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Guide to selecting an attractive gold ring for your husband

Guide to selecting an attractive gold ring for your husband

It's possible that selecting a men's gold ring will be easier than selecting a ring for a girl. But by means, it is not an easy task, especially if your groom-to-be is a man of taste. It is not only the only challenge. But men's wedding rings are available in a wide range of costs and shapes, and it could also be a major challenge.

Last but not least, what tops them all? This gold ring is one piece of jewellery your man will likely be wearing for the rest of his life. Hence you should be aware of his tastes properly. Even though some men are serious jewellery collectors, a man's wedding ring may be the very first item of jewellery he's ever put on. In any case, a wedding ring is a sign of your eternal love for one another and a jewellery item that most married men will continue to wear for most of their lives.

Men's yellow gold wedding rings and white gold wedding rings are just some of the many options available to accommodate a wide range of preferences and price points. You may have given a great deal of attention to the wedding band style that you would like, or you may not have given it any thought. In either case, we will walk you through all you need to know about selecting a gold ring that you are sure to be loved by your loved one.

Determine the width of the ring.

Determine the width of the ring.

What is the priority when choosing a gold ring for your husband? As the first step, you need to identify the width of the ring that you should purchase. If he is accompanying you to buy a ring, encourage him to try on a few different rings of differing widths, given that he will be wearing this for the remainder of his life. Doing so will assist you in deciding a more comfortable fit for the ring and an aesthetically beautiful ring. 

As experts in this industry, we can say that most male customers choose gold rings with a width of at least 4 millimeters. But, we have seen customers who prefer a narrower ring. It is entirely up to the person who is wearing it, and as his wife, you should be aware of what he loves. Another advantage of determining the length and breadth of his wedding band is that you'll be able to select a ring that fits well and stays within your spending limit.

Type of gold you are going to make the ring out of.

Type of gold you are going to make the ring out of - White gold - yellow gold - rose gold

 White gold.

Rhodium is a soft metal. And it belongs to the palladium family. White gold is formed from gold that has been plated with rhodium. There are certainly other ways as well, but rhodium plating is used to create the majority of white gold. In addition to these, nickel and silver are other viable options.

White gold will always have a brilliant white tint, regardless of the precise metals used to make it. However, this hue will normally begin to lose its vibrancy after roughly ten years. If you are choosing a white gold ring for your husband, keep in mind that it will be necessary to have the ring re-plated in order to get the white color back.

Yellow gold.

Yellow gold is a time-honored metal choice for jewellery, particularly rings. It emits a warm and comforting glow that is apparent but subdued in its presence. But, these rings are typically made with a combination of more than one type of metal.

We are certain that you are aware of the fact that carats are the units used to quantify the purity of gold. Each carat is equal to one-quarter of a piece of gold. Pure gold is 24-karat gold. Gold with a karat rating of 14 is composed of 14 parts gold and ten parts another metal.

In addition, you shouldn't believe that carat gold is superior to 14 or 18-karat gold. The vast majority of people will not be able to detect the difference simply by looking at it, and rings with less gold tend to require less care over time. If these are some facts you would love to see in your husband's ring, you could opt for a yellow gold ring.

Rose gold.

This metal is a combination of gold and copper. At the same time, on certain occasions, some silver is added to it as well. The ring's color will be redder or pinker, depending on the precise proportions used.

Pink rings give off an old-fashioned vibe, even if not every man wants to wear one. But, if you think that your man is a pink person, there is no harm in going for a rose gold ring.

The size of the ring.

The size of the ring you are select

There is a distinction to be made between a ring that "fits" and one that "fits" properly. Your man would certainly like a gold ring that belongs to the latter category. Let us point out that even though the ring glides easily onto your finger, this does not necessarily indicate that it is the correct size.

If the ring is even marginally too big for your finger, it may fall off, which is especially likely to happen when you are washing your hands or having a shower. If the hole is too small, you risk impairing the circulation in your finger.

One of the options available to you for determining your ring size is to physically go to a jewellery store in order to have your ring finger measured by a jeweler. In most stores, this service is provided at no cost, and you are not obliged to buy a ring in order to receive it.


Contrary to popular belief, men's wedding rings are fascinating jewellery. You can choose from a wide variety of options regarding the type of gold rings you will purchase and the overall appearance.

Because wedding rings are meant to be worn for the rest of a person's life, it is important to take your time and select a ring that looks good and feels comfortable to wear.