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Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Throughout our series of articles, we have discussed many topics, including the

This article is dedicated to you if you are interested in knowing about the typical size of anklets and how to measure the anklet sizes. At the same time, you can get additional details regarding the anklets by utilizing this guide. Let's start with the types of anklets according to how you prefer to wear those. Before that, let us explain what an anklet is.

In a nutshell, an anklet is a piece of jewellery that is intended to be worn around the ankle. It's a bit like a bracelet, but instead of going around your wrist, it wraps around your foot to make it look fancier. For some people, anklets are superstitious and were traditionally worn as a form of protection against misfortune. Women in today's society wear anklets to signal to others that the wearer is married or engaged. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on an engagement ring for your fiancée, you might want to consider getting her an anklet instead.

Types of anklets based on their fit

Gold Anklets


Tight Fit

 When you are not fond of your anklet moving here and there, a tight fit is what you need to look for. But on the other hand, if you wear an anklet that is too tight for an extended period, you can experience some pressure-related pain.

Exact Fit

For most women, the best option is an exact fit. Let us explain what this is. It ensures that the anklet will remain securely on your ankle while maintaining a natural appearance. An anklet that is an exact fit sits in the correct position on the ankle, does not result in any discomfort even when worn for extended periods, and maintains its position on the ankle well.

Loose fit

 It is a common choice for women who want their anklets to rest lower on their ankles. An anklet with a loose fit can slide freely on the wearer's ankle without maintaining a secure hold on the skin. Arguably, it is the most popular type out of all three.

Note: Before choosing one of the above, it is vital to measure your anklet size.

How to measure your anklet size?

measure your anklet size


It is not too difficult to determine the size of an anklet that will fit you. All you have to do is measure your anklet size. According to this method, what you want to measure your anklet size are,

  • A string of 20cm in length
  • A marker
  • A ruler

Below are the steps to measure your anklet size,

  • Firstly, you have to take the piece of string and wrap it around the region of your ankle that is the broadest.
  • Take the marker or pen and mark the string at the spot where you want the circumference of your ankle to be recorded.
  • Take the string and keep it on a flat surface
  • Take the ruler to determine the distance from one end of the string to the marked point of the string.
  • Add between half an inch and an inch to get the final measurement.

Is it difficult to measure your anklet size? If you follow these steps, we don't think it is.

Fun Facts on anklets

Fun Facts on anklets

Wearing an anklet on your leg is not something new. It has been a trend for centuries. Since ancient times, people worldwide have worn ornamental ornaments for their ankles. Even while the majority of people nowadays consider anklets to be nothing more than a fashion accessory, in certain parts of the world, anklets have historically held more significant importance.

There are no rules regarding which leg you should wear an anklet on. An anklet should be worn on the ankle of your choice. You can wear your anklet looped around your left ankle if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Here is a fun fact! On the other hand, anklets wrapped around the left leg were traditionally used to indicate that a person was married or engaged in days gone by. It signaled all the boys that she could no longer be their loved one. On the other hand, if someone is wearing an anklet on her right foot, she is very much single, and nobody is in her life already!

In addition, if you are married yet wear an anklet on your right foot, this may indicate that your marriage is not monogamous but rather polyamorous. This is not general information, and most people wouldn't even give the rationale behind your wearing an anklet a second thought if they were asked.

Young women in certain regions of Africa, for instance, wore anklets made of brass to encourage marriage and continued to do so until the birth of their first child. They kept the jewellery on even after becoming mothers.

Here is another superstitious fact! People believed that when anklets were worn on the right foot, as was customary in the past, they served as protection against bad spirits. Even if there is no way to determine whether this is true based on scientific evidence, we thought, why not give space in our blog for such entertaining facts? You can take these seriously, laugh about them with your friends, and move on. The choice is yours.


Why should you measure your anklet or someone else's anklet? Let us explain.

Are you buying an anklet for yourself? Or is it a gift for your loved one? No matter what your situation is, this topic will always be relevant. Yes, some anklets are adjustable. It depends on your preference to opt for those or not. But, before buying one, we think that it is vital to measure your anklet size. Regarding readymade anklets available in the market, sizes can range anywhere from 8 to 9 inches for a small up to 11 to 11.5 inches for an extra-large.

Lastly, let us finish by quoting that an anklet is among the best gold jewellery gift ideas! We hope this article will help you measure your anklet size without any mistakes and buy the best one.

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Best way to measure your gold bracelet size

Best way to measure your gold bracelet size

Are you curious as to which bracelet size would look best on you? Please allow us to assist you in finding the right size. We hope this guide will give you all the information you require regarding bracelet sizes and the proper way to measure your wrist to ensure a comfortable fit.

When it comes to getting the proper size bracelet, fortunately, this is not a very difficult task. Many bracelets, particularly those made in the style of a link or the style of a wrap, contain multiple adjustments so that they can be worn on wrists of varying sizes.

When determining the appropriate-sized gold bracelet for your wrist, your measurements must be as accurate as possible. You can determine the size of your bracelet in a few different methods. These methods may include a flexible measuring tape, a thread, or even a ribbon. 

Why should you measure your bracelet size?

Why should you measure your bracelet size


When purchasing gold bracelets online, determine the appropriate size to order. It is done so that you can wear it as soon as it reaches you. Before this article, Starlight has offered you a variety of guidelines that will walk you through the process of selecting the appropriate ring size and necklace sizes for you. Those articles will walk you through the process of measuring, as well as instruct you on how to choose the correct size.

Is there a standard size for bracelets?

Is there a standard size for bracelets


The sizes of gold bracelets vary according to various factors. Two of the prominent factors are the wearer's age and gender. There is a standard size available for both men and women regarding bracelets. We think it's no surprise to you when we say that men's wrist sizes are often larger than women's. So, this observation holds true for bracelets as well. The standard bracelet length for males is 8 inches, while the standard for ladies is 7 inches.

Measuring with a flexible tape

Measuring with a flexible tape


Gold bracelets may be found in a wide variety of designs and sizes; At the same time, they could be an awesome addition to your jewelry collection. As mentioned above, when buying a gold bracelet, you want to be sure that the sizing is accurate and that the bracelet comfortably fits you. Is it difficult to measure your bracelet size? Hang on; it's not! Using a flexible measuring tape, your bracelet size can be determined within a couple of minutes. And you won't believe it when we say how easy the measuring process is.

