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Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Measure your anklet size without any mistakes

Throughout our series of articles, we have discussed many topics, including the

This article is dedicated to you if you are interested in knowing about the typical size of anklets and how to measure the anklet sizes. At the same time, you can get additional details regarding the anklets by utilizing this guide. Let's start with the types of anklets according to how you prefer to wear those. Before that, let us explain what an anklet is.

In a nutshell, an anklet is a piece of jewellery that is intended to be worn around the ankle. It's a bit like a bracelet, but instead of going around your wrist, it wraps around your foot to make it look fancier. For some people, anklets are superstitious and were traditionally worn as a form of protection against misfortune. Women in today's society wear anklets to signal to others that the wearer is married or engaged. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on an engagement ring for your fiancée, you might want to consider getting her an anklet instead.

Types of anklets based on their fit

Gold Anklets


Tight Fit

 When you are not fond of your anklet moving here and there, a tight fit is what you need to look for. But on the other hand, if you wear an anklet that is too tight for an extended period, you can experience some pressure-related pain.

Exact Fit

For most women, the best option is an exact fit. Let us explain what this is. It ensures that the anklet will remain securely on your ankle while maintaining a natural appearance. An anklet that is an exact fit sits in the correct position on the ankle, does not result in any discomfort even when worn for extended periods, and maintains its position on the ankle well.

Loose fit

 It is a common choice for women who want their anklets to rest lower on their ankles. An anklet with a loose fit can slide freely on the wearer's ankle without maintaining a secure hold on the skin. Arguably, it is the most popular type out of all three.

Note: Before choosing one of the above, it is vital to measure your anklet size.

How to measure your anklet size?

measure your anklet size


It is not too difficult to determine the size of an anklet that will fit you. All you have to do is measure your anklet size. According to this method, what you want to measure your anklet size are,

  • A string of 20cm in length
  • A marker
  • A ruler

Below are the steps to measure your anklet size,

  • Firstly, you have to take the piece of string and wrap it around the region of your ankle that is the broadest.
  • Take the marker or pen and mark the string at the spot where you want the circumference of your ankle to be recorded.
  • Take the string and keep it on a flat surface
  • Take the ruler to determine the distance from one end of the string to the marked point of the string.
  • Add between half an inch and an inch to get the final measurement.

Is it difficult to measure your anklet size? If you follow these steps, we don't think it is.

Fun Facts on anklets

Fun Facts on anklets

Wearing an anklet on your leg is not something new. It has been a trend for centuries. Since ancient times, people worldwide have worn ornamental ornaments for their ankles. Even while the majority of people nowadays consider anklets to be nothing more than a fashion accessory, in certain parts of the world, anklets have historically held more significant importance.

There are no rules regarding which leg you should wear an anklet on. An anklet should be worn on the ankle of your choice. You can wear your anklet looped around your left ankle if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Here is a fun fact! On the other hand, anklets wrapped around the left leg were traditionally used to indicate that a person was married or engaged in days gone by. It signaled all the boys that she could no longer be their loved one. On the other hand, if someone is wearing an anklet on her right foot, she is very much single, and nobody is in her life already!

In addition, if you are married yet wear an anklet on your right foot, this may indicate that your marriage is not monogamous but rather polyamorous. This is not general information, and most people wouldn't even give the rationale behind your wearing an anklet a second thought if they were asked.

Young women in certain regions of Africa, for instance, wore anklets made of brass to encourage marriage and continued to do so until the birth of their first child. They kept the jewellery on even after becoming mothers.

Here is another superstitious fact! People believed that when anklets were worn on the right foot, as was customary in the past, they served as protection against bad spirits. Even if there is no way to determine whether this is true based on scientific evidence, we thought, why not give space in our blog for such entertaining facts? You can take these seriously, laugh about them with your friends, and move on. The choice is yours.


Why should you measure your anklet or someone else's anklet? Let us explain.

Are you buying an anklet for yourself? Or is it a gift for your loved one? No matter what your situation is, this topic will always be relevant. Yes, some anklets are adjustable. It depends on your preference to opt for those or not. But, before buying one, we think that it is vital to measure your anklet size. Regarding readymade anklets available in the market, sizes can range anywhere from 8 to 9 inches for a small up to 11 to 11.5 inches for an extra-large.

Lastly, let us finish by quoting that an anklet is among the best gold jewellery gift ideas! We hope this article will help you measure your anklet size without any mistakes and buy the best one.