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Things you need to know before buying gold jewellery

999 Gold or 916 Gold

999 Gold or 916 Gold

999 Gold or would a 916 Gold be better?

Whether you decided to buy your special someone or simply want a little gift for yourself, or hey! Update your jewellery collection, buying gold is not a decision taken lightly. Especially when it comes down to selecting your Gold in 999 or the 916 variations.

In this post we'll do our best to share with you the correct choice of purchase.

Gold Jewellery and other gold accessories gain sentimental value over time, especially passing them down generation to generation, so its value is much, much more than a simple fashion accessory,
Yes, our top recommended pieces are always timeless design that can last for years, and still look great no matter the person or choice of fashion.

Gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold rings and other types of gold jewellery usually come in a variety of different purity levels. The most common ones are the 916 Gold and 999 Gold which is the purest form of gold on sale here in Starlight Jewellery

999 Gold or 916 Gold

This is a question we get a lot, which one is better for me. In short, there's no better choice, but for which occasion. 

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999 Gold Luxe Ring
999 Gold Luxe Locket Ring

999 Gold or 24K Gold refers to the a very pure form of gold, with a pure gold content of 99.9% that is not mixed with additional metals. Therefore, it is soft and delicate. It is also a piece that is more likely to bend and warp easily. Yet It is also the most expensive due to its purity.

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916 Gold Coco Bracelet
916 Gold Bell Bracelet

But what makes 999 Gold so high in demand? This is a piece that's the best type to do a gold jewellery trade in for cash, and the best gift to pass down the memory with, perhaps for your daughter's marriage, a gift to your loving mother.
We recommend these symbolic gifts the most with yes, the 999 Gold.

916 Gold, or 22K Gold is the most common purity for gold jewellery in the market. Its also one of the most demand in our store. Its usually stronger and tougher than 999 gold, making it more suitable for exciting jewellery designs. Together, it is mixed with other metals, so it can be used to produce beautiful colors like rose gold and even white gold which are usually paired beautifully with the diamond on top. 


916 Gold jewellery usually offers a beautiful, yellow glow that is amazing to dress for the evening. It is often the most solid choice for daily rings, yes, it's the more durable choice to go, especially if you are concerned about little things like scratches.

Once again, when it comes to picking 999 Gold or 916 Gold, there is no correct type of gold for everyone, but so much more of the occasion in your purchase. As they all have their pros and cons, it will ultimately depend on your personal preference or spending budget.

At Starlight Jewellery, we offer a good range of 999 Pure Gold and an even more amazing 916 Gold jewellery collection, with classic and well-loved designs throughout the years, to accompany you through the special occasion. Browse online for our jewellery collections or hey, why not visit our physical shop and explore the best gold pieces for you!

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