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How To Select A Perfect Gold Wedding Ring?

How To Select A Perfect Gold Wedding Ring?

A wedding is a new chapter that unveils when two beautiful souls commence living their eternity together. During this magnificent juncture, it’s a customary tradition to chant vows and bind the love birds with winsome yet celestial-esque bands of fate.

If we rummage through paper archives like meddling historians and take a glimpse of the past, the emergence of wedding rings can be traced to the ancient Egyptian era. Nile Valley dwellers believed a vein of love, also known as ‘vena amoris’ travelled securely from a particular finger straight to their hearts. Due to this firm speculation, they wore rings, often braided with reed rope, on their left hand's fourth finger.

The classical practices of marriage rings can also be rooted back in the ancient lands of Greece where Hellenes preferred mythology over reality, Rome where prodigious builders resided as well as in Mediaeval Europe in which nobility gave greater significance to jewels.

Although the Western exchange of wedding rings was initially associated with a marital dowry, as time ticked away sophisticated poets and smitten bachelors gravitated towards redefining the previously aligned meaning. Thus, nowadays, a gold wedding ring symbolises everlasting love, unwavering commitment and the promise one makes to remain wholeheartedly faithful.

These precious bands are bestowed with much importance, while solemnly pledging to support each other in every travail and to be one another’s safe haven until the last breath is exhaled.

How Should You Select Your Perfect Gold Wedding Ring?

How you select


Now that we have garnered some insights about historical norms, let’s dive back into our topic at hand.

The pre-plans before you walk down the aisle will never be satisfied until you pick the gold wedding ring that your heart desires. Buying such an invaluable item may appear joyous however, can be mentally exhausting like a tedious scavenger hunt which gobbles up your time mercilessly.

So, whether you’re seeking to buy the best ring for your dearest or a lucky soon-to-be-wed looking for something ravishing but unique, we have your back! Consider the following steps before you buy your wedding gold jewellery.

A 7-Step Guide To Help You Choose The Best Gold Wedding Ring

7 Steps guide


 1. Kick Off Your Search Early

As the saying goes “Early Bird Gets The Worm” embarking on something as soon as possible in a timely manner, is essential to enhance your possible outcomes. Likewise, you should avoid waiting until the eleventh hour to buy your gold wedding ring.

  • Browse & Pin - If you make a decision in haste there’s a high chance you will regret it at leisure. Arranging everything at the last moment will only drown you in a pool of stress or leave you to battle with an overwhelming sense of pressure.

Therefore, it’s wise to begin exploring for a gold wedding ring at least 6 months prior to the ceremony. Don’t forget to create and dedicate a special folder to save up gold wedding rings that resonate with your soul.

  • Get Your Ring Size Measured - Revolve your concentration on measuring the precise ring size. Because if it's extremely tight to the point that your blood circulation gets interrupted or loosely fitting, will be cumbersome when worn. Yes! We neither fancy a swollen finger nor a shattered heart due to a lost ring!

Typically, you must give approximately about 3 or 4 weeks to have your gold wedding ring fixed and sized accordingly. If you wish to customise it, note that the production time may vary. Depending on the style, jewellers might need 3 to 6 weeks to personally custom build them. Therefore, start your quest early!


2.Consider Your Budget

In order to not let your cravings go astray while shopping, setting a limit to your budget at the beginning is a beneficial move. Once you reach this stage, ask yourself the below questions.

  • How Much Money Should I Spend On A Gold Wedding Ring? - The majority of experts advise allocating 3% to 5% of your entire ceremony budget for your beautiful golden goodness.
  • What’s a Good Budget For a Gold Wedding Ring? - In a recent study conducted in 2020, couples reported that the average amount they spend on a wedding ring did not exceed $3,756. In comparison to 2018, when the average was $7,829, it has shown a substantial decrease.

Always, remember that these are merely averages. The answers to the above questions lie inside no one but yourself, because there’s no exact recommended budget. So, settle down somewhere cosy with your partner, prepare a cuppa and chat with them. Discuss and determine how much both of you intend to spend and your financial capacity.

