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How to select a valuable gold ring for your father?

How to select a valuable gold ring for your father?

Choosing a gold ring for your father may seem easy, but it isn’t. There are certain things that you should look into. On what occasion are you going to buy your father a gold ring? It can be his birthday, Father’s Day or the wedding anniversary.

There are certain things that you should take into consideration when gifting a gold ring to your father. You should be very careful because this ring will last long. It will occupy a special place in his heart because he got it from his son or daughter.


Size of the gold ring.


Ring Size


Size is the first thing you should consider when choosing a gold ring for your father. It should not be too tight for him. But at the same time, it should also not be too loose. 

What if you don't know the size when trying to buy and gift a gold ring for your father? In such cases, we advise you to borrow a piece that he already owns. There is one more thing that you can do. You can consult your mother and ask her for help finding the right size. If none of these things is possible, you can try to compare your finger with the finger of your father. 

What if all efforts go in vain, and what you choose turns out to be loose or tight? The last option is to resize the ring after meeting a jeweller. But here, you should meet a jeweller who is well experienced. The jeweller should be able to resize it without damaging it. Before choosing a jeweller, you should clarify the possibility of resizing the ring.

When choosing a gold ring for your father, we advise you to choose a simple one. It will help if you have to resize it after some time. When the piece you choose has heavy designs, resizing is difficult. Simple rings are easy to resize.

You should check for its thickness to ensure that it has been resized properly. That is because the rings may change in thickness while being resized. Lastly, the thinner ring isn't easy to resize.

Find his preferences.


Ring Styles


When choosing a ring for your father, you should ensure he loves it. You will feel disappointed if he does not wear it often and if he is not pleasantly surprised by what you gift him. Therefore, your goal should be to select the perfect gold ring for your father. Firstly, get to his preferences.

What kind of a ring would he prefer? Reach out to your mom for this. Ask her about what your father will like. Do not fall prey to the trends. Choose what is ideal for him. You will be the happiest son if your father decides to wear the gold ring throughout his lifetime.


Accompany someone while shopping.


girl shopping


Choosing a gold ring for your father may not be an easy task. It is better to consider the opinions of someone else as well. We recommend you go with your mom, sister or brother. If they are busy or unable to come, you can go with your friend. It will help in choosing jewellers as well. If they have experience buying jewellery, they will recommend the best places to buy jewellery from.


Type of gold 


Types of Gold


Choosing what kind of gold you will use for the ring is very important. There are many options to choose from. 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k are a few of those. At the same time, there are several colours available in the market. If your father likes silver colour, you can gift him a white gold ring. There is yellow gold and rose gold, and you can choose from these according to your preference.  


Price comparison


gold price up trend.


When choosing a gold ring for your father, meeting a few jewellers is better. It will help you to get an idea about the prices of gold jewellery. Hence, do not buy the first ring that you see. Take your time and visit two or three shops at least. There is a chance of finding the same jewellery at a lower price at another store. One more thing. You can shop at online shops as well. On certain occasions, the prices in online stores could be lower than in physical ones. Here is another tip. With the help of Google images, you will be able to locate what you want with ease. 

Other than this, you should check the weight of the actual gold. If there are additional stones on the ring, it is vital to get measured for the gold in it. But why? The stones on a ring can make the ring heavier, and you may eventually pay more for the gold ring.



So, we think that now you can easily shop for a gold ring for your father. The priority is to consider your father's lifestyle and shop accordingly. Identify how often your father may it. If you think your father will wear it daily, we suggest a sturdy piece of jewellery.

It is also important to make yourself familiar with the purity of gold. The purity levels directly impact pricing, so it's important to be vigilant. The amount of karats is higher means; it consists of more gold. That means those gold rings will be deep in colour and look beautiful. When it comes to durability, both 14k and 18k are recommended. So, that's it! It is a noble thought to shop for your father. Therefore, be careful and extra cautious when buying a gold ring for your father. 

Gold jewellery tends to tarnish over some time. But, the lustre will last longer when a piece of gold jewellery is 14k or higher. Apart from knowing to shop for gold jewellery, you should also know to take care of those. When gold jewellery is too exposed to chemical products, the jewellery will be harmed. Hence, ask your father to remove the gold ring while gardening or doing household work. Doing so will preserve the lustre of the gold ring. 

Always use warm water and soap with no chemicals in cleaning gold jewellery. Last but not least, after wearing, keep the gold jewellery in soft cloth bags. It will prevent the gold jewellery from being scratched.