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How to organize your gold jewellery at home

How to organize your gold jewellery at home

Why do we value the proper storage and organising of our jewellery the most? Many would raise their hands and say that they want their precious gold jewellery to be free of damage. No one wants their those to be tangled as well. But, we have seen some people not paying attention to this fact and just throwing their jewellery into a heap once they are done using those. It's general knowledge that the items in your collection are different in both sizes and shapes. Therefore, they are required to be organised and kept separately. Let us give you an example. Usually, you will most probably have more earrings when considering necklaces. 

 How you organise the earrings is different compared to organising the necklaces. At the same time, before diving into the real facts, let us give you a tip. Always try to keep your what you possess well-organised and at a place close to where you are dressing up. It will allow you to match your jewellery with your outfits and wear the most appropriate ones for a certain occasion.

What steps should you take if you have a lot of gold jewellery?

 gold jewellery collection

Firstly, identify what gold jewellery you are frequently wearing. Then try to identify what your storage options are. But what if your box you have is not large enough to hold all of your gold jewellery pieces if you have a lot with you? If that is the case, you will have to seek alternative solutions. Do you have sufficient counter space, or will you need to be more inventive with wall space or drawers?

Using jewellery trays

 Gold  jewellery collection

If you have more space, we think that this is an awesome way that you can utilize for storing jewels. You will need a few trays, comparable to those you would get in a store, to store items in partitioned drawers. Velvet is a perfect option that you could use here. With a consistent solid background, it will be easy to scan all of your things and quickly zero in on the one you're looking for, thanks to the texture, which also helps prevent your belongings from sliding around.

Trays fit beautifully in most drawers and can be stacked to accommodate more pieces. At the same time, these trays preserve your jewellery in good condition because they provide "each piece with its place," preventing your belongings from becoming scratched while it is being stored. When you have gold jewellery, safety is a major concern. Therefore, we recommend installing a lock on it as an additional layer of protection against theft.

Consider stacking your jewellery in tiered trays.

Stacker boxes are a good alternative if you don't have enough drawer space for jewellery storage. They may be combined in various ways, another advantage of having them. Here you can build a unique unit to match your collection. Several types of stackable boxes also rank among the finest closet organisers when making the most of the space in your closet.

Locking up jewellery in a safe

Locking up jewellery in a safe

A partitioned safe is an excellent storage and protection choice, especially when you have valuable gold jewellery. One of the best ways to protect one's collection from being broken or lost is to assign a specific location to each piece in the collection. Additionally, one must take into account the issue of safety. A safe can secure your valuable possessions if the worst-case scenario occurs and robbers break into your home.

Start using jewellery in ring dishes.

gold rings

If you take your rings while cooking or before going to bed, you might want to think about having a few ring dishes at key locations throughout your home. You won't only spare yourself from forgetting where you took them off but also save your valuable possessions from ending up in the bathroom sink or beneath your bed.

Purchasing a jewellery armoire or mirror

Gold  jewellery showcase


If you have a large collection of gold jewellery and have the space for it, investing in an armoire dedicated to storing all of your precious belongings is a solution that takes care of everything at once. These stand-alone pieces of furniture feature several compartments, including drawers, and you can use these to store a wide variety of things. You might also consider purchasing a mirrored cabinet, which is attached to the wall like a mirror but opens up to provide storage space for your gold jewellery instead.

Using a rotating stand that can display jewellery

lot of necklaces

If you have a lot of necklaces, rotating organisers are yet another fantastic idea for storing your gold jewellery collection. These displays allow storing a substantial amount of your gold while facilitating easy access to all of it. Many of them feature a different type of storage on each side, allowing you to flip and view all of your rings, necklaces, earrings, etc., as you go.

Using divided jewellery organizers

gold jewellery organizers


Use drawers that come with several sections and slots so that you can organise your gold jewellery by their category. Make use of drawer inserts designed specifically for the purpose or dividers that allow you to personalise the interior of a drawer. It would help to label each area so that your gold jewellery is always placed in the appropriate location.


If you keep your gold jewellery jumbled in trays or bowls, you risk losing, damaging or scratching those and getting your necklaces knotted up. If you create a decent plan for organising your jewellery, you will easily find your favourites, and you won't have to waste time looking for your favourite jewellery.

There are three excellent ways to organise your jewellery, and the one you choose will depend on whether you want to display your most prized pieces or keep everything concealed. Consider from the above options that we have provided what suits you the most.