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How to protect your gold jewelry correctly

How to protect your gold jewelry correctly

The glimmer and luster of gold pieces of jewelry captivate the attraction of people more than jewelry made of any other metal; hence, people are in awe of those. We can consider gold jewellery a classic adornment, and we don't see any change in it shortly. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a gold necklace or a traditional gold wedding necklace; there's something undeniably beautiful about the understated sophistication that gold ornaments brings to an outfit.

If you are the proud owner of some attractive gold ornaments, you would love to wear it whenever possible. Doing so makes it very normal for the color of your gold jewellery to change or dull over time. Because of this, gold jewelries needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and last as long as possible.

 This article will discuss how to protect and clean your gold jewelries. At the same time, we are ready to tell you what to avoid.


Clean your gold ornaments regularly using warm, soapy water.

Clean your gold jewellery regularly using warm, soapy water

  You will use ornaments such as necklaces and rings made of gold regularly. But, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Using gold jewellery constantly could acquire dirt from the environment and oils from your body. These oils and dirt won't immediately affect gold items but will make a difference in how they look in the long run. As a result, you should make it a habit to clean your items regularly to retain their luster.

 Let us teach you a method. A safe and well-known method worldwide is, submerging your gold items in warm, soapy water for an extended period. When choosing soap, it is advised to use a mild dish soap that doesn't have any added ingredients in it. After keeping your gold item soaked in water for a couple of hours, remove the items and wash them thoroughly with clean water. When drying, use a soft cloth, but avoid paper goods, as these can scratch and damage gold jewellery. Take your time in carrying out this process, and we advise you to clean your jewelries properly.


Use of ammonia to clean gold ornaments.

Use of ammonia to clean gold ornaments.


     Put your gold items into a basin. Make sure this basin contains three parts lukewarm water and 1 part ammonia. Then comes the polishing part, and use a toothbrush for this. After rinsing with clean water, allow the air to dry.

     But here is something that you should be careful of, especially when dealing with white gold jewellery utilizing this method (when gold is combined with several additional elements, the resulting alloy is known as white gold). In most cases, a layer of rhodium is added on top of white gold jewellery, giving the piece of jewellery a shimmering appearance. But here is the trick! If you rub white gold too vigorously, you risk damaging the rhodium coating.


    Do not use chemicals that can harm your gold items.

    Do not use chemicals that can harm your gold items.

      Although they are fantastic for house cleaning, household cleaners should not be used on gold jewellery. The reason is that; they can tarnish your gold jewelries. Gold pieces should be kept away from harsh chemicals, such as chlorine. When gold is exposed to chlorine, the precious metal gradually loses its strength and faces the risk of being cracked.

    Did you know that most of these household cleaners I am talking about have abrasives and acids? Both of these are immensely harmful to gold jewelries. Finally, if you are swimming in a pool, we advise you to put any gold jewellery aside so it won't get damaged.


    Get your valuable gold jewelries cleaned by a professional cleaner.

    Get your valuable gold jewelries cleaned by a professional cleaner.

     Having your pieces professionally cleaned as frequently as you should clean them at home is unnecessary. You can ensure that your gold jewellery lasts a long time by taking them to a jeweler once or twice a year. Let us also point out that cleaning your jewellery pieces at home is the best way to ensure they remain pristine.

     Why take your gold jewellery to professionals for cleaning? Because of their extensive understanding of the metal and the irritants that they may cause, experienced jewelers are an extremely valuable asset. At the same time, they will be able to provide you with further information on how to care for your gold jewelries properly, and you can get it examined more carefully with a skilled eye. When you get your jewellery cleaned by a professional, they will fix any loose stones or prongs and examine it carefully for any scratches you may have missed at home.


    Store your gold items in a jewellery box.

    Store your gold items in a jewellery box

      No matter what you do to clean your gold items, it would help if you kept them in a well-organized ornament box. At the same time, you should protect gold jewellery without allowing those to rub against each other or scratch them if they are stored in this manner. Adding a layer of defense by wrapping each piece of gold jewellery in a gentle fabric will ensure its safety.



     Gold is a long-lasting and resilient material, but it is vulnerable to damage if handled forcefully. Gold's shine can gradually fade over time if it is frequently subjected to elements such as dust, sweat, and cosmetics. Therefore, make it a habit to clean your gold ornaments regularly.

     Finally, make sure that you check your gold items regularly for any signs of damage or weakness, and then take it to an expert jeweler as soon as possible to have it repaired. It is just as vital to clean properly as it is to store things correctly. When you're not wearing your gold jewellery, keep it secure by putting it in a jewellery box or wrapping it in a cotton cloth when it's not in use.