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The Undying Love from gold bangle bracelets in modern fashion

The Undying Love from gold bangle bracelets in modern fashion

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love gold bangle bracelets, do you too? If you went window shopping for ten minutes online, you will see the numerous kinds of gold jewellery claiming their precious place in the market at this moment. 

Amidst those intricate golden creations, gold bangle bracelets are one of the most adored and cherished today. The constant buzz about gold bangle bracelets in modern fashion emerge from a number of reasons.

These range from high durability, convenience and versatility in wear, easy-peazy maintenance and health benefits that comes free with the one of a kind look on the naked eye.

Bangle bracelets are exactly what they sound like; bracelets in solid circle shape identical to a classic bangle. Imagine, if Mr. Bangle and Mrs. bracelet had a cute baby; Bangle bracelet, there you go! Originating from the Hindi language, the term bangles comes from the word bangri referring to a rough shape of a ring. The term bracelet on the other hand comes from the French word brachialle, meaning armlet.

A peek through a Time Slot...

Gold bangle bracelets have a deep origins from different cultures from all over the world. Below are some findings which affirm the early evidences of these.

  • In Mohenjo-daro 4500 year old statue called the dancing girl was discovered, with gold bangles in her legs which was believed to be worn as aesthetically pleasing accessories.
  • More than ten Dacian gold bangle bracelets was found in a Romanian archeological excavation. (Dacian bracelet is the fancy term for those type of spiral wrist-wear that looks similar to a slinki!)
  • A rare gold bracelet from the 3rd century was found in an investigation in Estonia, which was believed to be high quality due to its delicate design and precise detailing.

It is stated as a top-of-the-list kind of gold jewellery when it comes to the earliest traces of precious metal wear. Interestingly gold bangle bracelets were not just worn on people's wrists but also on their upper arms and legs to enrich their appearance.

While science shows us gold bangle bracelets go far back in the timeline as an adored gold wear, the same reputation has been carried through the new generations today.

Cultural Symbolism of Gold Bangle Bracelets.

Cultural Symbolism of Gold Bangle Bracelets.

This historical background of gold bangle bracelets has survived through time due to its rich symbolic meaning that is bound to various cultures.

Asian cultures such as Indian is more known for incorporating these Golden beauties in their as traditional wear compared to others. You would know this if you take any old Bollywood classics featuring a lead actress embracing gold bangle bracelets in their wrists while swaying like sunflower in the wind.

  • Traditional Indian bridal wear includes wearing multiple gold bangle bracelets that aims for aspirations beyond being aesthetically pleasing. While they bring unmistakable attention to the bride's wrists and hands, they symbolizes physical, mental and spiritual well-being and good fortune for their newly wedded-life.

Some believe that wearing gold bangle bracelets will guarantee the chance of a long and healthy life of their romantic partner as well.

  • In Sri Lankan culture, gold bangle bracelets remain a beloved vintage that indicates sophistication and social class.  In many households they are treated as a everyday wear, yes even at home! rather than gold jewellery for special occasion.
  • In Chinese and Korean culture, these are a symbol of ever-lasting endearment. This is the main reason newly-wed love birds tends to receive beautiful gold bangle bracelets as wedding gifts. Similar to Indian culture, it is believed to seal a forever bond with infinite adoration and sparkling intimacy.

Even if we take the cultural symbolism out of the equation, the fondness for gold bangle bracelets remains uninterrupted. Let us spill the tea on why!

1.Gold Bangle bracelets are highly durable.

Gold Bangle bracelets are highly durable.

You can wear your gold bangle bracelets at home doing your household chores, going to the grocery shop and to your neighbor's Sunday dinner.

Given that they are genuine gold jewellery, the combination of copper, nickle, zinc and other metal alloys with pure gold results in a quite durable gold wear in the manufacturing process. Even though, at first sight, pure gold mixed with other metals seem less durable, they are the materials which increases the strength of the particular jewellery.

Especially gold bangle bracelets made of 14 karat or 18 karat gold are more durable for everyday wear and is less likely to tarnish, dent or scratch. Bonus, if they are white gold bangle bracelets, as they have an extra protective layer of Rhodium making it even more durable.