  • As the first step, using the flexible measuring tape, take a measurement immediately above the wrist bone towards your elbow.
  • After taking this measurement, add anywhere from a quarter of an inch to one inch, depending on how snug you want the gold bracelet to be.
  • Once you have determined this, the gold bracelet that you wear will be of the appropriate size. It is now time to locate the ideal bracelet for you to wear in your size.

You can purchase a flexible measuring tape from a supermarket or an art craft store.

How to Determine the Size of Your Wrist Without Using a Flexible Tape? 

Gold bracelet


The flexible tape is not something mandatory in each house. You may have it, or you may not. Suppose that you do not have flexible tape and that measuring your bracelet size is urgent. Don't worry! You have alternative options. A ruler and anything that can be wrapped around the broadest area of your wrist is all that you need.

Let's imagine what you have is a string!

Firstly, wrap the string around your wrist. Your wrist should have a snug but not uncomfortable fit when you've finished wrapping the string around it. Check to see that the string is not twisted and is lying flat. Pinch the point where the string crosses over itself at the beginning of the loop. At this time, you can also cut the string if you want to. Using your thumb and index finger to maintain the string's position will be beneficial. First, make sure that your ruler is resting on a level surface, and then start aligning the measuring string at the zero) inch mark. To get the correct size for the bracelet, you need to add a half inch to what you get.

How do you determine the appropriate size of a Bracelet for another person?

gifting a gold bracelet


If you intend on gifting a gold bracelet to someone else, especially if you want it to be a surprise, it won't be a nice thing to ask for their wrist size. In such situations, we think gifting an adjustable bracelet is wise.


Bracelet sizes are unique to each individual; however, if you don't want to measure your wrist, other options are available. In addition to purchasing adjustable wristbands, you can purchase bracelet designs such as elastic cords.

When making jewellery, ensuring that you have the appropriate dimensions for your designs is one of the most crucial aspects to focus on. Your jewellery runs the risk of becoming the incorrect size and not fitting properly if you ignore the above point. You want to avoid situations where you have to start over with a piece or lose time attempting to resize it. By following the above steps before making or purchasing a gold bracelet, you can be safe from the above mistake.

When choosing a gold bracelet, selecting the size that fits you the most comfortably is crucial. It is especially true if you intend to wear the bracelet for a long period. We think that the advice and suggestions we have added in this article regarding how to select the appropriate bracelet size for yourself will assist you when shopping for yourself or someone else.

You may find charts of different bracelet sizes on the internet. You can use a table to determine the general bracelet size corresponding to your age if you would rather not go through the procedure of measuring the bracelet.

At Starlight, our motive is to help you identify gold jewelry and purchase what’s best for you!

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How to protect your gold jewelry correctly

How to protect your gold jewelry correctly

The glimmer and luster of gold pieces of jewelry captivate the attraction of people more than jewelry made of any other metal; hence, people are in awe of those. We can consider gold jewellery a classic adornment, and we don't see any change in it shortly. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a gold necklace or a traditional gold wedding necklace; there's something undeniably beautiful about the understated sophistication that gold ornaments brings to an outfit.

If you are the proud owner of some attractive gold ornaments, you would love to wear it whenever possible. Doing so makes it very normal for the color of your gold jewellery to change or dull over time. Because of this, gold jewelries needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and last as long as possible.

 This article will discuss how to protect and clean your gold jewelries. At the same time, we are ready to tell you what to avoid.


Clean your gold ornaments regularly using warm, soapy water.

Clean your gold jewellery regularly using warm, soapy water

  You will use ornaments such as necklaces and rings made of gold regularly. But, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Using gold jewellery constantly could acquire dirt from the environment and oils from your body. These oils and dirt won't immediately affect gold items but will make a difference in how they look in the long run. As a result, you should make it a habit to clean your items regularly to retain their luster.

 Let us teach you a method. A safe and well-known method worldwide is, submerging your gold items in warm, soapy water for an extended period. When choosing soap, it is advised to use a mild dish soap that doesn't have any added ingredients in it. After keeping your gold item soaked in water for a couple of hours, remove the items and wash them thoroughly with clean water. When drying, use a soft cloth, but avoid paper goods, as these can scratch and damage gold jewellery. Take your time in carrying out this process, and we advise you to clean your jewelries properly.


Use of ammonia to clean gold ornaments.

Use of ammonia to clean gold ornaments.


     Put your gold items into a basin. Make sure this basin contains three parts lukewarm water and 1 part ammonia. Then comes the polishing part, and use a toothbrush for this. After rinsing with clean water, allow the air to dry.

     But here is something that you should be careful of, especially when dealing with white gold jewellery utilizing this method (when gold is combined with several additional elements, the resulting alloy is known as white gold). In most cases, a layer of rhodium is added on top of white gold jewellery, giving the piece of jewellery a shimmering appearance. But here is the trick! If you rub white gold too vigorously, you risk damaging the rhodium coating.


    Do not use chemicals that can harm your gold items.

    Do not use chemicals that can harm your gold items.

      Although they are fantastic for house cleaning, household cleaners should not be used on gold jewellery. The reason is that; they can tarnish your gold jewelries. Gold pieces should be kept away from harsh chemicals, such as chlorine. When gold is exposed to chlorine, the precious metal gradually loses its strength and faces the risk of being cracked.

    Did you know that most of these household cleaners I am talking about have abrasives and acids? Both of these are immensely harmful to gold jewelries. Finally, if you are swimming in a pool, we advise you to put any gold jewellery aside so it won't get damaged.


    Get your valuable gold jewelries cleaned by a professional cleaner.

    Get your valuable gold jewelries cleaned by a professional cleaner.

     Having your pieces professionally cleaned as frequently as you should clean them at home is unnecessary. You can ensure that your gold jewellery lasts a long time by taking them to a jeweler once or twice a year. Let us also point out that cleaning your jewellery pieces at home is the best way to ensure they remain pristine.

     Why take your gold jewellery to professionals for cleaning? Because of their extensive understanding of the metal and the irritants that they may cause, experienced jewelers are an extremely valuable asset. At the same time, they will be able to provide you with further information on how to care for your gold jewelries properly, and you can get it examined more carefully with a skilled eye. When you get your jewellery cleaned by a professional, they will fix any loose stones or prongs and examine it carefully for any scratches you may have missed at home.


