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How to plan your gold jewellery set for a wedding?

How to plan your gold jewellery set for a wedding?

We know that the style and décor of your wedding will be greatly impacted by the jewellery you choose to wear. When laying out your gold jewellery set, here are some crucial guidelines to keep in mind.

You should take centre stage in your wedding. It is a unique ceremony in which you and the person you love most will reaffirm your commitment to love and care for each other for the rest of your lives. Sometimes, you might need to pay more attention to your gold jewellery set at such a sentimental moment.

While picking out your wedding dress is a major priority, remember the gold jewellery set you'll wear to round off your bridal style.

It is easy to become overwhelmed when faced with the task of selecting wedding gold jewellery. How do you decide what to get when there are so many options? It would help if you strived to seem sophisticated on your special day, whether you do so by donning a glittering necklace, sophisticated earrings, etc.

After all, you'll be looking at the media content from your wedding for many years to come, so wouldn't you want your gold jewellery set to look its absolute best?

This article will provide you with ten essential pointers to consider when making your selections.

Let's save time and get started right away!

Stay within your comfort zone.

Stay within your comfort zone.

Even if you don't put on a dress fit for a wedding very often, the chances are good that you have some experience shopping for jewellery. You are the expert on what works for you and what gives you the most self-assurance.

Because of the above reason, you can use it as the foundation for your look on your wedding day. We advise you not to use your wedding day as the first time you bring out a certain jewellery statement. What does it mean? For example, if you do not have experience flaunting a gold bracelet, do not make it a part of your gold jewellery set.

Instead, pay attention to the jewellery in which you feel the most confident and ratchet up the level of sophistication of those items. Another strategy is to look back on ensembles you've worn and enjoyed for prior formal occasions, such as other people's weddings, select jewellery items with a similar aesthetic to those outfits, and include them in your gold jewellery set.

The neckline of your dress is more important than you think.

The neckline of your dress is more important than you think.

Did you know that the décolletage of your gown will affect how your face is framed? Therefore, we advise you to choose a gold jewellery set that complements it well.

If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline, try wearing a shorter necklace to create the illusion of height and draw attention to your smile. You can also omit the necklace in favour of a pair of spectacular chandelier earrings. Take your hair away from your face and accessorise it with fresh flowers or any other easy accessory that complements your overall style.

Your décolletage should be the focus of your jewellery, so you should wear your most eye-catching items there. However, don't be afraid to add a more delicate bracelet, bangle, etc., to your gold jewellery set to strike a better balance.

If your dress has a V-neck, you should know that this cut is intended to highlight your décolletage. In your gold jewellery set, include a necklace with a pendant or a choker, or experiment with layering both if the pieces are delicate. In addition to the necklace, you should wear earrings of any size and style as long as they go well with your hair.

If your dress includes a halter or reverses halter, the best place to focus your attention while accessorising is on your hair. You can embellish it with pins, combs, or vines. These can have a sleek appearance, a bejewelled appearance, or a floral appearance, depending on the impression you want them to have. If you need a vintage feel, you can try a stunning birdcage veil that has been decorated. Finally, put on a cocktail ring or bracelet if you're missing something in your outfit.

Do not get caught up in trends.

Do not get caught up in trends.

The trends play a huge role in weddings, and there is absolutely no shame in embracing the ones that speak to you. However, you shouldn't try to emulate a style that doesn't work for you just because it'sit's trending on social media platforms.

These social media trends may come and go, but the photographs you take at your wedding will remain forever. Therefore, making judgments based on personal style and sentimental reasons is more important than getting caught up in trends that do not suit you while planning your gold jewellery set.

Switching things up is always an option.

Switching things up is always an option.

It is not necessary for the jewellery you wear during the ceremony to be the same jewellery you wear for the rest of the wedding. You can arrange your gold jewellery set for the wedding in such a way. For example, if your statement veil prevents you from wearing statement earrings to the reception, consider switching to some sparklers instead.

If you cannot wear gold bands because your long-sleeved bolero or gown topper does not allow it, fill your arms with bangles as soon as you remove the item. You can change your appearance by altering your style by simply switching up your accessories. It is a more cost-effective strategy that will still allow you to make the impression you want, even though you also have the option of wearing a different dress for the reception.


