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Why is gold jewellery better than silver jewellery

Why is gold jewellery better than silver jewellery

The famous debate over gold jewellery and silver jewellery has been stewing like hot chicken–noodle soup among lovers of precious metals for years. While some folks have a constant and consistent preference for one over the other, most of us tend to waver between eye-catching jewellery made of these two valuable metals.

Of course, there are thousands of articles presenting arguments that both gold jewellery and silver jewellery are equally wonderful. However, in this blog, you will see why gold jewellery is truly better than silver jewellery. We will be diving into specifics of the matter, exploring reasons and instances where gold bling trumps silver bling in a number of different areas.

Below are the facts we will be walking through in this post. So without further ado, Let’s get to the good stuff!

  1.Gold jewellery is a timeless asset.

Gold jewellery is a timeless asset.

Dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt, gold has always earned a place of undeniable wealth and often serves as a forefront of prosperity among its wearers. It is well known that gold jewellery has been used for many reasons among the rich and powerful, leading to this positive association today.

However, this long history does not cause any decline in its value.

One reason that it is highly valued among sellers and buyers is the rarity of this precious metal. Naturally, gold is only found in rather small quantities under finite circumstances and is processed through a costly production procedure. Even with new technology rising in the future, which can control the cost of production, the intricate nature of gold mining puts pressure on the supply for demand. Therefore, the value of the accesory is likely to remain constant as it has throughout history, unlike silver jewellery.

So, you can just sit back and relax without contemplating over possible value drop in your assets as it is timeless when it comes to upholding its place in the jewellery market as well as in the hearts of the admirers.

 2.Possess a classic appeal.

Possess a classic appeal

If you hopped on a time machine and made pit stops along the way, you will be able to see how gold accessories has found its place throughout generations.

Take the trendy and beloved gold hoop earrings for an example. Initially originating in African civilization around 2500 B. C. E., they have gained popularity, regardless of gender. Gold hoop earrings have travelled in time flawlessly while still maintaining their signature appeal, even through fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe in the 60s and Diana, Princess of Whales in the 90s.

Due to its unmistakable summery sheen, it has been adored over silver jewellery for centuries this way. Hence when it comes to classic appeal, gold jewellery sure trumps silver ones without a doubt.


3.Radiates universal symbolic value.

Radiates universal symbolic value

With so much diversity found in different places in the world, it is one of the few assets which retains incredible symbolic value, giving its wearer an instant upgrade. Most people are unaware that these bodily decorations made of gold has been associated around the world with more than luxury and wealth.

In Asian countries such as India, it has an auspicious sentiment, as it is believed to bring about good luck and prosperity. It is quite common for Indian brides to be showered with gifts of shiny golden jewellery with the aim of sealing financial security in their marriage life.

In Egyptian culture, it is a symbol of eternal life, as gold is identified as the flesh of the god of the sun. In ancient Greece and China, wearing jewellery made of gold was believed to act as a spiritual shield against evil, safeguarding the person from undesirable entities and bad energy.

Even though some people might think these symbolic meanings are pointless, this claim falls short of accuracy.

Empirical research has found that symbolic meanings are capable of influencing people's attitudes, thoughts and impressions in a social context; this phenomenon is referred to in social science as symbolic interactionism. So, similarly, when you wear gold accessories, others might subconsciously associate you with positive symbolic meanings.

Because of this universal significance it holds, it can elevate your look and add a little spice to your personality everywhere, and anywhere you go.

The phrase "heart of gold" definitely did not just come out of nowhere!


4.Longer lasting than silver jewellery.

Longer lasting than silver jewellery.


If you have tried to wear your silver rings, necklaces and bracelets often, you might have realised they don't age very well. Jewellery made of silver is far more prone to physical damage due to the natural way the silver metal is composed, as the silver atoms are less packed inside the metal. In contrast, gold is less soft compared to silver; hence, it is less likely to dent and scratch.

Gold is composed of a naturally non-reactive metal, which makes them safe against most forms of matter and most acids. Silver accessories, on the other hand, are more likely to tarnish and are easily corroded against acids and even polishing cream.

So, gold jewellery wins the race in terms of looking its best in the long run.

5.Only need lower maintenance

Only need lower maintenance

It is rare that jewellery made with genuine gold metal is tarnished with use. God forbid you to notice any discolouration on your favourite gold jewellery; it absolutely could be cleansed off with some lukewarm water, a mild soap and a soft washcloth. Besides storing them and keeping them clean, you don't need to do any actual maintenance on them to look their best.

For silver jewellery, this is a different case, as it needs higher maintenance. Unless you keep your silver babies in a low-humidity environment, away from perfumes and moisturisers, they are most likely to lose their shine and appeal. Even hand sanitisers with alcohol can cause damage; Yikes!

6.It gives you health benefits.

It gives you health benefits.


Believe it or not, wearing jewellery made of gold can promote and maintain good health. In ancient China, gold metal in pure form was utilised to manage symptoms and treat serious diseases such as measles and smallpox. And since then, the importance of gold for health was not neglected, as Gold Nano-Particles (GNP) are a common agent in modern biomedicine.

According to recent scientific research, here are some instances which use GNP as treatment.

  1. Imaging probes
  2. Preclinical Cancer research
  3. Parkinson's disease
  4. Alzheimer's disease
  5. Diabetes
  6. Obesity
  8. Tissue engineering
  9. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Why is the field of medicine using gold? The key here is the benefits brought by the pure metal itself. So as long as your jewellery is genuine certified gold, you can experience these health benefits by wearing your shiny gold jewellery.

  • Regulates body temperature properly.

In a world which is racing towards a serious global warming crisis, managing your natural body temperature is a literal breathing window for your metabolism. This is the same reason women who are experiencing menopause are recommended to wear gold jewellery, as the symptoms can throw off your body's natural temperature.

  • Promotes blood circulation

This ensures that all your vital organs receive enough oxygen and nutrients to function well and keep your health at its highest peak. Good circulation means your cardiovascular system is well-fueled, meaning you will rarely feel tired and lethargic.

  • Improves skin health

Ancient civilisations wore gold jewellery as they believed it would preserve their youth, and they weren't wrong. It can rejuvenate, moisturise and tighten skin cells providing a healthier glow. This is why you will find so many new gold-based beauty treatments today. Add one more step to your skincare routine by wearing jewellery, and you won't be disappointed!

  • Boosts immunity

You need to keep your immunity high to fight off nasty infections that will put your physique in danger. You can increase your immunity to harmful agents by wearing your gold necklaces and bracelets without much hassle.


  • Choices! Choices! Choices!

Unlike silver jewellery, there are so many choices when going for gold jewellery. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, black gold, grey gold, green gold, blue gold, you name it! While some of these might be more popular and commonly found than others, all of them are aesthetically pleasing types of gold you can pick from.

The different colours in these gold come from what other metal alloys except gold are mixed in the jewellery, which can also affect other qualities such as price, hardness, malleability and durability. You can choose what types of gold you want your jewellery to be based on how much you are willing to spend and on your personal preference.

Make sure to do your own research thoroughly when choosing the right gold jewellery for you. That way, you can enjoy your beautiful accessories while experiencing the full package of benefits that comes with it.


Okay, let's round it all up!

Now that you have read this article, you are well aware of how gold jewellery stands up among other types of jewellery, both among sellers and buyers.

The bottom line is when it comes to purchasing jewellery; gold is better than silver in various aspects. Be it classic appeal, timelessness, universal intrinsic value, meaningful symbolic nature, easier maintenance, high durability, countless aesthetic options, and unmistakable health benefits, investing in gold jewellery will give your money a good run for it.