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916 Gold Hollow Rope Necklace (4mm/46cm/59cm/62cm/71cm)

Est: 12.90gm / 46cm / 4mm
Est: 15.80gm / 59cm / 4mm
Est: 17.10gm / 62cm / 4mm
Est: 18.10gm / 71cm / 4mm
Product Description

A classic 916 gold necklace for men and ladies in its scene. Starlight Jewellery's 916 Gold Hollow Rope Chain has a charm that will sparkle on it's own. A statement necklaces that will bring out your neck game! Pair it with our 916 Hollow Rope Bracelet to complete your look! Want to take a better look at beautiful piece, or hey, try it on along side other beautiful gold Jewellery? Head to our gold shop at City Plaza!

Product Info
  • 22K / 916 Gold Necklace 
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Est width 4mm
  • Est: 12.90gm / Length: 46cm
  • Est: 15.80gm / Length: 59cm
  • Est: 17.10gm / Length: 62cm
  • Est: 18.10gm / Length: 71cm