When selecting the appropriate gold jewellery set for your wedding, the fact that they should reflect you is the most crucial thing to remember. Stick to stud earrings if you don'tdon't feel comfortable wearing chandeliers. Are you a fan of how you appear when you wear certain necklaces? Don't hold back! If you're content with whatever you wear, include it in your gold jewellery set. Just be yourself at your wedding. It's your day to shine. Last but not least, buy your gold jewellery from a trusted vendor.

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Best tips to buy gold jewellery online in Singapore

Best tips to buy gold jewellery online in Singapore

 Gold jewellery is a stylish piece that you should have in your collection. But, at the same time, it is also an investment that will last a long time. You can pass gold jewellery to future generations as well.

Because gold is one of the most valuable metals, purchasing it should be approached as an investment decision that requires careful consideration and sound judgment. Since you cannot see or feel things before they are delivered to you, it is much more important to exercise extreme caution if you plan to shop online in Singapore. For instance, while shopping for jewellery made of 22k gold, it is essential to have a clear idea of exactly what it is that you want.

On the other hand, the fact that online retailers of valuable jewels are enjoying ever-increasing popularity suggests that customers are placing their confidence in these businesses. When purchasing gold jewellery from these websites, the savvy shopper goes the extra mile to ensure they get the best deal possible. Let us provide you with a list of helpful ideas that will assist you in making an informed purchase of gold jewellery online in Singapore.

Research is the number one priority.

Research is the number one priority.

When purchasing gold jewellery online in Singapore, you should double-check the company you are buying from, and it is vital to research them. The company you are purchasing gold jewellery online should have a good reputation in the industry. It is advised to read reviews posted online. Also, verify that the official review profiles are linked to the same website.

You should also look over the jewellery listing and read every information regarding the condition before purchasing gold jewellery online. It will help you prevent any unpleasant surprises. Do not hesitate to contact them and inquire about any issue you have. If the vendor is trustworthy, they will provide forthright and truthful responses to any questions you might have regarding the item and your potential purchase.

Why is this important? If you do this, you will prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud. Ensure you have read the shipping policy thoroughly and comprehensively understand it before buying gold jewellery online in Singapore. Also, before you make any purchases, you should first look into the company's return policy to determine whether or not they accept customer returns.

You should know your size first.

You should know your size first.

When purchasing something personal, such as a ring, it is vital to know your size. You could be buying gold jewellery online for yourself or someone else. You need to know the size of the person whose finger you will fit the band into, whether you are purchasing it for yourself or as a proposal ring. When you buy a ring for someone online without first seeing it, it can be unpleasant to discover that it is either too tiny or too large once the band has been delivered.

Did you know that different nations use different units of measurement? Let's suppose that you are ordering your gold jewellery online from Singapore. Your measurements may differ in the United States compared to the United Kingdom. After having a better understanding of these aspects, you will be able to make the appropriate order confidently.

Consider the brand

Consider the brand

When buying gold jewellery online in Singapore, buying from a website specialising in branded products is yet another helpful piece of advice. But why is it important? 

When you buy gold jewellery from a reputable manufacturer, you get a guarantee that the gold is of the highest possible quality. This guarantee is included in the packaging. Most well-known brands offer quality certifications for the jewellery they sell and sell items that have been hallmarked. Choosing brands becomes even more vital if you purchase studded jewellery that was designed using precious stones and gold.

Check out multiple websites.

Check out multiple websites.

In Singapore, there is a wide range of costs for gold jewellery sold on various internet sites. You should go through each of them and choose the one that provides you with the best offer based on your findings. You will find inexpensive gold jewellery online, but you have to pay for the shipment. Some of them could be a little more expensive than others, but the price typically includes shipping.

Note these costs, calculate the total, and choose the option that suits your budget. It may help you save a lot of money. Check to see if the piece of jewellery you want is in stock before purchasing it online. Please refrain from giving in to the temptation of purchasing something far more attractive than what you can afford simply because it has received positive reviews. If you stick to your budget, it will save you money when purchasing gold jewellery online in Singapore.

Do the warranty check.

Do the warranty check.