Keep in mind, that a simple gold wedding ring can also be more life-affirming than those blindingly extravagant bands that are showered in diamonds.


3. Think About Your Way of Living

    Here’s a little reminder. A gold wedding ring is indeed a magical piece of jewellery that you will probably wear every single day for a lifetime. Hence, your ultimate objective has to be selecting a gold wedding ring that easily integrates into your life and habits.

    Make certain the shimmering band you purchase is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. For instance, if you are an athlete, a health care worker or an instrument player it might be more sensible to go for a comfortable fit, a ring that is slimmer and has gently round edges. The 916 Gold Starlight Classing Band or the 916 Gold Covenant Ring are suitable examples.


    Be sure to consult a veteran jeweller and come to a conclusion before you buy a gold wedding ring. They will be more than delighted to provide you with unconditional guidance.


    4. Choose Your Element Type

    The task of selecting the metal for your wedding ring shouldn’t be belittled. In the modern world, a dozen of metals are available, each enriched with its own qualities and designs that can accommodate any lovely duo. Followings are the talks of the town!

    • Yellow Gold

    When it comes to gold wedding rings, this is the classic option. If you're intrigued to buy this type, consider going with 14K or 18k gold wedding rings. Because compared to 22K which can be too fragile for everyday use, former versions are rather durable and visually appealing.

    • White Gold

    This type is a trend winner. It has gotten immensely popular among the generations that were born after the baby boomers. A white gold wedding ring is very modern and a great option. Nevertheless, think before you jump! Because due to the constant exposure, the rhodium layer plated on the ring will progressively wear off. Therefore might require constant repolishing.

    • Rose Gold

    Rose gold wedding rings have risen from the ashes. Thanks to the current resurgence of vintage styles, this type has enjoyed an explosion in demand. The rosy hue is perfect for manifesting sentimental feelings and conveying glamorous feminine vibes. Due to the unique copper combination, this metal is long-lasting and it’ll not tarnish in a heartbeat, unlike others.

    Another thing to remember is that some of these aforementioned metals are alloys containing other types of elements such as nickel, copper and zinc. If you’re sensitive to any of these metals or prone to developing allergies be aware.


    5. Pick Your Favourite Style

    When selecting a perfect gold wedding ring one of the critical things you would consider is its style. There're diversified styles of gold wedding rings available in the jewellery marketplace, and picking one can throw you under the snow.

    Here are some best picks!

    • Pipe Wedding Rings - This type carries a minimalistic, yet modern vibe. To promote comfortable daily usage the exterior edges have been softened and rounded. Pipe cut is particularly a common gold wedding ring for men.
    • Channel Set Rings - This is a solitary twinkling diamond ring, with crystal-like diamonds placed on the shoulders. These gemstones are attached in a row between a gold band and connected securely to the band's grooved channel.
    • Comfort Fit - The underneath of this is cleanly contoured for convenience. It's effortless to put on and take off if needed.
    • Pave Band - This type has adorably small diamonds arranged in rows along the band. Moreover, although it appears pricy and graceful, these are fairly economical.


    6. Follow Your Heart’s Call

      Selecting your perfect gold wedding ring is an extensively important task, so you should always prioritise personal preference. We understand your loved ones and relatives wish nothing but the best for you. However, it's best to be conscious if someone is attempting to cement their favourites into your head or shoving down their aspirations into your thoughts. Unless it's the band your heart truly whims, don’t settle for anything else.


      7. Mix & Match!? Why Not?

        No custom obliges you and your sweetheart to choose the same gold wedding ring that has the exact pattern and with similar metal. So, no need to get your tinsel in a tangle! You both possess the freedom to either pick a matching ring or go with a funky mix! In case the outward appearance is quite unalike, and you dream to add an intimate touch, a passionate or sincere engraving will be the cherry on top!

        Time To Wrap Up!

        We hope this guide paves the way for you to select the perfect gold wedding ring for your cherished occasion. Visit our store or take an online stroll through our website for a beautiful collection of breathtaking gold wedding rings.