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916 Nova Sparkling Pendant

Pendant + Hollow Rope Chain
Pendant + Dillah Flat Chain

Product Description

This is a beautifully crafted pendant. Made for everyday wear or on special occasions. Do not underestimate the simplicity of Starlight's 916 Nova Sparkling Pendant. Just like the name suggest, it will make it's wearer sparkle for sure.

Product Info


  • 22K Gold
  • Est 1.55gm

Hollow Rope Chain

  • 22K Gold
  • EST 3.5gm
  • 46cm/2mm

Dillah Chain 

  • 22K Gold
  • EST 2.7gm
  • 48cm


Pendant : $268

Pendant + Hollow Rope Necklace : $638

Pendant + Dillah Flat Chain : $568