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Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Even before human civilisations thrived in the glory of wondrous monuments, folks who dwelled inside caverns enrobed themselves with handmade accessories alongside prehistoric clothes such as braided grass and pounded tree bark. Although ankle ornaments crafted using bones or vivid seashells were stated to be worn during predynastic eras, golden anklets were brought into light when Hellenes and Romans conquered our green plant.

On the other hand, thousands of years ago ancient women with Asian cultural heritage wore majestic anklets to represent their marital status. These precious items were also speculated to ward off malicious spirits while acting as almighty talismans.

Due to the heavy cultural influences, anklets carry different meanings. Whilst some wear them to attract a river of fortune, young maidens prefer to accessorise their feet with elegant anklets to embrace and manifest delicate feminine vibes.

In this article, we wish to discuss how you can precisely measure your anklet size. But! Before we dive right into it let’s take a minor detour.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Gold?

Benifits of wearing gold


Did you know gold jewellery can help you harvest biological and spiritual benefits? Prior to buying any piece of jewellery, or you measure your anklet size wonder in a haze about these advantages. Let us feed your curiosity and go through a few of these perks.


1.Healing Properties


Gold is assumed to promote the purification of our fragile mortal bodies. As the therapeutic abilities of gold are believed to be intertwined with distinct bodily systems, it’s not a concealed secret that Chinese, Indian and medieval prestigious medical practitioners had a healthy gold obsession.

Gold was used as a treatment approach for alleviating the pain caused by sore or stiff muscles, and as a mediator for inducing accurate blood circulation.



 As much as this may sound alienating and leave you bamboozled, gold can support reducing your surging tension, shooing away the lingering melancholy and setting your caged happiness free.


2.Compliments Skin

Another benefit of gold jewellery is despite the colour of your skin golden jewels will integrate as one with your skin. Certain folktales reveal that, quite similar to a mystic potion, jewellery made of gold makes wearers’ skin smooth like velvet thus preserving the forever youthful appearance.


3.Confidence Booster

When you beautify yourself with a shimmering, classy and expensive gold jewel it’s hard not to dance in a pool of self-confidence! When you’re rocking the glamorous delicacy of bling it’s possible to regain your sense of felicity.


4.Financial Security

Gold frequently supersedes other mundane metals because of its immeasurable value. Whether you inherit or buy gold jewellery online undoubtedly they last lifetimes. Due to this substantial worth, anyone who possesses gold can withstand harsh economic downturns.

If you wish to gain more knowledge regarding the benefits of gold jewellery, please read here.


Is A Gold Anklet A Good Gift?

Gold anklet


There’s no second-guessing, the simple answer is Yes! An anklet is a prestigious crown for your feet. So, whether you’re a damsel in distress wishing to drown your sorrows or a gold enthusiast who’s aspired to own another masterpiece this could be a great gift option. Self-gifting is indeed the greatest attention you can ever pay to yourself.

Now, if you are a smitten lover hoping to gift the most worthy gold anklet to your sweetheart, you have our blessings! Gifting your loved one an anklet resembles affection and an unwavering desire to be a faithful partner. According to romantic yet, customary traditions in certain parts of the world, a bridegroom often gifts a twinkling anklet to his partner as a token of pure love and commitment.

To bask in the real glory of wearing an anklet, it must perfectly fit around your ankle without being unnecessarily tight enough to suppress your dear veins or too loose to the point you get insecure. So, it’s crucial to measure your anklet size.

Before mindlessly jumping into the unclear waters and buying an anklet without knowing anything, it’s wise to measure your anklet size first. So, let’s get back on track, shall we?


What To Consider Before You Measure Your Anklet Size?

Consider before you measure


Before fussing over the measurement you will have to determine whether you wish to wear your item below or above the bone of your ankle. For example, if you adore visiting coastlines, enjoying the sea breeze and donning sandals, anklets that will dangle below beneath the bone is more appropriate. If you love sporting sneakers that have higher straps, it would be more sensible to wear an anklet above the bone.


How To Measure Your Anklet Size?

In general, there are actually several methods to measure your anklet size. Let’s go through them one by one.


1.Measuring Tape Method.

Step 1: Take a soft measuring tape, and loosen your foot if tense.

Step 2: Now place the tape closely to the surface of your skin, right next to the ankle and measure.

Step 3: Once done, you can check the length. Refer to an anklet sizing chart for further guidance while selecting.

If you want your anklet to droop, measure the area below the bone and, according to how flexible or wider you want it to be add ¼ to ½ more inches. For instance, if you measure your anklet size and it turns out to be 9, we instructed you to proceed with a 9¼ - 9¾ one. This leaves sufficient room for the anklet to be precisely adjusted as well as for your skin to breathe in peace.


2.Ribbon Or Paper Strip Method.

When your eyesight fails to detect a tape or if you do not own one, don’t fret about it. Because you can measure your anklet size without the help of such tools too.

Step 01: Find a strip of paper, a ribbon piece or a string and attentively wrap it around the ankle.It’s highly recommended to use a non-stretchy material because who would find joy in making a stretch error and taking home an incorrectly sized anklet?

Step 02: After making sure it is well levelled, use a pen to mark the point where the string or paper meets your ankle.

Step 03: Use a ruler to estimate the length of the piece of material from the marked spot to the end to acquire and measure your anklet size.


3.Old Is Gold Method.

Alternatively, you can skim through your belongings and check whether you possess an old anklet. If so, you can use this barely touch in years beauty to measure your anklet size.

Take your former anklet out and try it on. If this previous anklet is unbearably bothersome or restricting your leg moments, for convenience you could decide to raise your size by roughly a few inches.

If you are uncertain, feel free to consult a jeweller. These experts are always happy to assist you.


4.Visiting A Store

Another less cumbersome route to measure your anklet size is by paying your favourite jeweller a visit. Typically an anklet, specifically gold anklets suppose to sprinkle charm on your already existing extravagant exterior. So, keep a mental note that the anklet shouldn’t hinder your comfort in any manner.

Alongside the support from staff, once you correctly measure your anklet size, selecting your ideal material and design should be a piece of cake.


What Is The Average Anklet Size For A Woman?

Average anklet size for women is 9


9 inches is the generalised average size pertaining to ladies’ anklet sizes. These medians can be extremely helpful if you’re shopping for items to gift loved ones or if you’re on a mission to measure your anklet size.

However, these norms are calculated without taking individual differences into account. So, sizes from 7.5 to 9.5 are rather ideal to be standardised.

Nevertheless, when you measure your anklet size, consider 10’’ as a medium or large while 8¼ as a small or medium.


3 Tips To Consider When You Measure Your Anklet Size

Leave A Little Bit Of Room.

Even if you know the correct estimations after you measure your anklet size, constantly keep at least a half an inch allowance. Hence! Ensuring an error-free fit.

Think About Physiological Changes.

Our physiology changes gradually and steadily. So, no matter when and how you measure your anklet size, it is also prone to altering over time. Therefore consider keeping an allowance.

Look For Length Adjusters. 

These tiny gadgets work wonders on your anklets. In case any discrepancy happens while you measure your anklet size and it fits too snugly, these extenders will guarantee to deliver optimal comfort.


    Let’s Conclude Our Discussion

    So far, we took our sweet time learning about how one can attract beneficial impacts by dressing themselves with gold jewellery. We also emphasised how to measure your anklet size. It’s high time for you to take a stroll and find your heartfelt gold anklet