    Store your gold items in a jewellery box.

    Store your gold items in a jewellery box

      No matter what you do to clean your gold items, it would help if you kept them in a well-organized ornament box. At the same time, you should protect gold jewellery without allowing those to rub against each other or scratch them if they are stored in this manner. Adding a layer of defense by wrapping each piece of gold jewellery in a gentle fabric will ensure its safety.



     Gold is a long-lasting and resilient material, but it is vulnerable to damage if handled forcefully. Gold's shine can gradually fade over time if it is frequently subjected to elements such as dust, sweat, and cosmetics. Therefore, make it a habit to clean your gold ornaments regularly.

     Finally, make sure that you check your gold items regularly for any signs of damage or weakness, and then take it to an expert jeweler as soon as possible to have it repaired. It is just as vital to clean properly as it is to store things correctly. When you're not wearing your gold jewellery, keep it secure by putting it in a jewellery box or wrapping it in a cotton cloth when it's not in use.


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    Know the difference between a gold necklace and a gold chain

    Know the difference between a gold necklace and a gold chain

    A gold necklace is one of the oldest sorts of ornamentation that humans wore on their bodies. It is a piece of sophisticated and beautiful body jewellery that can be worn around the neck. It is not uncommon for them to wear them on sacramental, religious, or other occasions. As we talk about gold necklaces, we must acknowledge that they are also employed as symbols of wealth and status in today's society.

    Generally speaking, wearing a gold necklace or gold chain is something that both men and women love. In the realm of accessories, a wide variety of design and fashion options are available for chains and necklaces. Gold necklaces and gold chains are considered fashionable from ancient times until today.  

    What is a gold necklace?

    What is a gold necklace?


    The most easily recognizable piece of jewellery out of these two is the necklace. They are made of a chain of metal, typically gold or silver, but this is not always the case. There is also a possibility that the chain will feature gemstones. There is a possibility that these are connected in some way as well.

    Gold necklaces are available in various designs, including the choker necklace, the multi colored string necklace, the bib necklace, the collar necklace, and many others.

    What is a gold chain?

    What is a gold chain


    Since it is theoretically a form of necklace, at times, a chain can be a necklace in its own right. In appearance and feel, a gold chain is typically more robust and substantial than other types of gold jewellery. They might even have a tinge of an industrial look to them and contain clasps and loops that are more sturdy.

    The primary distinction between a gold chain and a gold necklace is that a necklace will typically include some ornament, such as a pendant or another piece of jewellery, dangling from it. But in most cases, a chain does not. Gold necklaces and gold chains can occasionally be quite different in terms of their thickness. Despite this, customers have many choices from which they can select the perfect Necklace for them.

    On occasion, stones are embedded in it at the purchaser's request. Metals are typically used in their construction. Gold chains are available in various designs, such as anchor chains, wheat chains, box chains, Figaro link chains, mariner link chains, and many others.

    Types of necklaces

    Types of necklaces



    Chokers can be worn with any formal or casual clothing. They are meant to be worn very near to the neck.

    Opera Necklace

    Ranging from 26 to 36 inches, the opera necklaces have a look all their own and come in various lengths. Due to the larger length of these necklaces, they might be worn as numerous strands simultaneously.

    Threaded Necklace

    It is a lovely piece of jewellery that is comfortable to wear and compatible with most women's accessories.

    Sautoir Necklace

    A sautoir necklace is a lengthy piece of jewellery typically crafted from pearls.

    Collar Necklaces

    Collar Necklaces are neckpieces typically worn near the neck, making them an ideal accessory for dresses with turtle necks.

    Festoon Necklace

    It is made of a gorgeous selection of beads strung together on strings, and it looks great with whatever dress you intend to wear for any occasion.

    Types of Chains

    Types of Chains


    Rolo Chain

    A Rolo chain is characterized by its use of symmetrical links. These links are connected.

    Beaded Chain

    Also known as a ball chain, a beaded chain is made of tiny metal balls linked together using brief wire stretches. This particular chain is commonly seen as a chain for dog tag necklaces.

    Snake chain

    A snake chain is not constructed of regular links. They are made of very close links and form a more bendable, tubular chain style. Traditional links are not used in the construction of a snake chain.

    Curb chain

    Curb chains are characterized by their flat and interlocking links. These links are the reason behind a curb chain's exceptional strength. Most people wear curb chains as men's necklaces and frequently wear them alone. Additionally, pendants can be worn on the thin gauge curb chain.

    Silk Cord

    A pendant hung from a silk cord feels silky against the skin and allows the pendant to dangle freely from the chain. A simple look is enhanced by the addition of a silk string necklace in black.

    Last Word

    Gold Jewellery has played a very important role in a variety of societies and cultures all over the world since ancient times. There are many advantages of using gold jewellery. Even though, in modern times, they are worn as a fashion statement, each one, depending on what it is, what it represents, and where it is worn, carries a significant amount of symbolism and meaning. Necklaces and chains are different jewelries, but people frequently get them mixed up.

    The primary distinction between a gold necklace and a gold chain is the Necklace's tendency to be a more substantial piece of jewellery than a chain. On the other hand, a chain is a piece of jewellery that is not as heavy as the others. However, a chain can be worn around the wrist, ankle, and neck of an individual, whereas a gold necklace can only be worn around a person's neck.

    Let us conclude and summarize. A chain is a piece of jewellery with a contemporary appearance and is created by joining together two or more links. A chain is a piece of jewellery that can be worn on its own, although it is more commonly seen in other pieces like charms and pendants.

    A necklace is a piece of jewellery that makes a single statement and may be worn since it comprises significant metal and jewel work. Still, a chain is a piece of jewellery that can be customized in various ways. A chain can be worn by itself, but it can also have other components, such as charms and pendants, which can be removed.

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    How to measure your gold necklace size correctly?

    How to measure your gold necklace size correctly?

    You might want to buy a gold necklace but are unsure what size to order. Is this you? If yes, read this article till the end. Why should you find the right necklace size for you? The reasons are obvious. Finding the correct necklace length for your body can help complement your natural shape. Your shape, personality, and sense of style should all be showcased by the gold necklace you choose to wear. Finding the ideal necklace size demonstrates that you have excellent taste and are concerned about your look, regardless of whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else.


