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916 Gold Dollar Vault Ring


Product Description

Starlight Jewellery's 916 Gold Dollar Vault Ring is an effortlessly bold statement, a gold ring for men. Whether you wear it alone or together. Crafted with care with 916 gold, this gold ring perfectly combines simplicity with a powerful design. Customize your ring game and get this gorgeous gold ring before it’s out of stock!

Product Info

S16 Est: 6.14gm $828

S17 Est: 614gm $828

S18 Est: 6.19gm $838

S19 Est: 6.19gm $838

S20 Est: 5.81gm $798

S21 Est: 5.81gm $798

S22 Est:5.99gm $808

S23 Est:5.99gm $808

S24 Est:6.01gm $812

S25 Est:6.01gm $812