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Best Tips to select gold wedding ring in Singapore

Best Tips to select gold wedding ring in Singapore

A wedding is a special occasion in a person’s life. They are grand affairs which will take your relationship with your loved one to the next level. Taking vows and exchanging the rings afterwards is a tradition in wedding ceremonies. What is the importance of a gold wedding ring? It indicates the society that you are already married. At the same time, it reminds you of your commitment towards your loved one. 

When it comes to a marriage ceremony in Singapore, wedding rings are an important part of it. We are proud to announce that; Starlight is the go-to store for creating a customized gold wedding ring for you. This article will discuss what you should consider when buying a gold wedding ring in Singapore. We hope that these factors will help.


Go shopping for a gold wedding ring with your loved one.


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When planning a wedding, certain decisions cannot be taken as a couple. But, it is better to carry out the process of choosing wedding rings as a couple. It might not take more than a couple of days to finalize a perfect gold wedding ring. We advise you to visit several reputed jewellers and zero down on the best.

What is the benefit of this? You will be able to go through and check out multiple designs. Hence you can choose what attract you the most. Currently, the trends have changed. Purchasing identical or matching rings is no longer the trend. According to tradition, the groom has to buy a ring for the bride, and the bride has to buy a gold wedding ring for the groom. 


Be as practical as possible.


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Are you a person who works a lot with your hands? If so, we advise you to get a gold wedding ring that won’t disturb your work. If you work a lot with your hands, we recommend not attaching diamonds or other stones to your gold wedding ring. But why? The stones may loosen or catch dirt if you continue wearing the ring while working.

Therefore, always be practical when you are purchasing a ring. Are you planning to wear it always? What is your job? How often will your ring be touched with hard surfaces? We advise you to answer all these questions before buying your gold wedding ring.


Give priority to your style.


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Normally, when shopping for accessories, we always consider what we already own. We should apply the same theory even when purchasing a gold wedding ring. You should not go for something similar to what you possess. Ask several questions from yourself. What kind of gold do you prefer? Is it yellow, white or rose? What kind of a stone would you like to have in your ring?  

What is your taste, and how can you identify your style? To do this, look at the jewellery you already possess. It will give you a clear idea about what your taste is. Then, shop accordingly. Why is it important to consider your taste during shopping? A gold wedding ring will stay with you as a part of you for a long time. Hence, choosing a piece that goes in hand with your style is important. 


Don’t delay your shopping.


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This is a popular question. When should you start shopping for the wedding ring? Is it one month before the wedding, or is it two months? Exactly when? As experts, we suggest you shop for a gold wedding ring six months before the wedding. It will give the jewellery maker plenty of time to focus on your ring.

You should not keep choosing a ring as the last thing to complete before your wedding. If you are already engaged, you should know by now that finding an engagement ring is not easy and takes time. The same goes for a wedding ring. You may have to go to many sellers. At the same time, you may have to spend a lot of time at these shops. A gold wedding ring is something that you will keep with you throughout your life. Hence you can’t select a ring in haste. You should give the process enough time.


Fix your budget.


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How much are you willing to spend on your gold wedding ring? Finalizing this will help you when you start shopping. Keeping at least 4% of your wedding budget for your rings is recommended. Let us give you a small tip to save you money. This is especially for people who might prefer a platinum wedding ring. Did you know that white gold looks similar to platinum? The good news is, although they look similar, white gold is way cheaper than platinum. 

When shopping for your wedding ring, you can save considerable money if you spend enough time finding the ideal one. How? If you go for designer rings from big brands, it will cost you a lot. Some great jewellers will provide you with the best gold wedding ring at a much more affordable price. 



 Let us conclude. It is not always an easy task to select a wedding ring. The process involves two people, so it will take longer than expected. It will help if you are familiar with the styles and the designs before shopping. 

You can also purchase your rings online. It will save you time, and a huge advantage is that you can compare the prices from different stores. But there are a few disadvantages as well. You will not be able to feel the ring that you choose. You can achieve this only by going to a reputable jewellery shop.