    Simplest solution

    Simplest solution


    Let us tell you a solution. It is pretty simple if you already own a necklace that is your desired length. Take that necklace, make sure it is lying flat, and use a ruler to determine its length. It will give you the correct measurements.


    Are there any standards for gold necklace lengths?

    Are there any standards for gold necklace lengths?


    Yes, there are. Who determines that? The person about to wear the gold necklace determines the appropriate length of the many common necklace lengths. In general, the standard sizes of necklaces can be anywhere from 20 inches to 24 inches, while the lengths of chokers can range from 18 inches to 20 inches. Suppose you are looking for a necklace for a certain occasion. In such situations, you need to consider the length of your entire clothing while choosing a gold necklace.

    If you plan on wearing an item of clothing with an empire waist, such as a dress or blouse, choosing a necklace with a shorter length is a good idea. If you intend to wear an outfit with long sleeves, you shouldn't wear your favorite long necklace to conform to the event's theme. On such occasions, you must choose a more suitable item, such as a choker or a bracelet-length piece of jewellery.


    The necklace looks based on their length for women

    The necklace looks based on their length for women




    Among the adults, this could be touted as the most special type of necklace. Its length can range from 17 to 19 inches and is meant to be worn on the collarbone.



    If you want to wear your gold necklace tightly around your necklace, this could be your go-to necklace. This necklace has a length of roughly 13 to 15 inches.



    In most cases, an opera is worn from the highest point of the bust to the fact that it is a few inches below the bottom. It might be as long as 37 inches or as short as 28 inches, depending on how you measure it.



    It is one such kind of necklace that we recommend as professionals. Do you want to know why? You can wear choker necklaces with any outfit. Generally, its length lies between 15 to 17 inches.



    The length of these types of necklaces is 20 to 24 inches. Their length could be in between your bust and the collarbone.



    This will be the perfect fit if you love to be highlighted on any occasion. Its length is over 37 inches.


    Choosing the ideal gold necklace length based on the shape of the face

    Choosing the ideal gold necklace length based on the shape of the face


    If you have an oval face, you can easily wear necklaces of any length. Simply put, oval faces are adaptable for any look. Shorter necklaces are more flattering to wear with long or rectangular faces, while longer necklaces are more flattering to wear with round faces.

    The princess or matinee length will be the most appropriate choice if you have a round face. Lastly, necklaces that are not too long and do not draw attention to the chin are ideal for those with heart-shaped faces.


    Choosing the ideal gold necklace length based on your clothing

    Choosing the ideal gold necklace length based on your clothing


    Let me start with a tip first. A turtleneck and a choker do not look well together. Necklaces of 14 to 16 inches look their best when worn with an open neckline, such as a V-neck. You can choose longer-length necklaces if you prefer your neckline to be higher.

    Choose a medium to a long necklace if you want to make an enormous tee look more interesting. This will help create shape by adding a crease. You may also add dimension by layering different necklaces.


    Choosing the ideal gold necklace length based on your hairstyle

    Choosing the ideal gold necklace length based on your hairstyle


    Your looks are drastically changing whenever you get a haircut. Because your face contour will be more noticeable when your hair is pulled back, you should pay particular attention to selecting necklaces that complement the form of your face. If you are bustier yet have long hair and wear it down, you may look wonderful in a necklace that touches the bust line.


    How do you determine the appropriate length of a gold necklace for another person?

    How do you determine the appropriate length of a gold necklace for another person


    Finding a gold necklace for someone else is completely different from finding one yourself. The most straightforward strategy would be to measure one of their existing necklaces and then alter the necklace so that it is the required length. If this is not possible, your best bet is typically to make a guess based on their desired style and the size of their neck.



    When selecting the appropriate length for a necklace, there are several considerations to consider. Make sure that you give each of them some thought so that you can find the option that is the best fit for you! Once you know what details to consider, a work that initially appears to be highly difficult can quickly become a simple process.

    This article will walk you through all you need to know to purchase a gold necklace that is perfect for your neck and your personal sense of style. After you've finalized the ideal gold necklace length for your look, browse Starlight's signature collection to find a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personality and tastes.


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    Best gold jewellery gift ideas for your girlfriend

    Best gold jewellery gift ideas for your girlfriend

    Are you a boyfriend looking for a perfect piece of gold jewellery gift for the woman in your life? If the answer is affirmative, then your best bet is to find something awesome that you are certain she will enjoy. But what are you supposed to do if you have no clue? If yes, this article is for you.

    When it comes to the art of gifting, the options are numerous. A gold jewellery gift will never fail to create an impression. There is never a wrong occasion to give a gold jewellery gift as it is the ideal present for any occasion. Be it your wedding anniversary, her birthday, or any other celebration, gifting a piece of gold jewellery gift to your girlfriend will make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

    What Kind of Gold Jewelry Should I Buy for My Girlfriend?

    What Kind of Gold Jewelry Should I Buy for My Girlfriend?

    The kind of statement you want to make with the gold jewellery gift, you give your girlfriend should be a primary consideration when shopping for it. It could be a gold pendant, necklace, bracelet, or ring. Whatever you decide to give her, it ought to be something she enjoys without jeopardizing the purpose of your gift. There are certain basic things, that you should remember. For an example, measure your girlfriend's ring size if you are willing to buy her a gold ring.

    A gold necklace

    What you think before buy gold necklace? If you ask whether or not it is alright to present your girlfriend with a gold necklace, the answer is a no-brainer. Of course, the response is "yes.". The necklace you are about to gift her should represent the physical connection that holds relationships together. In contrast, the pendant worn on the chest to touch the heart is meant to be a visual representation of how close you are to her heart. Nevertheless, when deciding, select the pattern she fawns over the most. It is also important that the length of the necklace be just right so that it does not hang awkwardly.

    A gold cuff

    Let me start by saying your girlfriend can never have too much gold jewellery. Therefore, adding a statement cuff made of gold to her collection is a great way to make her happy. There is a huge variety of bracelets available, but choosing this one will help your girlfriend stand out from the rest on any occasion. Yes, it is a unique choice of jewellery. In contrast to a small chain bracelet that is easy to overlook in photographs, she will undoubtedly adore a piece of jewellery that makes a statement wherever she has to look her best.