It is essential to know about the warranty period before purchasing gold jewellery online. Find out whether the piece you are thinking about buying comes with a warranty from the company that made it or from the company that sells it online. When purchasing jewellery through an internet retailer, the guarantee should cover any flaws for a minimum of one year. If this is not provided, you will have to pay for any repairs that were not within your control.

If the jewellery item you want to buy online does not come with a warranty, we advise you not to purchase it. Warranties go a long way toward reassuring customers that the firm they are purchasing from is willing to stand behind the quality of the jewellery they sell. So do a rigorous check to ensure that the jewellery comes with a warranty. If the jewellery you buy doesn't come with a warranty, you could be in for a rude awakening if it turns out to be a fake. In such instances, your money will go in vain.

Customer service

Customer service

When you are buying gold jewellery online in Singapore, there is another vital thing that you need to take into consideration. That is the customer service of the website that you select. Some websites provide dependable customer service that can assist you with the selection of jewellery as well as answer any questions you may have before making a purchase or after making a purchase.

You can check to see if the website offers a financing option since several websites can assist you in saving money on the acquisition by providing you with payment alternatives such as these. You can learn about the customer care desk's methods of communication and response times by reading the evaluations that actual product users left.


The practice of going to a jewellery store in person is gradually becoming a thing of the past. You will, however, need to be familiar with a few strategies for navigating the market to complete a successful online purchase of gold jewellery. You will receive the most outstanding deal possible if you follow the tips mentioned above. Determine the best place to buy gold jewellery and identify authentic gold jewellery. Good luck!

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How to prevent tarnishing your gold jewellery.

How to prevent tarnishing your gold jewellery.

Gold is one of the safest investments. It is mainly because its value can remain stable for several decades. Everybody knows that if you don't care for gold, it can tarnish and lose its brilliance over time. You won't get the best price if you want to sell your tarnished gold.

Then, what are you supposed to do with gold that has become tarnished? Giving your gold a thorough cleaning at home may bring back its lustre and increase its worth. This article will discuss how to protect your gold jewellery from tarnishing.

Does gold tarnish, and if yes, why and how?

Does gold tarnish, and if yes, why and how


When your gold jewellery begins to tarnish, the colour of the jewellery will begin to change. It indicates that the surface of the gold is beginning to develop a tarnish coating and is experiencing very mild corrosion. There is a great deal of conjecture around the question of whether genuine gold tarnishes or not. But let us describe in detail the process by which gold jewellery does so.

Gold is considered one of the elements with the lowest level of reactivity. Gold is recognized as the "least reactive element." Gold, in its purest state, is resistant to oxidation and corrosion because it does not mix well with oxygen. That is why pure gold retains its lustre to such a high degree.

When shopping for gold jewellery, it isn't easy to locate pieces made entirely of gold. Because pure gold is so malleable, it must be alloyed with other metals before it can be made into long-lasting jewellery. So, who is the culprit? Is it gold or other metal? In most cases, the qualities of the metals combined with gold to create alloys make the gold more susceptible to tarnishing. If you do not take proper care of your gold jewellery, you may notice that it begins to tarnish.

If you are interested in purchasing gold jewellery with a longer lifespan and less likely to tarnish, you should go for a higher-karat gold. For instance, 24-carat gold will not tarnish over time because it is made of pure gold. Jewellery with a gold content of fewer than 14 karats is more likely to tarnish over time. If you want to err on caution, go for jewellery between 14 and 18 karats of gold.

Wear your gold jewellery after applying other cosmetics.

Wear your gold jewellery after applying other cosmetics


We always recommend wearing your gold jewellery after applying your makeup and perfume on yourself. Before putting on your jewellery, you should hold off for around two minutes to give the goods time to settle. These substances contain chemical compounds that cause the metals in gold jewellery to react, causing them to tarnish or corrode. You can prevent this by keeping the jewellery away from items that contain these chemical compounds.

Store your gold jewellery properly

Store your gold jewellery properly


Make sure that your gold jewellery is stored appropriately. What do we mean by an appropriate manner? You should ensure that your gold jewellery does not receive excessive exposure to light or moisture. It is recommended to place them in a dark jewellery box or a plastic bag, along with some silica packets, to absorb any air and moisture that may be present. When keeping it in a plastic bag, push out all the excess air and close it quickly. It is protected from scratching by a lack of oxygen and kept bright and shiny by exposure to excessive sunshine.

