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How to buy best gold ring for the groom

How to buy best gold ring for the groom

Wedding bells are ringing around the corner! And we are here to help you choose the best gold ring for the groom, as it is no simple matter among all the other wedding tasks.

The gold ring is the symbol of everlasting love between two individuals for a specific reason. The infinite circle shape resembles the promise to respect and stand next to each other unconditionally. Therefore, no wonder that all the time, a lot of thought is put into buying the perfect gold ring for the groom.

Traditionally, the groom and his family pick out the wedding band for the bride, while the bride and her family buy the ring for the groom. Some couples still take this traditional route to shop for wedding rings, while some go ring shopping together.

Unless you want to keep each other's wedding rings strictly a surprise, we recommend shopping together or at least negotiating when buying the ring for the groom. This way, a couple can make sure both are on board with the selection of the special ring to celebrate their special bond.

  • Decide your budget
  • Consider the gold purity
  • Select your favourite type of gold
  • Take your daily life into account
  • Find ring size
  • Style of gold ring for the groom
  • Mix or match

Decide your budget.



Planning a wedding takes a lot of precision and attention to detail, especially when it comes to how much you spend on certain things. While the main aim of framing your budget is to well..not go broke, the other reason is that it also narrows down your options effectively.

With the never-ending adoration for gold jewellery, there is never too little of a selection for you waiting at the store. Because of this, you are most likely to be found in a position unable to choose between at least 20 gold rings for the groom when you go shopping.

By deciding on a budget early on, not only will you be comfortable with the money you will spend, but you also have a much more concentrated range of choices when selecting the gold ring for the groom. The upper limit of your set budget should be determined by your income and your long terms financial needs and aspirations.

If you feel like you cannot immediately afford the ring of your dreams with all the other expenses of the wedding, in Starlight Jewellery, you have the opportunity to buy now and pay later.

Remember that you don't have to stretch far beyond your budget to buy the perfect gold ring for the groom just because you really like it. Rings are, after all, material goods that cannot replace the value of celebrating a lifetime together.

Consider the gold purity.

Purity of Gold


Different gold rings come in different gold purities, which affects how much they cost.

Besides the price, gold purity also influences the durability of the ring in the long run. Gold, a soft metal in nature, gains its strength and hardness by being combined with other metal alloys. Commonly used metal alloys such as copper, silver, zinc, palladium, and nickel give the right amount of sturdiness and ductility for casting.

24 karat works terribly for gold jewellery as it offers low durability and strength against physical and chemical barriers upon use. The purity of gold does not equal the purity of your love! So try to focus more on benefits in practical use than how pure the gold is.

Usually, jewellers recommend 14-karat gold to 18-karat purity when it comes to the gold ring for the groom. This range will offer you that signature golden colour while guaranteeing a long life while looking its best.

Select your favourite type of gold.

Types of Gold


Gold rings for the groom come in various types of gold. Unlike in the old days, yellow gold is only one of the options out there you can go for when shopping.

However, no matter how old of a history yellow gold has among precious metal lovers, it seems to be only growing in popularity when it comes to wedding rings. The classical feel which comes with yellow gold brings a lot of folks an undeniable sentimentality in wedding bands.

That is not to say that white gold and rose gold are any less popular in the wedding industry. Some couples prefer the modern, sleek look and go for white gold over the traditional yellow gold when choosing the gold ring for the groom. Unless on a pink undertone, a rose gold ring for the groom will also be a refreshing look for the wedding day.

Chances are you already know what type of gold you prefer and what looks best when worn. The prices and durability will also vary with the type of this precious metal used for the gold ring for the groom.

Take your daily life into account.

Bond of Love


A gold ring for the groom should be shining on his finger not just on his wedding day but for a long time, cherishing the beautiful bond two people share.

Therefore, you should be mindful of buying a gold ring that will withstand the cruel test of time by considering how many environmental factors the ring will be exposed to. For example, if the groom is someone who engages in a lot of physical labour that requires him to be around dust, then avoid getting a ring with engravings on it. The ring will need frequent cleaning and high maintenance.

We recommend thinking in the long term. The last thing you want is to buy the most perfect-looking gold ring for the groom; just keep it in your closet drawer all the time.

Find ring size.

Ring Size


No one wants to realize that the gold ring for the groom is either too loose or too small at the moment of the ring exchange itself! This is why we recommend going shopping together.

Knowing the ring size is not a big deal if you're going shopping at a physical store, as you can get their help and figure out your ring size. Or take the easy way and try on what fits!

However, if you are shopping online to buy a gold ring for the groom, you need to make sure that you have the right ring size. If you are the groom yourself, you can measure your ring size easily at home by wrapping a strip of paper or dental floss at the base of your finger and measuring it.

Or you can print out a ring-sizer that lets you adjust the circumference to fit your finger and use a conversion chart to find the ring size.

If you are going to a physical jewellery store, you can take one of your own rings that fit you well and give it to your jeweller for the right measure. This way, you can make sure that the gold ring for the groom will fit that ring finger like a charm on your wedding day and long after.

Style of gold ring for the groom.

Ring Styles


Now comes the fashion aspect of choosing the best gold ring for the groom. Some people go shopping with a clear preassumption of what they are looking for and not looking for. Either way, there are some factors you can tick off when looking through your potential options to make it your perfect choice.


The gold ring for the groom may come in varying thicknesses. This totally comes down to personal preference, so it's up to you. If you like a much bolder look, you can go for a wider ring, which, needless to point out, will be slightly more expensive as more gold is being used.

If you are desiring a more subtle look and are not looking forward to spending less, you can go for a lower width. The most commonly bought width for gold rings for grooms is around 4 millimetres.

Ring shape

Unlike in the past, today, we have numerous styles of gold rings for men in general. Although, there are some specific styles of rings that seem to be more popular in the wedding world. Here are some of them to help you look for and choose when selecting the golf ring for the groom.


Wedding ring with a round interior. Offers comfort when worn on the finger.

Flat ring

Flat interior and flat exterior. Gives a modern twist to groom rings.

D shape

Imagine the letter D, laid down with the flat side down; that's how a cross-section of this type of ring would look like.


Engraved designs and patterns all around the ring


This is for the non-traditional grooms out there. It has a flat interior and a pointy exterior on the ring.

When it comes to finishing, you can choose from polished, matte, engraves, designed, embossed, brushed, hammered, sandblasted and satin to enhance the appearance of the gold ring for the groom.

Mix or Match?

Mix or Match


Are you thinking of matching the bride's ring by going for a similar style or not?

If you have an intention for both rings to be matching, the easier thing to shop for both bride and groom's rings together. Most jewellers offer bride and groom rings that complement each other while also having their own unique differences in design.

If the rings matching each other is not a requirement, then no worries; follow the above guidelines and shop with a trusted jeweller to choose the best gold ring for the groom. Make sure that the ring fits all your needs on your special day.

Happy shopping!