2.They are super versatile in wear.

They are super versatile in wear.

You have a presentation at university? an important meeting with your clients? a weekend wedding? or just Tuesday brunch with your friends? three words that goes with all of these; Gold bangle bracelets!

Because of its versatility, these seem to fit all occasions without a hassle. Gold bangle bracelets, depending on the type and design you choose can uplift and polish your look by giving it a little pizzazz. However, when accessorizing make sure that your gold bangle bracelets compliments your overall look well. To help you get started, here are some outfit-accessory pairing you cannot go wrong on.

  • Pair a roman gold bangle bracelet for a pantsuit or a romper to give it a bold look.
  • Wear a few gold bangle bracelets to a summer dress with short sleeves to upgrade the outfit.
  • Mix and match different designs of gold bangle bracelets on your forearms for a Saree or Baju Kurung to gain a sophisticated appeal.

Another reason gold bangle bracelets are adored in modern fashion today is its customizable nature. if you are not sure where to start with adding these beauties to your jewellery box, you can opt for a simple classic gold bangle bracelet. You can always take it to your jewellery maker and have it redesigned by adding some details you wish to keep. Be it pearls, gemstones or even gold lucky charms, they will fit right in with the simple gold bangle bracelet.

3.Lazy-girl-proof maintenance

Cleaning a bracelet

Frankly, anyone can easily maintain gold bangle bracelets whether you have a lot of time on your hands or super busy to even think about taking care of your gold jewellery. Here is how to properly retain their upkeep while ensuring your gold bangle bracelets look their best.

Usage : If you happen to work with harsh chemicals and acids, avoid wearing them to abstain from possible damage to the metal itself. As long as you follow this tip, you can maintain your gold bangle bracelet fine.

Storing : Generally gold jewellery thrive in cool dry storing places with low humidity. This can protect your bangles from rust and other surface damage that will ruin the overall appeal.

Cleaning : Keeping your bangle bracelets clean is not harder than washing a dish; only more delicate in the process. Clean it with mild soap water that is lukewarm and rinse well until clean. If your bangle lacks that golden shine you can gently scrub it with a wet soft cloth. Finally, Pat them dry with a clean cloth or a paper towel and viola! its clean as a new penny.

4.They heal you inside out.

They heal you inside out

Wearing your gold bangle bracelet when you go to enjoy a day out can boots self confidence in how you look; as they say you are what you wear. When you feel confident in yourself you can navigate in social situations better with a high self esteem. This positive energy can extends beyond you and radiate towards others as well.

These golden beauties not only tends to your mental well-being but also to your physical health. The friction resulting from wearing gold bangles in your forearms can maintain homeostasis by increasing your blood circulation.

They further helps retain a healthy blood pressure and regulate body temperature which is why some recommend wearing gold bangle bracelets for women experiencing menopause and for expecting and nursing mothers.

5.They make excellent gifts

They make excellent gifts

A gold bangle bracelet is one of the types of jewellery which has a inherent sentiment value to it. Therefore, most people prefer to gift them to their loved ones to show adoration, care and respect. You can gift your loved ones a customized bangle bracelet or one that you know they would love so that they can wear it as an accessory while being reminded of your love for them.

They also make ideal pass-me down through generations because of the same reason. So if you have been looking for a new family heirloom to pass down to your children and your grandchildren, this is your perfect fit!

6.Countless options for you!

gold bangle bracelets

Even though it started with the classic simple round design, with new trends numerous styles have emerged to fit everyone's preferences. Geometric bangle bracelets and irregular gold bangle bracelets will give you a fresh change if you are not fond of the classic designs and add a edgy cool vibe to your appearance.

Now let's reduce it down to the highlights.

Gold bangle bracelets are the ultimate It in modern fashion today for a number of reasons from great versatility, high durability, rich cultural symbolic meaning, easy maintenance, marvelous physical and psychological health benefits, while being gift material that comes with flexible choices.

By ensuring that your purchase is certified and hallmarked for genuine gold, investing in gold bangle bracelet is a choice that you would not regret in the near or the far future.