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Why 916 Gold Pendant Make the Perfect Gift

Why 916 Gold Pendant Make the Perfect Gift

Hey there, we are here to tell you all the things that make the 916 gold pendant the best gift! If you have been combing through your brain saying mirror mirror on the wall, what is the best gift of them all, this is the article for you.

Gifts are the unspoken language of love and adoration given and received among human beings. Through intentional gift-giving, we establish, secure and sustain close, affirming bonds with other people, putting pressure on us to choose the best pick. When it comes to gift giving, as guilty as it sounds, we all put in more effort for people who are close to our hearts. You might be okay with buying a coffee mug for your co-worker's birthday, but for your best friend, partner or family, you might feel like you need something a little extra special.

The 916 gold pendant can give you all you are looking for in a gift. We have curated a list of things that this golden gift has to offer, making it the best symbol of appreciation for your person.


Perks of choosing a 916 gold pendant as the perfect gift.

perfect gift

The guarantee is in the name.

The Hallmark 916 is something that frequent gold shoppers are familiar with. It indicates the purity and quality of the gold jewellery you are purchasing. To simply put, 916 refers to products which have 91.6% of pure gold in them, often known as 22 karat gold; meaning there are 91.6 gms of pure gold metal for each 100 grams of alloy. This generally applies to all gold jewellery when it comes to purity.

The 916 gold pendant certifies that what you are purchasing is worth your investment. As we do here at Starlight Jewellery, the hallmarks of purity should be genuine and displayed clearly with the gold products, whether it is a 916 gold pendant or a gold bracelet. However, unfortunately, some gold jewellery sellers have found ways to forge the 916 hallmark with jewellery made with non-genuine gold. Therefore, be careful to choose your 916 gold pendants from a trusted and well-known jeweller.

When making gold jewellery, such as the 916 gold pendant, it is crucial to mix the gold with other alloy metals as gold itself is too soft and low in malleability to make jewellery. Most often, zinc, copper, silver, and nickel are used to mix pure gold to improve the strength and plasticity of this precious metal.


High durability and easy maintenance.

High durability

Because of the other metal alloys mixed in with pure gold, the 916 gold pendant becomes highly durable, meaning that your special person will be able to wear your gift for a long time. Even though some people might assume a 999 gold pendant may be steadier as it has 99.9% pure gold metal, in reality, it is not more long-lasting than a 916 gold pendant.

This means a low chance of wear and tear damage, a low chance of getting dents on the pendant and sustaining that bright summer yellow on the 916 gold pendant. However, as for all gold jewellery, regular maintenance is super important to keep your glitters looking their best.

But fret not; it only requires a normal amount of maintenance anyone can do. After all, one wants to buy their special person a chore for their gift, right?

Cleaning: Prepare a small bowl of lukewarm water and use a soft bristle brush to clean the pendant. You can use a mild dish soap to clean it better. All types of including yellow gold, white gold and rose gold pendants can be cleaned this way. However, if it has gemstones or some other design on it, avoid soaking in the water for too long as it can damage or weaken the adhesives. Afterwards, make sure to pat the gold jewellery dry after washing them.

Storing them in a cool, dry place is ideal. If the 916 gold pendant is not worn often on the same necklace, it's better to store it separately from the necklaces by removing it. This will avoid issues like tangling, making it easy for the wearer to put them on whenever they want to.


The 916 gold pendant is versatile for wear.

Gold Pendent

This gift will be the one that your person can use without just lifelessly rotting in the corner of a drawer. The 916 gold pendants can easily go with anything, upgrading the whole look. Pendants are already adored for their versatility, as they can be sported through numerous styles of necklaces.

Whether your person is going on a night out with friends, a college reunion, Sunday brunch or a business meeting, pendants can just add a little pizzazz to the whole outfit without overthrowing the entire look. This makes the perfect gift, as they can play with it when it comes to styling. Some people may even wear gold pendants on their charm bracelets as a symbol of sentimentality.


It doesn't discriminate.

doesn't discriminate

The 916 gold pendant does not discriminate when it comes to who can wear it. Its versatility extends beyond individuality, providing room for everyone to feel special in their own way by wearing it. Whether the person who is gifting it to is a toddler, teenager or a mature individual, they will be able to get great use out of the 916 gold pendant for sure.

Historically speaking, Egyptian men were the very first to design and create gold and silver necklaces with gemstone pendants to display their status and wealth. We have come a long way from there nowadays, as everyone uses gold pendants to express many things like personal style, self-expression, beliefs, cultural values and creativity.

So even if you are not sure if they are a big gold lover, a 916 gold pendant is where you can't go wrong as it is simply irresistible.


Make it Meaningful.


Having said if you do know a great ton about the person you are choosing the pendant for, then this is where you can use all that knowledge.

When choosing your 916 gold pendant, you can carefully consider what you know about your person to ensure that the gift screams their name. You can think about their favourite colours, their jewellery preferences, and whether they like simple or bold designs. Their personal style and how they match their jewellery to their outfits.

Say this person likes a lot of colourful expressions in their style of accessories; you can go for something like the 916 Gold Green Clover pendant and necklace set for your special person. If what you are looking for is a bold gold one with an old-money classic look, our 916 Gold Coin Pendant will do the job for you.


You don't need to worry about getting the size wrong.

Do not warry

One thing that stresses people out when it comes to gold jewellery is getting the wrong size, this is especially true for gold rings and bracelets. And we know there is nothing more devastating than finding out that your gold gift does not fit them; even though they can change it for something else that fits, it won't feel the same, right?

Well, with the 916 gold pendant, there is no will-it-fit anxiety. It can be put on any necklace they desire at any given time and look dazzling without a difference. However, you can think about how big you want your pendant as some people prefer much smaller ones with a minimalist look while others like to go big and bold in design and size.


Provides a flexible range of options.


Choosing a 916 gold pendant as the gift for your special someone means you immediately have a sea of options at your fingertips to select from.

Fully gold design, gold design with gemstones, gold with diamonds, gold with pearls, and gold with colours are some categories you might be interested in. You will notice the price range depends on the design. For example, a 916 diamond gold pendant will be priced at a higher level than a fully gold pendant.

You can go for a number of options,

  • round, soft-looking gold pendant or a geometric shape one with sharp edges
  • glossy or matte finish
  • Engraved or embossed
  • classic or modern
  • flat or curved


Bonus health benefits.

health benefits

Even though most of us don't utilize gold for its health benefits, some amazing ways are wearing gold jewellery can improve when it comes to your overall well-being.

Because of the metal's healing nature, wearing a 916 gold pendant can promote healthy blood circulation and proper flow of oxygen to all internal organs and your skin, making you vibrant. Moreover, gold is evident in regulating the temperature of the body, especially in women going through menopause, making the process a little easier.

Additionally, knowing that this 916 gold pendant was given by someone close to their heart can make them feel a sense of calm, comfort and emotional security as well.

All in all, while many options would be out there for you to purchase for that special person, what is a better gift than one that comes in gold? With all the above reasons backing it up, the 916 gold pendant gets it right every time, making gift-giving and receiving a joyous and wonderfully sentimental experience for both parties. Ensure you buy from a trusted and reputed jeweller when purchasing your symbol of adoration to make sure you are getting your money's worth.