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Perfect buying guide for a beautiful gold necklace

Perfect buying guide for a beautiful gold necklace

Jewels are not merely alluring delicacies. They’re your precious personal biography that unveils bygone chapters in life, the incentives that fuel the roaring self-confidence and the magical pixie dust that helps your spiritual soul to delightfully journey across the neverlands.

Likewise, beyond a single doubt, the majority of us who dwell in this contemporary world fancy a spellbinding gold necklace. We crave to accentuate our necks with such pieces of golden goddesses and spice up our otherwise mundane attires.

Although accessorising yourself with jewellery is the easy peasy part, hunting for the best quality necklaces can be quite gruelling to the point you will find yourself falling down an endless pitch-black abyss. To rescue you from this rabbit hole, here we hand the ultimate guide for buying attractive gold necklaces on a silver platter!

First and foremost, before we dive right in let’s address this vital question.

Why Is Gold Jewellery Better than Silver Jewellery?

Silver vs Gold


Dissimilar to other types of metal, Gold has been showered with respect by everyone throughout the centuries due to its immense value and sacred history. This divine metal which never chemically combines with other elements is relatively rare. Unlike silver, only a 0.0000004% portion of the earth’s crust is gold and miners cannot deftly derive abundant quantities of it. As gold is exceptionally uncommon and cumbersome to stumble upon it has been crowned as the queen metal of jewels.

When archaeologists rummage through ancient ruins, they unearth artefacts which are primarily handcrafted with gold. There’s no denying even the venerable ones knew how durable this metal is. Due to its neutral and inert nature gold doesn't deteriorate.

Therefore, jewellery designed with gold can remain for lifetimes, unaffected. This is precisely why they’re culturally significant and considered precious heirlooms which often bequeathed from one generation to the other. Silver, however, does not showcase this significance.

Furthermore, gold is extraordinarily heavy, boasting a density of 19.4 g cm-3. It is also renowned as a highly malleable material that can be mercilessly hammered into fine sheets that surprisingly cover an entire square meter using barely 1g. On the other hand, silver can be rather mushy and is susceptible to being easily scraped and scratched.

Did you know purchasing pieces of jewellery such as a gold necklace can be an invaluable investment? Gold conveys a propensity to spike up in value each time living expenses surge sky-high. Hence! it can serve as a protective hedge and counter dementors like inflation. Therefore, during a depressing collapse in currency rates, it could perform an integral financial function as a medium of transaction. Sadly, silver lacks this economic influence.

Another point why gold jewellery is the mover and shaker is, in comparison to silver it comes in variations of hues. With such beautiful choices as rose, yellow and white, buyers are granted the freedom to match them with every seasonal look and even glamourise old clothes that radiate melancholic despair.

For a more comprehensive debate session regarding this topic, visit here. Now, without further ado let’s grab our magnifying glasses and investigate how to buy a beautiful gold necklace.

A 7-Step Guide For Buying A Beautiful Gold Necklace

7 Step Guide

1.Identify Real Gold Jewellery From Fake Duplicates.

Tales concerning individuals who were conned out of their savings by fraudulent merchants peddling counterfeit gold necklaces are indeed a handful. Therefore it’s wise to take precautions. Here are a few ways to test the waters before you jump in.

Hallmark Test:

If you carefully observe, a miniature  hallmark imprinted on the exterior of the gold necklace can be discovered in an obscure location. It not only verifies the purity of the item but also symbolises that it has undergone independent inspection, is curated up to the standards and complies with applicable regulatory requirements.on the exterior of the gold necklace can be discovered in an obscure location. It not only verifies the purity of the item but also symbolises that it has undergone independent inspection, is curated up to the standards and complies with applicable regulatory requirements.

Magnet Test: 

Real gold doesn’t Real gold doesn’t react to a magnetic field, so this is a smart way to shun away any doubts. Place the gold necklace in front of the magnet. If it's genuine it will not cling onto the magnet. However! This test isn’t recommended to conduct on 10k, 14k or 18K because these types contain base metals, consequently will generate incorrect results.

Water Test: 

If you’re tinged with suspicion, fill a container preferably transparent, with water enough to have the gold necklace engulfed in it. Now tenderly drop the gold necklace inside. If it sinks, voila! It’s real. In case it floats yeet yourself out of the store! Unless you are testing your own jewellery, Acid tests or Porcelain tests cannot be directly performed on unbought gold necklaces.


