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916 Gold Everlasting Ring


Product Description
This 916 Gold Everlasting Ring has a flat shape and a hammered texture with an exceptional matte finish. This gold ring is carefully forged Starlight Jewellery's artisan by hand with love. With its cuts reflecting its beautiful 22k Gold, its the ring that will shine better than any. A contemporary wedding ring or a piece of simply stylish gold jewellery for the ladies of today.

Product Info

  • 22K/916 Gold
  • Ring Size Guide: Asia (HK) 
  • Size  6 Est: 3.70gm
  • Size  9 Est: 3.70gm 
  • Size 12 Est: 3.80gm 
  • Size 14 Est: 3.90gm 
  • Size 16 Est: 4.10gm 
  • Size 17 Est: 4.20gm 
  • Size 18 Est: 4.10gm 
  • Size 19 Est: 4.30gm 
  • Size 20 Est: 4.20gm
  • Size 22 Est: 4.50gm 
  • Size 24 Est: 4.70gm 
  • Size 26 Est: 4.90gm