    Because this kind of bracelet does not come with a clasp, it is quite simple to put on and take off around the wrist. Choose a size that is neither excessively loose nor excessively tight. In most cases, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments by bending the ends to ensure that it remains in place. So, why not chose a cuff as your gold jewellery gift for your girlfriend?

    Astrology? Does she believe it?

    Astrology? Does she believe it?

     If your girlfriend is an astrology fan, you could choose this option. Nowadays, astrology has started to become a fundamental component of fashion. So if you are planning to gift your girlfriend with a gold jewellery gift, considering astrology, the possibilities are limitless. You could go from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets. Some jewellery alternatives contain mapped-out constellations on golden disks. In contrast, others such as Cancer, Leo, or Capricorn display the astrological emblem for the sign in question. You can take an unusual step as such and opt for a gift as such.

    Rose Gold Jewelry

    Rose gold jewellery is known for being delicate and romantic. Its composition of pure gold, copper, and sometimes silver makes it more long-lasting than yellow or white gold jewellery. Whether a pair of earrings or a necklace, Rose gold jewellery looks good on many different skin types and brings out the natural blush in the wearer's complexion. Since combining different kinds of metals is currently considered a trendy look, it will undoubtedly complement the other jewellery she already owns and wears. What do you think? Is your girlfriend a fan of rose gold?

    A personalized gold bracelet

    Whether you want to engrave the words "I love you" or a message or a love quotation, a personalized bar bracelet will make whatever you say or engrave distinctive and individual. You could engrave anything on your bracelet. It is better if you choose something special for both of you.  

    A personalized gold necklace

    Suppose you are looking for a gold jewellery gift for your girlfriend that may be personalized. In that case, an initial necklace is an excellent option to consider. These necklaces provide a blank space for a personalized pendant.

    In addition, the designs that can be used for personalized jewellery products are extremely varied. As a result, it is only appropriate to search for a pendant that complements your partner's aesthetic. She likely enjoys both simple and elegant settings equally. She could be either. Determine what her preference is, and act accordingly.

    Locket necklaces

    These necklaces come with a more sentimental pendant. The timeless locket necklace is an excellent choice for a present in a relationship because it can hold special photos or mementoes.

    In addition, you can personalize it by placing something you love within the necklace and closing it. That might be anything that has a deep personal significance for either of you. It may be a picture of you two on a romantic date, of you, or something else.

    Last Word

    No matter how long you've been together, your girlfriend will appreciate receiving a gold jewellery gift because it shows thought. As we've seen, you don't have to spend a bomb to make everything exceptional. There are a lot of things you can do, but in the end, it is the thinking that matters the most. You will be able to offer her a meaningful gift that she will cherish for the rest of her life if you use our recommendations.

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    Perfect buying guide for a beautiful gold necklace

    Perfect buying guide for a beautiful gold necklace

    Gold necklaces are an ideal choice for any occasion. Gold necklaces are adaptable and are widely considered a symbol of esteem and wealth. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that they could also be great investments.

    However, there are a wide variety of gold necklaces available. On certain occasions, it could be a tough ask to select what is perfect for you. The process depends on several aspects, such as the type of gold, the designs, what kind of links the chain is made of, etc. People interested in buying gold necklaces can choose from a diverse assortment of available options.

    In this article, we will look at some of the most critical considerations that need to be made when purchasing a gold necklace.

    Is the gold necklace you are considering buying hollow, solid or plated?

    Different gold necklaces

     While choosing the karat for your gold necklace, remember that the purer the gold is, the softer and less long-lasting it will be. This is something to keep in mind when making your decision.

    This is very important. Gold necklaces could be made of pure gold, plated with gold or hollow. When making your choice here, keep these in mind.

    • Pure gold is soft and will not last long.
    • Plated gold necklaces are perfect for you if you are looking for a cheap option. They are affordable, but with time, the metal below will be unveiled as the shine goes off. But you can replate and take it to its original condition.
    • You might need a gold necklace to wear regularly. If this is the case, we recommend you a solid gold necklace, as its durability is high.
    • Gold necklaces with hollow links are light in weight compared to similarly sized gold necklaces made of solid gold. Hollow chains are affordable, but they could easily break or dent. And once it happens, they could be difficult to be repaired. If you purchase a hollow gold necklace for yourself, you should be extra cautious.

    What type of clasp does it have?

    What type of clasp does it have

    It is essential to check the clasp of a gold necklace before buying. It should be possible to be securely locked and unable to break easily. When it comes to clasps, we recommend you the lobster clasp owing to its sturdy nature. Even when you apply a considerably higher force on your chain, you won't be able to break it easily.

    One more option we have is the ring clasp. It is spring-loaded. These are cheap compared to the lobster clasp but are not as durable and secure as the above option.

    Length of the gold necklace

    Length of the gold necklace

    Which part of your chest do you want to be highlighted? It depends on the length of the gold necklace you wear. If you choose a gold necklace that is 16-inch-long, it will lie just over your collarbone. The chain could lie on your clothing or skin if the lengths exceed that. The most common length when it comes to gold necklaces is 18 inches.

    What type of gold necklaces are you going to buy?

    What type of gold necklaces are you going to buy

    There are wide varieties when it comes to gold necklaces. And each one of those has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before designing your gold necklace, decide on how you want it to be. There are many choices available, and in the following paragraphs, we will look into the most common ones.

    Box chain

     A box chain is identified using square links that are joined to form a continuous chain.

    Wheat chain 

    When oval links, including twisted oval links, are joined and interlaced, you will get a chain with a nice visual texture. This is what people refer to as a wheat chain.

    Rope Chains

    It's one of the most popular designs and is created by utilizing thin wires linked together. It looks like a rope and hence the name. They are among the most long-lasting chains; you can wear them with whatever pendant you like.

    Mariner Chains

     Mariner chains are characterized by overlapping oval links, each of which features a bar positioned in the middle. Because of the way the links interlock, they are considered to be one of the most durable forms of chains. Large mariner chains make for fantastic statement necklaces. You cannot ignore the thin mariner chains as they are perfect for use with pendants.

    Bead Chains: How to create bead chains? You can create a bead chain by stringing together a series of tiny round beads. They are sometimes inextricably linked or are not the same. At the same time, these gold necklaces are available in various necklaces.

