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How to select fashionable gold jewellery for men

How to select fashionable gold jewellery for men

Gold jewellery is for everyone. However, you might have noticed that there is not much discussion out there about gold jewellery for men. Well, let's change that here.

Even though this might surprise some people, jewellery was not always a sign of femininity. Archaeological evidence indicates that men have been wearing jewellery way before women started wearing them. Prehistoric remnants demonstrate men's jewellery with engraved details, such as family names that could have been used as heirlooms.

If you have watched medieval or period dramas that featured soldiers in metal armour, you might have seen detailed, intricate designs on the armour itself. Precious metals such as gold and silver were smelt into not just men's armour and also to decorate their war weapons such as swords. Although, unlike today, only a small portion of highly rich men had this golden privilege; therefore, it led to the association of wealth and royalty.

After going through dynamic fashion trends, men's jewellery is rising to trends again, so why not talk about it? Whether you are a man yourself or shopping for someone else, In this blog, we will cover the basics of selecting fashionable jewellery for men.

  • Go window shopping
  • Do research on gold jewellery for men
  • Gold jewellery as a compliment to your body
  • Consider your personal style
  • Choose a trusted buyer
  • Take the lifeline; ask a friend
  • Step out of that comfort zone a bit!


Go window shopping.

Window Shopping


The mental pressure of buying the perfect gold jewellery for men sometimes will be counterproductive by stressing you out. So we recommend forgetting about buying for a minute and just surfing through all the shiny options first and foremost.

This might seem like nothing to do, but in reality, this will help you realize what you prefer in terms of types of gold, designs, or what kind of body jewellery you want to purchase. Pay more attention to what your heart lingers on a tad longer when you go window shopping.

This does not necessarily have to be at the local jewellery store around the corner. You could still be a couch potato and go window shopping online right here in our store. Maybe take some screen grabs for inspiration that will help when you actually shop to purchase; if you have a solid opinion on what you want, window shopping will also give you more options.

This could be beneficial, especially if you are looking to select gold jewellery for someone else with little knowledge of what they would like.

Do research on gold jewellery for men.



After gaining an initial idea of what your possible picks are for gold jewellery for men, you need to do some preliminary research; consider this your personal pilot study.

Jewellery, in general, is known to bear rich symbolism that has been bound by culture and traditions for years. These symbolic meanings, coupled with society's attitude toward wearing gold, allow you to alter how other people perceive you simply by choosing the right kind of jewellery for men.

Some gold jewellery for men has a more statement-like appearance, while others have their own unique meanings upon accessorizing. By educating yourself on this matter, you can narrow down your jewellery selection while also enabling you to choose gold that fits you perfectly.

Gold jewellery as a compliment to your body.

What most people forget is the fact that gold jewellery for men has to match themselves, not Tiktok's or Instagram's newest fashion trends.

While there is nothing wrong with following a trend hot as a potato out of the oven, you need to make sure that the jewellery complements you as a person. When you are selecting gold jewellery for men, try and see what types of gold match your or their complexion the best.

For example, a yellow gold hollow rope necklace would bring warmth to olive complexions, while a white gold bracelet would brighten up neutral to warm undertones.

If you are selecting earrings as gold jewellery for men, take face shape into account for the best outcomes. For instance, you can choose a geometric shape with sharp edges, such as a square earring for a round face, to balance your whole look.

Consider your personal style.

Personal Style


Personal style is a must to consider when you select gold jewellery for men. The jewellery you choose to buy should not just be a compliment to who you are but also how you look like. Be it hipster, monochrome, preppy, minimal or athletic, there is something for everyone!

If your signature style involves pops of bold style often, you can enhance your look with something like this gold cuban bracelet If personal fashion preferences weigh towards old money aesthetic, jewellery such as gold signet rings could totally do the job.

Choose a trusted buyer.

Trusted Buyer


Once you have a pretty defined idea of what you like and what you want, choosing a trusted buyer is the next step in the process.

Ensure that all gold jewellery is provided with standard hallmarking at your buyer, as this will guarantee you are making a worthy investment. Whether it is gold jewellery for men or for anyone else, checking for certificates to seal the purity of gold is super important.

You will be able to see common hallmarks such as 916 in your jeweller when you shop. Beyond these standards certificates offered, you can also notice the weight upon karat number, as high karat weighs more than low karat in real gold.

A trusted buyer will also effectively cater to your fashion needs by helping you select the right design, type of gold and sufficient karat amount which suits your budget and requirement in gold jewellery for men.

Take the lifeline ask a friend.

 Don't hesitate to ask that friend who always had a good fashion sense when it comes to gold jewellery for men. You might be able to get a simple opinion about the ongoing trends in gold jewellery or what they think will suit you best.

Bonus points for you if they agree to help you shop and select the perfect gold jewellery for men with you.

Step out of your comfort zone a bit.

Step out of your comfort zone


Everyone should take a risk once in a while. Why not do that when selecting gold jewellery for men? While going for a safe vanilla option is always comforting, don't be afraid to take a leap in the dark and grab something new.

Make this your chance to shine while simultaneously uplifting and widening your horizon on your fashion by selecting cool and distinctive gold jewellery for men.