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How to select perfect gold wedding ring

How to select perfect gold wedding ring

Throughout human history, a gold ring used in weddings has represented love, devotion, and commitment. This practice dates back to ancient times and can be found prevalently in most different cultures. In many cultures, wedding rings are revered as holy jewellery that holds great significance.

Purchasing a wedding band is significantly different from buying an engagement ring. There is typically no element of surprise involved when it comes to the act of a couple purchasing their wedding ring jointly. Both sides have reached a reasonable judgment based on practical considerations. In addition, it is frequently the most significant piece of jewellery that the two of you will purchase together, and it is a display of your love and personal style, values, and beliefs.

We are a well-known jewellery store in Singapore, and on our blog, we write about things that we adore and that we hope you will enjoy. So today, let us tell you how to choose the perfect gold wedding ring.


Gold is a standard option; however, you might not be aware that there are various distinct varieties of gold to select from including the options such as yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 


Take your budget into consideration.


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When looking for wedding rings, you should go into the process with a firm idea of your spending limit. It will assist you in finding a wedding ring within your price range, but it will also help you avoid disappointment. If you go into the jewellery store without a specific spending limit in mind, you risk falling in love with an item that is significantly more expensive than what you can afford.

Your hunt for a ring will go more smoothly if you establish a spending limit beforehand. It is recommended that you set aside between three and five per cent of the entire budget to pay for the ring. Putting a spending limit before looking for a wedding ring will help you narrow down your options.

As opposed to platinum, white gold is a preferable option to go with if your spending limit is relatively modest. White gold rings are far cheaper than platinum rings, even though both metals are virtually identical.

There is a widespread misunderstanding that it will be more expensive for you to create your own wedding ring from the ground up. Because of the many years of experience that we have, we are aware that purchasing a bespoke ring does not necessarily result in an increase in the total cost.

 Make the right choice.

 What kind of ring do you plan to purchase? Make your selections for the ring's metal, color, and size. You might begin with a metal and then look at the various style possibilities available, like a channel set, a half-round, etc. Last but not least, check out the available sizes and make a purchase.

Take quality into consideration.


Gold wedding ring


Because a wedding band is an investment, a symbol of love, and one of those gifts that long last, you need to ensure that material of exceptional quality is used to manufacture the ring. It will be in your best interest to purchase an engagement ring from an accredited, reputable jeweller.

You may buy the wedding rings online, and there is a money-back guarantee and a free return policy. Make sure that you verify the quality mark and the manufacturer's trademark that is located inside the band. By the way, Starlight holds the reputation for being the best in Singapore.

 Shop with your partner

Because you will both be wearing wedding rings, it is a pleasant opportunity for the two of you to partake in this activity related to wedding planning. When it comes to purchasing wedding bands, we always recommend that couples do so together. Both parties need to be involved to ensure that they end up with something they like and that they enjoy the process. In addition to being a great and joyful experience, it is something that partners in a relationship should do jointly at some point during their journey.

Going shopping together can also help you zero in on the ring style most suited to your taste. Having each other there can also be beneficial when reducing your choices for "the one" to a more manageable number. It is common for our couples to consult one another to determine what clothes and accessories complement each other.

 Talk and be honest with the jeweler

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You may rely on jewelers to assist you. If you are straightforward and honest with your budget, they will be able to direct you in the right direction. Ask them if they have any forthcoming bridal events or promotions because they may give a special gift with purchase, preferred pricing, and sometimes even a glass of champagne during your visit to make the experience even more delightful. Do not be hesitant to ask questions if you are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed by the process of shopping for a ring.

Jewelers are the professionals when it comes to answering questions like which precious metals complement your lifestyle the most or which ring style is superior. If you tell the specialist in charge of your wedding band what you have in mind, they will be able to assist you come up with innovative ideas and solutions. If you put in the effort and put in the time, you can do almost anything.

 Shop for the wedding ring as early as possible

To ensure sufficient time for the rings to be crafted, we always recommend that our customers start looking for wedding rings at least six months before the big day. Organizing a wedding requires a significant amount of preparation, and the week leading up to the big day will be filled with a lot of little things to think about and stress about. You don't have to put the wedding rings at the bottom of the list if you don't want to. Finding the ideal wedding band requires the same amount of patience as searching for the perfect engagement ring.

You could want to go to a few different merchants, but you could also take your time at a single jewellery store and consider things there. Because you intend to keep this on your ring finger for the rest of your life, you must select the ideal ring.

 Purchase a ring that compliments your engagement ring

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 Every pair should start their collection of love jewels with an engagement ring. When it comes time to choose wedding bands, couples can select rings that coordinate with the engagement ring or opt for a whole different style altogether. Most women prefer to wear their wedding and engagement bands concurrently, side by side. If you are interested in doing the same thing, you should choose rings that either complement or contribute to the look of the engagement ring.

If you already have a sophisticated engagement ring, enhancing your ring finger with a plain band studded with diamonds is the ideal complement to your existing jewellery. If the ring you exchanged for your promise was not particularly elaborate, you might want to consider purchasing an expensive gold ring to wear during the wedding. Just ensure that the new ring does not compete for attention with the engagement ring's band and that the metals are the same. You also can purchase wedding bands that are brand new designs that conform to the most recent fashion trends.

 Choose rings that are easy to be resized

Wedding rings resizing process is something that married couples should pay close attention to because wedding rings are meant to be worn year-round and even for a lifetime. There would be moments when the ring would get tighter as the body swelled after a workout or during particular periods of the year, and there would be occasions when the bands would go looser as the fingers got smaller during the winter months.

In addition, it's common for women to put on weight during pregnancy and then shed those extra pounds after giving birth. When it comes to choosing wedding rings, couples need to make sure they take these things into consideration. The vast majority of specialists in the field of jewelry advocate purchasing rings with adjustable shanks. It is suggested that you go out and get a ring that can be easily adjusted to either a lower or larger size.


To summarize, if you put some thought, planning, and effort into the decision-making process, you can always end up with the most beautiful wedding rings. When the couple has enough time for it, they can pay attention to every detail, and when they know what they want, they can cover all the bases in terms of the many aspects. Whether it's about the price range, the type of ring settings, making an online purchase of rings, or deciding on a design for a bespoke wedding band, both partners need to have a conversation and reach an agreement on the individual and couple-level decisions. I really hope that you find these suggestions for purchasing wedding rings to be helpful.