    Cable Chains

     Cable chains are characterized by their uniformly round or circular links, which are joined together to form a straightforward structure. These chains are versatile enough to be worn by either men or women. Also, you can wear cable chains in combination with pendants.

    The thickness of the gold necklace

    The thickness of the gold necklace


    When it comes to its beauty and price, a gold necklace's width is an essential factor to consider. Large chains will suit you well if you are trying to set a bold style statement. Although bigger chains are more commonly seen on men, ladies who wish to make a strong fashion statement may also choose to wear them.

    If you are a simple person who prefers simple fashions, thinner chains are the way to go. They are ideal for occasions where you seek the attention to be drawn to the pendant rather than the chain. The delicate look of these chains has made them so popular.

    Do you need to wear a pendant with your gold necklace?

    gold pendant with gold necklace

    Are you fond of pendants? Do you want to wear one with your gold necklace? If yes, make sure you buy a gold necklace capable of supporting some added weight. At the same time, the chain should not be excessively thick or large, as this could cause the pendant to be overshadowed. In such cases, you can go for either a wheat or box chain. These two types of chains are durable.


    So, above are a few things you should consider before buying a gold necklace for yourself. Apart from these things, the jeweller you purchase from is also critical. If you are going online to purchase, you must ensure that the website you buy your gold necklace from has a good reputation, so you do not get ripped off.

    Reviews left by other customers are an excellent method to get a sense of what other purchasers think and say about a particular shop. Starlight is always at your service with years of experience in the market, and you are always welcome to check out customer reviews.

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    How to measure your ring size

    How to measure your ring size

    Is it difficult to measure your ring size? Does it require the assistance of an expert? How to do it? Is it possible to do it at home? These are some of the few questions one might come across, when this topic is concerned. Guess what! It is easier than you imagined in your wildest dreams.

    You can do it at your home and all you need to do is lift your finger and follow our advice. So, let’s jump into the discussion. Take these into factors on how to measure your ring size into consideration, before purchasing a ring for you or for your loved one. 

    String is a better tool to measure your ring size

    How to measure your ring size using a string


    Let us start by saying that a jeweler can easily achieve this for you. But we are looking for something easier. Aren’t we? All you need in this method are a string, a pen and a measurement ruler. Refer to the following steps. 

    • Take the string and wrap it around your finger.
    • Then from the pen, mark down the point where the ends of the string meet.
    • As the next step, use the ruler and measure the length in between the mark and the end of the string. Use millimeters as the measuring unit.
    • Then you need a ring size chart. Observe this chart and identify which ring size matches with the dimensions you took.

    Yes, the process is as simple as that. The process does not change depending on where you are going to wear your ring. Be it above the knuckle, or below, the steps on how to measure your ring size remain the same. 

    But in this case, there is an important thing that you should remember. You should make sure that; you are not stretching the string while taking the measurement of your finger. The reason is, if you do so, you may end up purchasing a larger ring that would not fit your finger.

    How to measure your ring size utilizing a ring sizer?

    Measure your ring size using a ring sizer


    In certain cases, you might need the most accurate measurement of your ring size. At those instances, it is wiser to go the extra mile and purchase a ring sizer for yourself. One might think that they are very expensive but they are not. Take some time off and search on Google for ring sizers. You will see a wide variety of ring sizers online available for pretty low prices. You can order online without moving a step away from your home. 

    There a two main options for the ring-sizing equipment. First one is a measuring tape while the other is a keychain. The keychain is usually lined with multiple ring sizes while the measuring tape is considered to be the most common option. Be it for yourself or your family, it could come in handy while you are shopping for a ring. 

    The ring sizer method has a lot in common with the string method. But here, you do not have to measure and make marks. After you wrap the ring sizer around your finger, just look at the corresponding number. There you have it. Ring sizers are always available on jewelry stores and is considered to be one of the most accurate ways to measure your ring size. 

    Identify how tight a ring should be

    Identify how tight a ring should be


    There are some certain things that you should be careful about while measuring your ring size. One of such factors is the temperature. Too high temperatures cause your fingers to swell, and too low temperatures cause them to shrink. The temperature can change throughout the day due to various reasons and, it can affect while measuring the ring size of you or someone else. 

    So what is recommended? When is the right time to measure the ring size of you or someone else? How can you ensure that, the measurement you get from the ring sizer is as same as the size of your finger? We recommend you to take the measurement or, go to a professional jeweler to take the measurement on a moderate day with no drastic changes. If it is near the end of the day, that is even better. 

    What’s good? Guess the ring size or measure the ring size?

    What’s good? Guess the ring size or measure the ring size?


    In our society, guessing the ring size of someone else is nothing new. It appears as a risk, but it is a common practice. In case you are guessing, how to be on the accurate end? First thing to know here is that, the fingers of a person is proportional to his/her body size. You can start from here. 

    Going by this, if a person is short in body size, there is a high chance that his/her ring size is also low. If the person you are buying the ring for has a significantly larger built, then most probably, their ring size lies on the larger end. 

    When shopping for a ring for someone else, it is always great if you can borrow, his/her ring for a day. But if you are unable to do so, wear his/her ring on your finger and try to match it with your ring size. It will also allow you to make a somewhat accurate guess. 

    How to measure your ring size by utilizing one that you currently own as a measuring tool

    Ring size measuring tool


    What if you have a ring and that fits you well, but you are unable to recall what size it is? Here is a solution for you. Print off a ring sizing chart and scale it to 100 percent on the paper. Using this strategy, you will be able to determine the size of the ring that you already have. As the next step, try to figure out to which of the shapes your ring most closely resembles.


    Things to remember

    • There are jewelers who are using their very own ring size charts and they have published those online. Hence, be sure to read the sizing chart on their website more than once before visiting them, and if you have any doubts about your size, you should always measure yourself to be sure. 
    • Your finger size as mentioned above may change as a result of exposure to heat or physical exercise. Be sure to measure your ring size at room temperature if you want the most accurate results.
    • If you are juggling in between two sizes, you should always choose the larger one. It is preferable to have a little bit of extra room rather than excessive compression.


    At the end, let me explain you why, measure your ring size. Firstly, having an accurate understanding of your ring size allows you to shop for jewelry online without fear of making a purchase that doesn't fit. Also, when giving someone a ring as a present, you should make sure that the ring is going to be able to fit on their finger.

