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916 Gold Fishbone Bracelet (5mm Series)

Est: 4.40gm / 16.5cm / 4gm series
Est: 4.60gm / 17cm / 4gm series
Est: 4.80gm / 18cm / 4gm series
Est: 4.90gm / 18.5cm/ 4gm series
Est: 5.10gm / 16cm / 5gm series
Est: 5.10gm / 17cm / 5gm series
Est: 5.60gm / 18cm / 5gm series
Est: 5.60gm / 18.5cm / 5gm series
Est: 5.80gm / 19cm / 5gm series

Product Description
An amazing piece of gold jewellery to add to your collection is this 916 Gold Fishbone Bracelet. Crafted with genuine 916 gold. Combine it with other gold bracelets for a statement look or wear it alone for a minimalist look. 
Whether you want to give it to a loved one or to yourself, this is the perfect gift!

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Product Info

  • 22K / 916 Gold Bracelet
  • Lobster Claps 
  • Est (Width) 5mm

4gm Series

  • Est: 4.40gm / 16.5cm/5mm
  • Est: 4.60gm / 17.0cm/5mm
  • Est: 4.80gm / 18.0cm/5mm
  • Est: 4.90gm / 18.5cm/5mm

5gm Series

  • Est: 5.10gm / 16cm/ 5mm
  • Est: 5.10gm / 17cm/ 5mm
  • Est: 5.60gm / 18cm/5mm
  • Est: 5.60gm / 18.5cm/ 5mm
  • Est: 5.80gm / 19cm/ 5mm