other expenses, you will have a focused approach to shopping and selecting gold jewellery for your wedding.

Not to mention the gloomy feeling you will experience choosing gold jewellery for your wedding and finding out that you cannot afford it, go easy on yourself by selecting gold jewellery for your wedding within a comfortable budget.

Wedding jewellery should be considered an investment for life rather than a quick fix for 24 hours. So we recommend being mindful of all aspects when selecting gold jewellery for your wedding.

Consider versatility & durability.



You might want to pay attention to the flexibility in use and durability when planning gold jewellery for your wedding. The jewellery you choose will be memorable as much as its ability to last long while looking their best.

Who wants to wear a pretty necklace for one day and then never again? And those cute pair of earrings just sitting in the jewellery box for the rest of your life? No one wants that.

So, when you choose your golden accessories, consider their value along with the gold purity and price. Even if you are tempted to go for a higher karat number, remember that you will have more durability in lower karat numbers in jewellery.

You can research and educate yourself about the versatility and durability of different karats and levels of maintenance and then decide on gold jewellery for your wedding.

Go to a trusted jeweller.



This is unarguably one of the most important things to remember when choosing gold jewellery for your wedding. Genuine jewellers will be easy to spot as they sell their gold jewellery with standard hall markings, which guarantee the high quality and validity of the products as we do here at Starlight Jewellery.

Transparency in a jeweller will tell you if your investment is well worth the money you will be spending. Once you feel at ease with trusting the jeweller, you can get their advice on selecting gold jewellery for your wedding as well.

A brilliant seller will listen and understand your unique needs and do their best to cater to them while simultaneously upholding your budget expectations.

Your comfort comes first!

At the end of the day, it is your wedding day, so ultimately all choices are up to you.

While it is good to get advice and opinions from others, including your family, friends, wedding planners and stylists, when planning gold jewellery for your wedding, don't let them limit you from enjoying your day.

You know what they say, too many cooks spoil the soup!

Don't hesitate to speak up and voice your concerns or preferences when selecting gold jewellery for your wedding. Just remember that you don't have to follow the hottest jewellery trend or make all the Pinterest mood boards come to life on this special day.

If it makes you and your partner happy, that should be your choice.

We hope that this article helped how to select gold jewellery for your wedding by covering all areas you need to consider. Start early and take it easy in the planning process, but most of all, remember to follow your heart!