    This is especially important if the ring is going to be used as an engagement or a wedding ring. Yes, you can resize a ring as you wish, but you can’t deny the fact that doing so takes away from the magical moment of being able to place the ring on the finger of that one special person.

    Also, when giving someone a ring as a present, you should make sure that the ring is going to be able to fit on their finger. This is especially important if the ring is going to be used as an engagement ring, wedding band, or some other significant piece of jewelry.

    There is always the chance of having the ring resized, but there is no getting around the fact that doing so takes away from the magical moment of being able to place the ring on the finger of that one special person. 


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    Valuable tips to choose best gold earrings

    Valuable tips to choose best gold earrings

    A stunning and fashionable pair of gold earrings will always enhance both your features and the clothes you're wearing. And to complete your ensembles, pair it with something basic and understated, avoiding anything flashy. In most cases, you will want to wear something simple in order to bring out the shine and warmth of gold earrings. The best gold earrings can help draw attention to your most attractive features.

    If you choose the proper pair of gold earrings, even the most simple ensemble will have an air of sophistication and modernity about it. When wearing all black, you can get away with wearing earrings of any color. Earrings that make a statement are one more fashion trend that is currently popular on the market. The jewelry that you choose to wear says a lot about who you are. Your manner of dress is another factor that contributes to the boldness of your communication. Grab a piece that makes a statement if you are the type of person who enjoys expressing yourself through the jewelry that you wear and the clothes that you wear.

    The good news is that it is not as difficult as it may seem to distinguish between the correct earring and the incorrect one when purchasing gold earrings. Here are some common sense tips to help you get started.

    Choose a good design

    Choose a good design


    Gold earrings, like many other kinds of jewelry, are available in a dizzying array of designs and styles. Even if the event you are attending will frequently influence the design of your earrings, you should not be scared to stretch out and experiment with different styles. Explore a wide range of fashions until you identify the ones that complement your personal taste and sense of style.

    Earrings are a versatile accessory that can help you achieve a variety of looks, including more professional, sophisticated, comical, or adorable ones. Consider your goals before making your choice in design.

    Take your hairstyle into consideration

    Take your hairstyle into consideration


    While picking a pair of gold earrings, you should take your hair into consideration. Do you have curly hair? If this is the case, you should consider selecting a type of gold earrings that has a curve that mimics the movement of your hair. If you have long hair, you can go for styles that are more daring so that they stand out against your flowing locks, but choose styles that won't get tangled up in your tresses.

    Take into account the color of your hair as well. Yellow gold is a stunning color to wear when contrasted with dark or red hair, but it can be difficult to see on those with light or blonde hair. White gold makes a beautiful accessory for light blonde or silver hair.

    Shapes of your faces

    Girl wearing gold earring


    When choosing earrings, one of the most significant factors to take into consideration is the shape of the wearer's face. For those individuals who have an oval face shape, any type of gold earring will look good on them. Choose lengthy gold earrings with a slimming effect if you have a round face because this will help to balance out your features. Chandeliers and earrings in the shape of pears will work very well to balance out a face that is triangular in shape and wider at the top than it is at the bottom. These cuts are also suitable for people who have a heart-shaped face, which is broadest at the top of the forehead and tapers down to a point at the chin.

    Cluster earrings and hoop or round shapes will give the illusion that your face is wider, which is especially helpful if you have a long and narrow face. 

    Event you are wearing the gold earrings for


    Event you are wearing the gold earrings for


    Think about the occasions on which you intend to wear each pair of earrings while you shop for them. If you plan on wearing gold earrings to work, you should strive for a look that is understated and appropriate for the setting. Good options for earrings include traditional designs crafted from gold. When you want to seem extremely glamorous for a night out on the town, use chandeliers, drops, or clusters of earrings since they will give a high-voltage punch to your outfit. 

    Gold earrings are, without a doubt, one of the best accessories for allowing one's individuality to shine through. Choose a pair of gold earrings with an unusual form if you like to stay on the top of fashion trends. Pearls or a vintage design are two options that could appeal to the romantics in the room because of their gentle and understated radiance.

    You won't need to worry about your earrings getting in the way of your game if you wear a pair of simple solitaires, which will keep you looking professional even if you're the type of person who likes to be active. Large gold earrings are a fantastic accessory choice for anyone who enjoys a glamorous look or who favors a theatrical sense of style.

    Take your budget into consideration

    Take your budget into consideration


    Depending on the manufacturer and design, the price of a pair of gold earrings can range anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand. The majority of women believe that it is best to invest a moderate amount of money in the pairs that they wear on a daily basis and to invest significantly more money in the pairs that they keep for more formal occasions. No matter how much money you decide to spend on a pair of earrings, the most essential thing is that you are happy with the ones you end up buying.

    Size of the Earlobes

    Size of the Earlobes


    It's possible that the length of your neck will influence which earrings you choose to wear. If you have a shorter neck, you should wear earrings that sit closer to the ear lobe rather than hanging down below it. A single stud or a straightforward pair of drop earrings will do the trick. Your neck will appear longer if you wear earrings with longer drop lengths. If you have a swan neck, you can enjoy wearing styles that are longer and dangling since they will look great on you.

    When looking for gold earrings, you should also take into consideration the size of your earlobes. Always make sure that the size of your earring is proportional to the size of your earlobe. When shopping for earrings, this is an extremely crucial consideration to make. A gold earring that is too large for the lobe of your ear will not rest correctly on your ear and may even pull it down or tilt your lobes back so that the earring does not face outward in the correct manner. One solution to this problem is to replace the back of your earring with a larger one so that it may provide additional support for your earring. They may be purchased at a low cost almost anywhere, be it at a jewelry shop or on the internet.

    Conduct an analysis of the purity of your gold

    Conduct an analysis of the purity of your gold


    You shouldn't assume that anything is made of gold simply because it has the appearance of being made of gold. There are just a small number of truly stunning pieces of gold jewelry that are crafted of solid 24 carat gold. However, there is also jewelry that is gold filled and jewelry that is gold plated, and if you want to buy gold, you need to know the difference between the two. Starlight Jewellery assures that all items are crafted in full genuine 999/916 gold purity with a hallmark stamp.

    Last Word

    It does not appear to be a particularly challenging process to select a pair of gold earrings. Visit a store, try on a few different pairs of shoes, and buy the one that you like most. We really really wish it were that easy! It calls for a significant amount of skill and attention. Because of the consistent rise in the price of gold, the cost of a single pair of earrings may easily reach the thousands of dollars range; thus, it is essential that you know how to select the ideal pair.