2.Ask Yourself How Often Would You Wear It.

If you’re seeking a gold necklace for everyday wear, go for a stronger long-lasting piece. Keep a distance from Serpentine chains as their tendency to be fragile is high.

Give A Thought About Your LifeStyle

 Consider the activities you follow and your daily routine when choosing a gold necklace. For instance, if you lead an active life, a gold necklace with a strong body and a firm clasp such as the 916 Gold Hardware Link chain or 916 Gold Milano Necklace is recommended over thinner products.

    If you’re a social butterfly who attends a hefty amount of elegant functions 916 Gold Amatera Necklace or 916 Gold Array Necklace could be ideal.


     3.Inquire About What Metal Is Your Gold Necklace Made Of.

    The purity of gold is an important factor to contemplate before impulsively buying your gold necklace out of the blue.

    The amount of gold alloyed with other metals is measured in "carats". 24ct is pure gold (99.99%) without any extra elements attached. 14ct, 18ct and 22ct respectively contains 58.33%, 75% and 91.66% gold. Simply speaking, the greater the amount of carat the more gold you can find. While a 24ct gold necklace may appear as a god-sent treasure, it might not be a reliable choice. Due to the ductile nature of gold, the item could be overly frail.

    Therefore, in order to get the optimal ratio of purity and durability we highly recommend either 18ct or 22ct.


    4.Check Out The Designs Of Gold Necklaces.

    There are a lot of gold necklace designs waiting for you. So, commence a deep search and pick your heart’s call. Below are some of the trendy types.


    They're formed to imitate the pattern of a rope by linking mini wires together. Check out this beautiful collection.


    Squashed, yet soft twisted links are closely intertwined with one another to compose these masterpieces. It’s a hot topic among gentlemen!


    This type is well-adored for its minimalistic and definitive construction. To make this gold necklace, cubed linkages are flattened, and box-like shapes are created and then bonded together.


    It's a classical variation having oval links that has a smooth interior and rounded exterior.


    Like the name, this gold necklace has a woven or twisted appearance that resembles a wheat stalk. In contrast to other types, this is very flexible.


    It contains links that are tightly interlinked and thus will slither around your neck while creating a zigzag design.


      5.Take A Look At What Sort Of Clasp It Has?

        Before getting your beautiful gold necklace make certain to employ your eagle eyes to figure out the type of clasp it contains.

        Hook Clasps 

         A very classic one that looks like the letter S. Beware! You may have to be on pins and needles because this type provides less security.

        Lobster Clasp 

        This highly famous type is rather easier for anyone’s use. It’s high in durability and tends not to snag on your garments.

        Ring Clasp 

        Yes! A safer option. But you might need a helping hand when removing or wearing. Hey! On the bright side, if you desire to plot a little moment of romance with your partner, this can be quite the chance.


            6.Decide Your Appropriate Necklace Length.

            A gold necklace can be found in multiple lengths. From 14-inch types to 40-inch long ropes will be at your disposal. For example, a beautiful 16-inch chain will complement your neckline and will reside slightly above your collarbone.

            Generally, for gentlemen, the chain lengths vary from 12 to 24. For ladies, however, it goes beyond 24 and reaches up to 42.

            While shorter versions would be applicable to your everyday wanders and chit-chattering sessions with your besties, lengthy ones would suit your official suits, elegant wear and date night outfits!


            7.Consider Whether You Would Fancy A Pendant.

            If you’re a pendant fanatic remember, your gold necklace should be capable of withstanding this additional weight. As cookies and milk go well together, snake chains and pendants are the best duo. Nonetheless, if you reconsider, box or wheat chains can be strength-wise better to steadily hold a pendant.

            Thicker pendants frequently pose an overpowering impact. So if you want to emphasise your gold necklace more, avoid relatively bigger pendant designs.

            Use Our Guide Well!

            It’s almost time to bid farewell. Thus far we’ve discussed what factors to consider while buying a perfect gold necklace.

            Here’s a gentle reminder that aftercare is equally important. Although you don’t have to shed buckets of sweat in order to clean your gold jewellery, once in a while dipping it in a dish soap cleaning solution and mildly rubbing it using a toothbrush will help it regain the initial blinding lustre.

            To protect your gold jewellery, while you’re not wearing it, pat your precious dry, wrap them in soft clothing, and store them separately inside a clean box.