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How to Organise Your Gold Jewellery

How to Organise Your Gold Jewellery

Do you know how to organise your gold jewellery properly at home? Even though rarely discussed, proper storage is one of the key factors all gold lovers should pay attention to.

Most of us put more effort into the selection process of gold jewellery and wearing it. However, understanding how to sort, store and organise your gold jewellery in a standard manner can help them look their best in the long run.

First, let's see why you should organise your gold jewellery.

This is a story about Leanne, who is getting ready to work in the morning. Despite the fact that she's running late, she wants to put more effort into her appearance today as she has a very important client meeting to attend.

After finishing her hair and makeup, she reaches for the cupboard drawer for her gold necklace, only to find it missing from there. Trying not to get annoyed, she says, "I'll find it later." She decided to change her earrings to her favourite gold pair that was sitting on the bedside table. When trying to put them on, she notices little tarnished spots on the earrings that make them look old. Already running late, first the missing necklace, now the rusty-looking earrings. Can you imagine Leanne's frustration at this point?

Turns out Leanne's gold necklace was on the bathroom counter from wearing it the previous night. While the extended times her gold studs had to survive on the bedside table caused them damage through humidity exposure.

We've all been Leanne. Nothing is worse than planning an outfit in your head and not being able to put it together when needed. This is where knowing how to organise your jewellery comes in handy.

When you learn to organise your gold jewellery, It will,                                               

  1. Increase the longevity of the gold jewellery.
  2. Keep them from tarnishing.
  3. Keep them tangle-free!
  4. Lower tear & wear damage.
  5. Make the cleaning and maintenance easier.
  6. Make it easier for you to find them.


Let's talk about the ideal conditions for gold jewellery

ideal conditions

Ideal storage spaces for gold jewellery should have certain conditional standards. Even though gold is naturally a non-reactive metal, in most cases, under poorly executed circumstances can cause immense damage to your precious investments.

Your immediate concern should be the safety of the organisational space. This means being safe from potential theft, children and pets.

Make sure that you organise your gold jewellery in a dry, cool place. "Dry" means that your storage space should have low humidity. When there is high humidity, meaning more water molecules in the air, this can cause the jewellery to develop rust.

It is common knowledge that extreme temperatures harm soft metals like gold. Heat can actually affect the appearance by precisely accelerating existing tarnish. Therefore, it is better to make sure that you organise your gold jewellery at room temperature to organise your gold jewellery properly.

Another thing to ensure is that the space where you organise your gold jewellery is away from direct sunlight. Even though minimal, Ultra Violet rays in sunlight can cause discolouration and also damage the adhesives in your carefully crafted gold jewellery. If you wore your favourite necklace all summer out to the beach, you might notice a loss of shine after a while.


Ways to organise your gold jewellery.

Ways to organise your gold

The truth is, not all of you have the same amount of space to store and organise your gold jewellery. Therefore, we will talk about all kinds of ways to organise your golden bling.

By using jewellery trays.

One of the easiest ways, and probably one of the most common ways, to organise your gold jewellery is by utilising jewellery trays.

Jewellery trays are designed for the exact purpose, therefore allowing you to organise your jewellery without much effort. The divided compartments of the trays give you the freedom to store different gold jewellery you want separately.

Most jewellery trays have protective lining materials such as velvet in the compartments, allowing you to safely store your jewellery. If your jewellery tray does not have velvet lining, you can DIY it and put cut pieces of thick fabric on the bottom of the compartments before placing your gold jewellery.

There are a variety of jewellery trays you can find out there. Some have the same sized compartment, which is better when you organise your rings and earrings. Some have smaller compartments and larger ones next to them, allowing you to organise your gold jewellery in one place. Find one that fits your requirements and simply place it in a drawer or safe for further protection.

These are easy to move around, and stack on top, meaning ideal for travel.

Invest in an armoire.

an armoire

This one is for anyone who owns a rather large gold jewellery collection. With so many different gold rings, necklaces and bracelets, the trays would be a nightmare.

A jewellery armoire will give you the opportunity to organise your gold jewellery with more space and, therefore, with more freedom. This way, you can store all jewellery in one place, although this will take up considerable space in your room.

Some armoires have mirrors attached to them, which most people find desirable. If you find one with a mirror, it can serve dual purposes when you are getting ready to go out.

Unlike jewellery trays, an armoire will not be as portable; therefore, it is not ideal if you travel often. If travel isn't an issue for you and you've got plenty of space and the money to purchase, go for it!

Have a grab box for regular jewellery.

grab box for jewelry

All of us have a set of gold jewellery we wear often. Whether this is a pair of gold studs or a hollow rope gold necklace that owns your heart, storing those pieces within close reach is easier.

We suggest you keep a separate box or tray for your regular favourite jewellery. This way, whether you are in a hurry or not, you won't have to comb through your trays or armoire to find your favourite pieces.

Make sure this grab box or tray is lined with velvet or protective material, and you're good to go.

Using jewellery boxes

This may be the second most popular way to organise your gold jewellery. Jewellery boxes used to be a very common thing to gift among gold jewellery lovers a few years ago as well.

The good thing about a jewellery box is that you can easily move it from one place to another. When you are getting ready, you can simply take the box to your vanity, choose your jewellery and put the box back where it was.

Because of the diversity in style, size, shape and material, there is something for everyone when it comes to jewellery boxes. Remember to pay attention to the lining material, as some materials can be too harsh for gold jewellery.

Classify your jewellery collection.


If you currently don't own any jewellery trays or boxes to store your jewellery, you can start by classifying them in different ways. Once you classify them, you can decide what kind of storing tools you want to purchase and how you want to go about it.

You can group them by type, occasion, colour or design. Say you have more repairs of earrings and only a few bracelets. You can use a tray for your earrings and a different jewellery box for your bracelets.

Rotating stands for gold necklaces

Rotating stands for gold

If you own a bigger collection of necklaces and you want to keep them from tangling or, worse, losing like what happened to Leanne, you can use a rotating stand to organise your gold jewellery.

The best way to organise your gold jewellery is to use a rotating stand, as they allow you to see all the necklaces separately, making your accessory decisions more efficient. You can arrange your necklaces in a sequence, such as simple to intricate designs. This way, you can pick the necklace you want to wear for the day super easy.

Silk/velvet pouches

Another way to organise your gold jewellery is to use silk or velvet pouches. This way is ideal if you have only a handful of gold jewellery.

A silk pouch can be an easy, portable storage space for a few pieces of gold jewellery that are small and medium. You can own a pouch among other forms of space to store other jewellery. However, it is better to put one in each silk pouch for jewellery such as gold necklaces to avoid tangling and damage.

Putting your gold jewellery in silk/velvet pouches will protect them further from humidity. Therefore, if you want to protect a precious necklace or sentimental bracelet, you can use a silk pouch to keep in your cupboard drawer.

If you can't find a velvet or silk pouch, try to find a thick fabric with tightly knit threads, as it will offer your bling when you organise your gold jewellery.

Bonus tips to organise your gold jewellery

Bonus tips

  • Put anti-tarnish strips in your jewellery boxes and silk pouches for further protection.
  • Seal jewellery in zip-lock bags to control humidity; ideal for travel.
  • Always clasp necklaces and bracelets after taking them off; this will prevent chances of damage.
  • Use silica packets to absorb moisture in storing places where you can't control humidity.
  • Use temporary spaces such as original packaging, egg crates, plastic containers and box tops to organise your jewellery.This is only if you can't decide what sort of tools to buy until you have everything you need to organise your gold jewellery to ensure they are safe.