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10 valuable tips to select best wedding gold necklace design

10 valuable tips to select best wedding gold necklace design

The wedding date is one of the most important events in life. You and your loved one are getting together for life and are promising each other to spend a lifetime together. Today you must look your best; the bridal look is very important. Jewellery makes a bridal look complete, so it is important to focus on the wedding gold necklace design. You need to look good in your wedding photos. To look good, you should wear beautiful wedding jewellery.

Some people find it overwhelming to finalize an ideal wedding gold necklace design. When choosing a necklace, you might get stuck with questions such as which colour to use, whether to keep it simple, etc. That is why we decided to come up with this article and help you choose a wedding gold necklace design.  

Let’s not delay the conversation and get started.


You should choose the right length.

 gold necklace on hand with measure tape

 When choosing a wedding gold necklace design, length is a major thing to pay attention to. No necklace will fit everyone. At the same, it is vital because the neck length of every bride is not the same. Let us give you a small tip here. How can you identify the right length? Here is an easy way. Firstly, measure the length from your neck to the mid-clavicle. After that, multiply the value by two. It can be identified as the ideal length for your wedding necklace design. 


The shape of the wedding necklace design.

 gold wedding jewellery

 This is a very important point. Firstly, let us explain what pendant necklaces are. The shape is usually that of a letter “V”. They can be considered a great way to add length to the frame. 

On the other hand, we have the traditional necklace. It is round. Here, the horizontal line is lengthier. 


You should match your wedding gold necklace design with your dress.

 girl wears gold necklace


Here is another important point. Some brides prefer a simple dress, while some are the extreme opposite. For brides who want to wear a simple dress for their weddings, it is important to make a statement with the design of the wedding necklace. That will make you look stunning. 

But keep this in your mind. It is unnecessary to match your wedding necklace design with the dress exactly. But make sure that the jewellery you are wearing is complimenting each other. So, as mentioned above, if you are a simple bride who prefers a simple wedding dress, we advise you to pay more attention to your wedding necklace design. 


Reach out to a trusted jeweller.

 jeweller wipes a ring

If you are inexperienced in the subject, you should go for a reputed jeweller. If it is possible, accompany an experienced friend with you. You should consider this because here you are shopping for your wedding necklace. Buying jewellery that lacks authenticity may lead up to troubles. Hence, the reputation of the jeweller is vital. If the jewellery is hallmarked, that is another plus point. At the same time, when buying your wedding gold jewellery design, do not forget to ask for a receipt for your purchase. It would be useful if you had to return or exchange the necklace.


Give priority to your comfort.

  girl wears gold jewelley


It is your day to celebrate. Therefore, you can be active and jump around in joy a bit. Hence, pay attention to your comfort while choosing your wedding gold necklace design. What will happen if you decide to wear a bulky necklace? It will not be the right choice, as it will be heavy and you won’t be able to enjoy your day in peace. For example, how can you show off your dance moves with a heavy necklace?

There are light necklaces available in different sizes. Always go for those. Make sure that your necklace is a piece of attractive on this special day, not a hassle.


Make sure that you can wear the jewellery for other occasions too

 Girls in a party


This is what smart girls do. They will buy jewellery they can wear for other occasions long after the wedding. We advise you to do the same. Buy a necklace that you can wear with many outfits. 

A classic wedding gold necklace design is always recommended. But, if you want to go an extra step with this, do it and make sure that the taste is kept intact.


What will be your hairstyle?


Bridal Hair Style


Some people may out rightly laugh this point off. But it is important, and let us explain how. If you plan to go for a glamorous wedding necklace design for your special day, we recommend you tie your hair up. But what if you are planning to keep your hair down at the wedding? Here, we suggest a thin chain paired with a nice pendant. The above steps will help you score full marks for your fashion sense. 


Less is always more.

simple gold necklace

When planning to buy a necklace for a wedding, you may have to deal with thousands of thoughts. But you can keep your excitement in check if you focus on “less is more”. A sparkling necklace is recommended if you plan to wear a simple bridal dress. Keep in mind not to overshadow your dress. A good wedding necklace design completes the bridal look without overwhelming it.


Take the size of your neck into consideration.

measure size of the gold necklace  

Take a moment to do this before finalizing a wedding gold necklace design. Measure around your neck. Note down the length to the focal point of your preference. You can do this with a necklace or a string. While measuring, add the length and the width of your pendant. We recommend you add four inches to the final measurement you get. 


The shape of your face

 Beautiful Chinese girl


A fabulous wedding gold necklace design can help you stand out from the rest. Do you know what else it does? It can help you frame your face. A good wedding gold necklace design can highlight strong facial features. It can also change how your face looks to a certain extent. 

If you have a round face, make sure to use long necklaces. Short necklaces can accentuate the roundness of your face. 

If your face has an oval shape, you can choose any necklace trend available. 



Some might see choosing an ideal wedding gold necklace design as a challenging task. But if you follow the tips mentioned above, it will be a cakewalk. If you wear the appropriate necklace and other jewellery on your special day, you can cherish the memories daily. Pay attention to these points before buying your wedding jewellery. These points will be helpful when you plan your gold jewellery for the wedding