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Types of Gold Charm Bracelets That You Can Try

Types of Gold Charm Bracelets That You Can Try

Attention everyone! Gold charm bracelets have returned to the fashion game with a bang once again, not alone but with many options for you to choose from. 

Turns out gold charm bracelets are not that easy to forget after all, as they are gaining popularity in the gold market again. Most people tend to associate these gold bracelets with the lasting sweetness of childhood nostalgia, alongside the belief of bringing good fortune upon wearing. Who wouldn't want a little charm in their life anyway?

Simply described, these are gold jewellery meant to be worn around one's wrists, which have different decorative features attached to them. 

You have the total freedom to choose your own charms you want to wear on your bracelet, whether it is a little heart pendant you got from your high school sweetheart or a tiny gold durian charm you bought for fun. It's all up to you to DIY a charm bracelet, giving you all the freedom to work your own charm of your imagination. 

Let's walk down memory lane of gold charm bracelets.

If we did a look back on history, gold charm bracelets go way back in the timeline around 600-400 BC. Many believe that practices of wearing various charms must have begun as a way to create a protective shield against evil entities that could potentially bring bad luck. 

Eventually, the purpose of wearing them became blurred as people started getting creative with what charms they attached to their bracelets to make them look aesthetically pleasing. 

In ancient Egypt, wearers of charm bracelets were seen as capable of achieving a better afterlife. 

In the Victorian era, which was marked during queen Victoria's reign from 1837 to 1901, these charm bracelets made a huge leap in popularity. The Queen had an unmistakable fondness for gold charm bracelets.

One of the most famous among her gold accessories was her gold charm bracelets with sixteen lockets, each of which had a different aesthetic in design. The lockets were oval and heart-shaped with accents in black engraved and enamelled into them. The charms, in this case, the lockets of her bracelets, consisted of a small reminder of her loved ones by a photograph or by a lock of their hair.

Now that you have taken a little walk down the history lane of these fabulous bracelets, let us show you the options you can try when purchasing these. 

Listed below are the various types of gold charm bracelets designed to fit the diverse clientele with great taste. We will talk about each of them in detail to give you a comprehensible idea about all of them.

  1. Short-Links Gold Charm Bracelets
  2. Chunky Links Gold Charm Bracelets
  3. Elongated Links Gold Charm Bracelets
  4. Cuff Gold charm bracelets
  5. Gold Bangle Charm Bracelets
  6. Rope Gold Charm Bracelets
  7. Snake Gold Charm Bracelets
  1. Short Links Gold Charm Bracelets

You can consider this the authentic type of gold charm bracelet, which managed to win the hearts of gold lovers everywhere.

Some people consider the short links gold charm bracelet the ultimate OG of gold charm bracelets. The gold short links connected together resemble a chain, which will effortlessly fall around your wrist, with their relatively lightweight feel.

You can shop or rummage through your memory box to find the charms you want to add and connect them easily to different short links so that your bracelets have charms all around 


They can be easily paired with any look, whether it is brunch on a Sunday morning, a night out with the girls or a casual dinner with your loved one. 

  1. Chunky Links Gold Charm Bracelets

These bracelets are similar to the classic short link, with the only difference being the gold links having a thicker design.

This type of bracelet is perfect if you are opting for a much bolder golden look while going out. The chunky links can immediately draw attention to your hands, giving them just the right amount of bling. A chunky links gold charm bracelet is best worn to accentuate simple but elegant wear like a pantsuit or a long or knee-length dress.

One thing to keep in mind with this type of charm bracelet is making sure not to overcrowd it with other accessories, as it is quite unmistakable and is enough to make you stand out. The trick to accessorize perfectly every time is to keep it minimalistic when wearing chunky links gold bracelet, so the spotlight shines where it needs to be.

If you choose to wear other gold accessories, wear them to flatter each other rather than to overwhelm you so that you will have a rather splendid look.

  1. Elongated Links Gold Charm Bracelets

This is basically renewed version of a short-link gold chain bracelet. 

The extended links give your gold wear a much sleek and clean look when worn. The elongated style has been popular among most jewellery adorers, not just for gold charm bracelets but also for necklaces. Choosing this will give you the space to modernize the classic short link just enough. 

However, just like the classic short-link gold charm bracelet, the elongated type could be happily married with all kinds of outfits day or night. Because of the modern cutting-edge appeal of the design, you could even wear this to your office and your client meeting.

 It will give you a perfect way to wear your charms while looking professional and confident in yourself.

  1. Cuff Gold Charm Bracelets

This is a type of gold charm bracelet which will probably never go out of style.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a cuff type we are referring to here is a gold charm bracelet, which wraps around the wrist incompletely with a small opening. This finite circle in the bracelet makes it easier to slide it over your hand on top, giving it a modern, fresh appeal.

But don't let the modern look fool you, as this type of gold charm bracelet has been worn for a long time by ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Romans and Chinese as an indicator of social class and also to symbolize protection from bad energy.

Today it has not declined in popularity as many cultures have found an appreciation for this unique golden beauty as well. Fitting for all occasions, these are better worn with long sleeves or on a bare arm to accentuate your natural features through the gold charm bracelets.

  1. Gold Bangle Charm Bracelets

These are similar to the cuff gold charm bracelets in shape but go around the whole wrist in an infinite circle once clasped safely.

If you are already a die-hard fan of bangle bracelets, you are going to love it in the form of a gold charm bracelet. It has a simple and elegant appeal, which means there more room for your lucky charms to shine bright to stand out. 

This is the type you want if you are worried that your gold charms will overwhelm your bracelet, as the bangle will not disappoint.

  1. Rope Gold Charm Bracelets

This type is, again, a classic style and is already on fire in the jewellery market. If you are one of the lovers of rope gold necklaces and rope gold bracelets, this will fit right up your alley!

When it comes down to boldness, this sits right between the chunky gold charm bracelet and the elongated gold charm bracelet. The unique rope-like design is a nice change of pace if you are always opting for classic jewellery and looking to divert to more modern styles but are not sure where to start.

Moreover, if you don't want to splurge on solid gold right away, you can go for a hollow gold rope to wear your new gold charm bracelet to where your heart desires.

  1. Snake Gold Charm Bracelets

If you want to channel your inner Cleopatra through your jewellery wear, this is the type of gold charm bracelet you should grab. Ancient Egyptians are famous for their legendary love for snake jewellery which birthed out of representation of divinity and royalty.

They are also symbols of passion, sexuality and prosperity among wearers. This can add a touch of femme fatale or homme fatale to your overall look when worn well. This snake gold charm bracelet would be a better fit for you if the charms you want also have a style of ancient jewellery.

The snake-like design will give you that edgy cool vibe while complimenting your lucky charms. However, this type of gold bracelet is better to be worn for casual wear rather than formal wear as it gives a hint of playfulness beneath that snake exterior.

 So these are the different types of gold charm bracelets you can try to level up your fashion game while also keeping your sentiments and favourites close to your heart- well, in this case, your wrist. They can range from classic, modern and sleek to edgy and cool in style, all equally worth your investment as they upgrade your everyday looks.

Depending on your preferences, personal style and fashion aspirations, you are free to make your choice and find the gold charm bracelet that is a perfect fit for you.