Make sure to clean your gold jewellery.

Make sure to clean your gold jewellery

You love wearing your old jewellery. Don't you? But, we recommend you clean it thoroughly by giving it a little rub with a cotton ball or a clean, soft cloth to remove the dust after removing the jewellery. At the same time, while cleaning, you should clean your gold jewellery using mild soaps or detergents rather than jewellery cleaners or antibacterial soaps. The reason is that these cleaners may contain chemicals that are detrimental to your jewellery and cause it to stain or tarnish more quickly.

Here are some more tips. 

Here are some more tips about gold jewellery


  • When it comes to cleaning gold jewellery, you should never use toothpaste or baking soda. As mentioned above, the chemicals are too harsh to use.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever put on jewellery while your body is in touch with water, including washing dishes or swimming. Tarnishing can be caused by various chemical processes, including those involving chlorine and other elements.

When cleaning your jewellery, make sure only to use warm water. It would be best if you let each piece of jewellery soak in the water for no more than one minute. If you must scrub, use a gentle method such as a toothbrush. At the same time, do not rush yourself while cleaning. When cleaning the pieces, you should never use tissue or any other substance made of paper. Always use a cotton rag to pat the jewellery dry.

Do not let others touch your gold jewellery.

Do not let others touch your gold jewellery


This might sound weird to you. But let us explain. It is better if you do not let others touch your gold jewellery. Why? An excessive amount of touching can cause surface friction. Because of this, interactions between the alloy and human skin may occur, and the gold jewellery you wear may become discoloured as a result.


Even though gold-made jewellery is not nearly as sensitive to the effects of its surroundings as jewellery made of other metals is, an alloy's other metals could nonetheless lead your piece to develop a patina over time.

When you are taking a shower or exercising, it is best to remove any gold jewellery you wear. As explained above, always put on your jewellery as the last step in getting ready, and keep it away from any cleaning products. The reason is that; cosmetics can speed up the tarnishing process of gold jewellery.

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How to protect your gold jewelry correctly

How to protect your gold jewelry correctly

The glimmer and luster of gold pieces of jewelry captivate the attraction of people more than jewelry made of any other metal; hence, people are in awe of those. We can consider gold jewellery a classic adornment, and we don't see any change in it shortly. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a gold necklace or a traditional gold wedding necklace; there's something undeniably beautiful about the understated sophistication that gold ornaments brings to an outfit.

If you are the proud owner of some attractive gold ornaments, you would love to wear it whenever possible. Doing so makes it very normal for the color of your gold jewellery to change or dull over time. Because of this, gold jewelries needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and last as long as possible.

 This article will discuss how to protect and clean your gold jewelries. At the same time, we are ready to tell you what to avoid.


Clean your gold ornaments regularly using warm, soapy water.

Clean your gold jewellery regularly using warm, soapy water

  You will use ornaments such as necklaces and rings made of gold regularly. But, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Using gold jewellery constantly could acquire dirt from the environment and oils from your body. These oils and dirt won't immediately affect gold items but will make a difference in how they look in the long run. As a result, you should make it a habit to clean your items regularly to retain their luster.

 Let us teach you a method. A safe and well-known method worldwide is, submerging your gold items in warm, soapy water for an extended period. When choosing soap, it is advised to use a mild dish soap that doesn't have any added ingredients in it. After keeping your gold item soaked in water for a couple of hours, remove the items and wash them thoroughly with clean water. When drying, use a soft cloth, but avoid paper goods, as these can scratch and damage gold jewellery. Take your time in carrying out this process, and we advise you to clean your jewelries properly.


Use of ammonia to clean gold ornaments.

Use of ammonia to clean gold ornaments.


     Put your gold items into a basin. Make sure this basin contains three parts lukewarm water and 1 part ammonia. Then comes the polishing part, and use a toothbrush for this. After rinsing with clean water, allow the air to dry.

     But here is something that you should be careful of, especially when dealing with white gold jewellery utilizing this method (when gold is combined with several additional elements, the resulting alloy is known as white gold). In most cases, a layer of rhodium is added on top of white gold jewellery, giving the piece of jewellery a shimmering appearance. But here is the trick! If you rub white gold too vigorously, you risk damaging the rhodium coating.


