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Things you need to know before buying gold jewellery

Things you need to know before buying gold jewellery

What is jewellery?

The word "jewels" derives from the word "toy". A jeweller creates, sells, and repairs jewellery. A goldsmith is someone who makes gold jewellery, and this occupation is seen prominently in Asian countries. The most basic sort of jewellery differs widely between cultures.

A wide variety of materials can make jewellery, including gold and silver. Shells, bones, pebbles, tusks, claws, and wood have all been regarded rare and beautiful, as have precious metals, precious and semiprecious stones, pearls, corals, enamels, vitreous pastes, and ceramics. They were produced manually or automatically. Handmade jewellery is more expensive than machine-made jewellery. 

Throughout history, jewellery has been worn as a show of social standing and a talisman to ward off evil and bring good fortune. A ruby ring, for example, was supposed to impart virtue, defend against seduction, and prevent effervescence in water—but only if worn on the left hand.

What is gold jewellery?

Beautiful and versatile, gold is the standard for most jewellery. It's also the softest metal, making it unsuitable for pure jewellery. The karat is the gold standard. 24-carat gold is pure gold, meaning 24 parts gold. Gold is alloyed with other metals to make it stronger. It's made up of a lot of gold and a few other alloys. 10K gold is more substantial, with ten gold to fourteen other alloys.

Copper and silver are alloys with yellow gold. Green gold is made by mixing gold with copper, silver, and zinc. White gold is made by mixing pure gold with copper, zinc, nickel, or palladium.

Yellow has long been connected with gold. White gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds. A glossy metal that enhances the brightness and strength of gold is used to coat white gold jewellery. Contrary to popular belief, white gold is not interchangeable with platinum. The whiteness of white gold and platinum varies.

Some jewellery items combine white and yellow gold for a lovely two-tone effect. Yellow, white, and rose gold are also available.

Gold has long been seen as a safe haven and household investment. Experts advise investors to diversify their risk by investing in gold rather than solely gold. Partly, this is because gold doesn't always pay off. The coronavirus outbreak forced investors to put their money in havens other than volatile corporate stocks, but this isn't the typical annual return gold gives. Gold prices only doubled in value during the last decade. Physical gold and digital gold are two of the most common ways to invest in gold.

Identifying the type of jewellery you want to purchase




In a showroom with many gold jewellery designs and wonder what to buy. While what you see will influence your ultimate decision, knowing what type of jewellery you want before going shopping is crucial. Take a look at the jewellery that you already have. Are you going for a similar one? How do you dress? Is it a special event you are getting yourself prepared for? For a special event you should be aware of the current fashion trends. Looking at online jewellery websites is a terrific method to obtain an idea of the hottest designs without leaving your house.

What we want may be out of style or replaced by something more powerful. 
Head over to our shop located at City Plaza! Take a feel and test out these beautiful gold jewelleries.

We've done extensive research for you, and if you do need any help with picking out or even sizing, Starlight Jewellery's on site staff will be here for you.

Understand the colour variation you will opt for

We all are aware of the fact that, gold jewellery has a wide range when it comes to colors. Rose gold, white gold and there are a few more that can add to the charm of an ornament. Aside from personal preference, keep in mind these suggestions. In contrast, an antique or bronze finish can transform a lehenga or suit. White gold accessories with go well with the western attires. If you choose studded jewellery, it’s better to pick those that could be paired with multiple attires.

How pure your gold is?




It is well known that the purest gold is 24 karat gold. Gold is exceedingly malleable at its maximum pure level. That is why it is mixed to make alloys, often a mixture of copper and silver . The above mentioned alloy can make your gold jewellery durable. When gold goes through this alloying process, it becomes 22 kt or lesser. It typically leads to a shift in pricing and also in the resale value of gold jewellery. To ensure you obtain your money's actual worth, only purchase gold jewellery certified BIS 916hallmark. This certification verifies the purity level of your jewellery, giving you the total genuine price should you ever wish to sell or exchange it. (Ornament or jewellery made of 916 gold is BIS hallmarked. That's 91.6 g of pure gold per 100 g of gold. It certifies jewellers who make BIS 916 gold jewellery)

Price of the gold

Everyone with the experience in buying gold jewellery knows that the prices of gold and the price of gold jewellery are not the same. In general, the actual cost of a piece of jewellery is substantially more than the gold rate. Ask for a breakdown of the final price without immediately accepting the initial quote given. Take a look and compare pricing between the jewellery shops. The same necklace or bangles may not be found in two different showrooms. But you will find ones at least closer to those in karat or weight. These may give you a better idea about the pricing differences. 

It is challenging to forecast gold price declines. While prices are generally standard, there may be occasional deviations. Before buying gold, check local rates. Gold's price fluctuates daily, dependent on market rates. Starlight Jewellery accurates our items to provide accurate rates to customers. To understand how the cost is calculated, feel free to contact us!

Mark of identification

The Hallmark or KDM seal on pure gold jewellery certifies its purity. This is a very significant embossing on the inside of most ornaments that makes sure of purity. Solicit this mark from the retailer. We will never sell any jewellery without this mark. Instead of a purity mark, some vendors may provide you with a purity certificate. But keep in mind that, the certificate is worthless without the purity mark. Only precious stones can use this designation. Only a purity certificate with a rating is given for valuable stones.

Get and keep your invoice.




An invoice is required for many reasons. To calculate capital gains tax, our customers will need to know the purchase price of gold. The invoice is also helpful in case of a future dispute. 

Check the weight of your gold before purchasing.

Check the gold weight if there are any studded things. If you have any questions from Starlight Jewellery. We are always available to provide you the answers! Diamonds and emeralds are frequently set in gold jewellery, and have different charges all to themselves. We understand gold isn't like groceries. While they has become exceedingly desirable and costly. All item's prices will be carefully broken down accurately when making your purchase with Starlight Jewellery.

Bargaining is no sin!

When buying gold jewellery, it is vital to understand that we do include manufacturing charges. Starlight Jewellery is able to offer a certain amount of fees and discounts here. We are also able to offer discount code to offset your total cost price! Bargaining is no sin!

Man-made and machine-made jewellery



In this age of mass production, it is usual to see machine-made jewellery. Machine-made ornaments are cheaper than hand-made ornaments since manufacturing costs are lower. All our 916 gold pieces are made professionally with love and care, and making sure all items are beautiful and best in its production quality.

A trusted vendor.

Choosing the best and most reliable vendor is crucial when buying pricey jewellery. We take pride in our good reputation, to provide the most accurate valuation of our gold jewellery, which is vital, we understand most of our customers might not be able to evaluate the authenticity of gemstones, diamonds, or gold. Whether small diamond studs or a massive gold necklace, jewellery is a significant investment. Starlight Jewellery aims to do our best to provide the most accurate pricing for these timeless pieces, and to assure our customers that they will be satisfied with their purchases.

Create a budget that you can fit in

Knowing your financial limit is crucial. It will help you narrow down your alternatives and give you an idea of the type of jewellery to seek. A little extra on your favourite gems is always a good idea, but going over budget on impulsive purchases isn't? Starlight Jewellery tries our best to offer installment plans that includes Grab Paylater and Atome for installment payment for our customers to split your payments comfortably and pay with bite-size amounts!

Think twice before going for stone-studded jewellery

Do you prefer precious or semiprecious stone jewellery to plain gold? We recommend best that our customers always check the net gold weight before purchasing stone-studded jewellery.

Always ask for the net gold and stones breakdown. Because gemstone jewellery involves sophisticated patterns and designs, production fees may be different from each design.