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Perfect buying guide for a beautiful gold necklace

Perfect buying guide for a beautiful gold necklace

Gold necklaces are an ideal choice for any occasion. Gold necklaces are adaptable and are widely considered a symbol of esteem and wealth. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that they could also be great investments.

However, there are a wide variety of gold necklaces available. On certain occasions, it could be a tough ask to select what is perfect for you. The process depends on several aspects, such as the type of gold, the designs, what kind of links the chain is made of, etc. People interested in buying gold necklaces can choose from a diverse assortment of available options.

In this article, we will look at some of the most critical considerations that need to be made when purchasing a gold necklace.

Is the gold necklace you are considering buying hollow, solid or plated?

Different gold necklaces

 While choosing the karat for your gold necklace, remember that the purer the gold is, the softer and less long-lasting it will be. This is something to keep in mind when making your decision.

This is very important. Gold necklaces could be made of pure gold, plated with gold or hollow. When making your choice here, keep these in mind.

  • Pure gold is soft and will not last long.
  • Plated gold necklaces are perfect for you if you are looking for a cheap option. They are affordable, but with time, the metal below will be unveiled as the shine goes off. But you can replate and take it to its original condition.
  • You might need a gold necklace to wear regularly. If this is the case, we recommend you a solid gold necklace, as its durability is high.
  • Gold necklaces with hollow links are light in weight compared to similarly sized gold necklaces made of solid gold. Hollow chains are affordable, but they could easily break or dent. And once it happens, they could be difficult to be repaired. If you purchase a hollow gold necklace for yourself, you should be extra cautious.

What type of clasp does it have?

What type of clasp does it have

It is essential to check the clasp of a gold necklace before buying. It should be possible to be securely locked and unable to break easily. When it comes to clasps, we recommend you the lobster clasp owing to its sturdy nature. Even when you apply a considerably higher force on your chain, you won't be able to break it easily.

One more option we have is the ring clasp. It is spring-loaded. These are cheap compared to the lobster clasp but are not as durable and secure as the above option.

Length of the gold necklace

Length of the gold necklace

Which part of your chest do you want to be highlighted? It depends on the length of the gold necklace you wear. If you choose a gold necklace that is 16-inch-long, it will lie just over your collarbone. The chain could lie on your clothing or skin if the lengths exceed that. The most common length when it comes to gold necklaces is 18 inches.

What type of gold necklaces are you going to buy?

What type of gold necklaces are you going to buy

There are wide varieties when it comes to gold necklaces. And each one of those has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before designing your gold necklace, decide on how you want it to be. There are many choices available, and in the following paragraphs, we will look into the most common ones.

Box chain

 A box chain is identified using square links that are joined to form a continuous chain.

Wheat chain 

When oval links, including twisted oval links, are joined and interlaced, you will get a chain with a nice visual texture. This is what people refer to as a wheat chain.

Rope Chains

It's one of the most popular designs and is created by utilizing thin wires linked together. It looks like a rope and hence the name. They are among the most long-lasting chains; you can wear them with whatever pendant you like.

Mariner Chains

 Mariner chains are characterized by overlapping oval links, each of which features a bar positioned in the middle. Because of the way the links interlock, they are considered to be one of the most durable forms of chains. Large mariner chains make for fantastic statement necklaces. You cannot ignore the thin mariner chains as they are perfect for use with pendants.

Bead Chains: How to create bead chains? You can create a bead chain by stringing together a series of tiny round beads. They are sometimes inextricably linked or are not the same. At the same time, these gold necklaces are available in various necklaces.

Cable Chains

 Cable chains are characterized by their uniformly round or circular links, which are joined together to form a straightforward structure. These chains are versatile enough to be worn by either men or women. Also, you can wear cable chains in combination with pendants.

The thickness of the gold necklace

The thickness of the gold necklace


When it comes to its beauty and price, a gold necklace's width is an essential factor to consider. Large chains will suit you well if you are trying to set a bold style statement. Although bigger chains are more commonly seen on men, ladies who wish to make a strong fashion statement may also choose to wear them.

If you are a simple person who prefers simple fashions, thinner chains are the way to go. They are ideal for occasions where you seek the attention to be drawn to the pendant rather than the chain. The delicate look of these chains has made them so popular.

Do you need to wear a pendant with your gold necklace?

gold pendant with gold necklace

Are you fond of pendants? Do you want to wear one with your gold necklace? If yes, make sure you buy a gold necklace capable of supporting some added weight. At the same time, the chain should not be excessively thick or large, as this could cause the pendant to be overshadowed. In such cases, you can go for either a wheat or box chain. These two types of chains are durable.


So, above are a few things you should consider before buying a gold necklace for yourself. Apart from these things, the jeweller you purchase from is also critical. If you are going online to purchase, you must ensure that the website you buy your gold necklace from has a good reputation, so you do not get ripped off.

Reviews left by other customers are an excellent method to get a sense of what other purchasers think and say about a particular shop. Starlight is always at your service with years of experience in the market, and you are always welcome to check out customer reviews.