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    why gold jewelry is better than silver jewelry

    why gold jewelry is better than silver jewelry

    In this article, we are attempting to give a conclusion to the debate over whether silver or gold jewelry is more beautiful and timeless. Should you be accessorizing with some stunning gold or some sultry silver? There are a few different things you may do to figure out what color jewelry would look best on you.

    Your skin tone, the color of your skin, the makeup you'll be wearing, and the clothes you'll be wearing are the finest guides for determining which color you should be donning. This guide will bring you through the process of deciding whether to wear gold or silver jewelry based on the aforementioned considerations. Let’s us explain you why gold jewelry is better than, silver jewelry.

    Gold is the symbol of wealth

    Gold is the symbol of wealth

     Yellow gold has been regarded as a sign of wealth and rank for many generations. Since time immemorial, only the wealthy and powerful people have been able to get their hands on gold. This has been true everywhere from the Indian subcontinent to pre-colonial Colombia. Even in the modern era, gold stocks continue to serve as a guarantee for the overall wealth of governments all over the world. But, silver doesn’t have this significance.

    Gold does not require that much upkeep. But that is not the case with silver

    Gold does not require that much upkeep


    In contrast to gold, silver oxidizes at a much lower resistance. If you leave pure silver out in the air for a few weeks without using it, it will eventually tarnish and turn a dark color and that is not a good thing. Polishing silverware was a genuine thing back in the day.

    The fact that silver oxidizes in time is not a defect in the metal. It does not necessarily mean that you can no longer use or wear it, but it does indicate that it needs to be cleaned. If the tarnish is not too severe, a simple scrape with a very soft brush and some warm soapy water can remove the most of the tarnish.

    On the other side, acquiring gold needs very little effort on your behalf. The higher the karat rating of the gold, the higher percentage of pure gold the item has. It means that depending on the karats, it could take years to tarnish, or it could not tarnish at all at all. Gold that has been purified to 24 karats will never tarnish, but because it is so delicate, it cannot be worn on a daily basis.

    The majority of gold jewelry that is sold on the market contains a mixture of gold and other metals, yet it is still predominately gold. Therefore, it will not become tarnished in any way.

    Gold complements to warm skin tones

    Gold complements to warm skin tones

    In the past, gold has had a well-deserved reputation for being an attractive color option for people with warmer skin tones. Warm skin tones are easily identifiable by their veins, which are often greenish in hue. Warm skin tones also tend to have yellow or golden-apricot undertones, and they tan easily. 

    Gold or other light metals, as well as warmer colors that you choose to wear, are excellent complements to the tones of your skin. Of course, if you have a skin tone that is somewhere in the middle, you won't have any trouble pulling off either gold or silver. In particular, yellow gold is generally considered to be appealing when worn on warmer skin tones. This might be the perfect color combination when matched with earthy apparel or stones and gems that include colors like green, brown, turquoise, and orange in them. If you have any of these qualities, there is a good chance that you will be able to pull off a gold watch for men really well.

    When talking about silver, it is a perfect mismatch with warmer skin tones. Instead, it complements with cooler skin tones.

    Gold jewelry is harder

    gold jewelry

     The relative hardness of gold and silver is an important factor to think about when making a comparison between the two metals. Both pure silver and pure gold are examples of highly soft metals that, without an alloy, cannot be used. However, the gold alloys that are currently available on the market are, on average, somewhat more robust than the ring alloys.

    This does not imply that they are more resistant to bending than silver alloys, but rather that they are far more scratch resistant than silver alloys. Even higher karat gold like 18k or 22k will fare better than sterling silver. Obviously, jewelry made of either silver or gold will last you a lifetime if it is properly cared for. It's just that over time, the silver might slowly corrode and have some minor indentations in it. Therefore, this is another notable reason to buy gold jewelry instead of silver.

    Gold jewelry lasts longer than silver

    Gold jewelry lasts longer than silver

     Gold has the highest degree of malleability of all the precious metals, and it does not rust or corrode. Additionally, there are very few acids that are capable of causing damage to it. On the other hand, silver is a softer metal, making it more susceptible to being scratched. It is possible for it to bend or alter shape over time if it is subjected to sufficient amounts of wear and tear.

    When it comes to jewelry for everyday use, many people choose gold pieces to silver pieces due to gold's higher worth and the fact that gold is more durable than silver.

    Gold jewelry comes in multiple colors unlike silver

    Gold jewelry comes in multiple colors unlike silver

    Gold is prized for the many different hues it can take on. Although gold in its purest form is normally yellow in color, the metals with which it is alloyed can alter the hue of the finished product, allowing it to better complement a wider range of skin tones and aesthetic preferences. The majority of fine gold jewelry is available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, with rose gold being the least common.

    Gold is retaining its value better than silver

    Gold is retaining its value better than silver

    Gold is an extremely desirable metal, and there is no doubting that fact. It is also rarer than silver, which contributes to the fact that its price is higher. This does not imply that you won't be able to find pieces of gold jewelry within your price range. The price will be determined by a number of elements, some of which include the purity of the gold, the figures for the alloy, and the overall item. For instance, you can see a hefty necklace made of silver that sells for more than a hollow gold chain. This is because silver is more expensive than gold. However, silver jewelry tends to lose its value more quickly than gold jewelry does over time.

    Silver could be a reason for allergies when mixed with nickel

    Silver could be a reason for allergies when mixed with nickel

     When deciding between silver and white gold for an object, it is important to take into account how the material will age over the course of its lifetime. If you suffer from nickel sensitivity, you will need to investigate whether or not the white gold or silver item in question is safe for you to wear. White gold is a fantastic option because the rhodium plating on its surface will prevent you from coming into contact with the metal underneath, even if this coating will wear away over time. When combined with nickel, silver's potential to provoke an allergic reaction is increased.


    Even while silver jewelry can be polished and textured in a variety of ways to catch the light and the eye, there is no metal that compares to gold jewelry in terms of its luster and value. Gold does not corrode, making it an ideal material for long-term value storage; in addition, people are attracted to it both physically and psychologically. Gold's worth has been maintained because of the importance that societies and economies have placed on it.

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