    Do not use chemicals that can harm your gold items.

    Do not use chemicals that can harm your gold items.

      Although they are fantastic for house cleaning, household cleaners should not be used on gold jewellery. The reason is that; they can tarnish your gold jewelries. Gold pieces should be kept away from harsh chemicals, such as chlorine. When gold is exposed to chlorine, the precious metal gradually loses its strength and faces the risk of being cracked.

    Did you know that most of these household cleaners I am talking about have abrasives and acids? Both of these are immensely harmful to gold jewelries. Finally, if you are swimming in a pool, we advise you to put any gold jewellery aside so it won't get damaged.


    Get your valuable gold jewelries cleaned by a professional cleaner.

    Get your valuable gold jewelries cleaned by a professional cleaner.

     Having your pieces professionally cleaned as frequently as you should clean them at home is unnecessary. You can ensure that your gold jewellery lasts a long time by taking them to a jeweler once or twice a year. Let us also point out that cleaning your jewellery pieces at home is the best way to ensure they remain pristine.

     Why take your gold jewellery to professionals for cleaning? Because of their extensive understanding of the metal and the irritants that they may cause, experienced jewelers are an extremely valuable asset. At the same time, they will be able to provide you with further information on how to care for your gold jewelries properly, and you can get it examined more carefully with a skilled eye. When you get your jewellery cleaned by a professional, they will fix any loose stones or prongs and examine it carefully for any scratches you may have missed at home.


    Store your gold items in a jewellery box.

    Store your gold items in a jewellery box

      No matter what you do to clean your gold items, it would help if you kept them in a well-organized ornament box. At the same time, you should protect gold jewellery without allowing those to rub against each other or scratch them if they are stored in this manner. Adding a layer of defense by wrapping each piece of gold jewellery in a gentle fabric will ensure its safety.



     Gold is a long-lasting and resilient material, but it is vulnerable to damage if handled forcefully. Gold's shine can gradually fade over time if it is frequently subjected to elements such as dust, sweat, and cosmetics. Therefore, make it a habit to clean your gold ornaments regularly.

     Finally, make sure that you check your gold items regularly for any signs of damage or weakness, and then take it to an expert jeweler as soon as possible to have it repaired. It is just as vital to clean properly as it is to store things correctly. When you're not wearing your gold jewellery, keep it secure by putting it in a jewellery box or wrapping it in a cotton cloth when it's not in use.


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    Valuable tips to choose best gold earrings

    Valuable tips to choose best gold earrings

    A stunning and fashionable pair of gold earrings will always enhance both your features and the clothes you're wearing. And to complete your ensembles, pair it with something basic and understated, avoiding anything flashy. In most cases, you will want to wear something simple in order to bring out the shine and warmth of gold earrings. The best gold earrings can help draw attention to your most attractive features.

    If you choose the proper pair of gold earrings, even the most simple ensemble will have an air of sophistication and modernity about it. When wearing all black, you can get away with wearing earrings of any color. Earrings that make a statement are one more fashion trend that is currently popular on the market. The jewelry that you choose to wear says a lot about who you are. Your manner of dress is another factor that contributes to the boldness of your communication. Grab a piece that makes a statement if you are the type of person who enjoys expressing yourself through the jewelry that you wear and the clothes that you wear.

    The good news is that it is not as difficult as it may seem to distinguish between the correct earring and the incorrect one when purchasing gold earrings. Here are some common sense tips to help you get started.

    Choose a good design

    Choose a good design


    Gold earrings, like many other kinds of jewelry, are available in a dizzying array of designs and styles. Even if the event you are attending will frequently influence the design of your earrings, you should not be scared to stretch out and experiment with different styles. Explore a wide range of fashions until you identify the ones that complement your personal taste and sense of style.

    Earrings are a versatile accessory that can help you achieve a variety of looks, including more professional, sophisticated, comical, or adorable ones. Consider your goals before making your choice in design.

    Take your hairstyle into consideration

    Take your hairstyle into consideration


    While picking a pair of gold earrings, you should take your hair into consideration. Do you have curly hair? If this is the case, you should consider selecting a type of gold earrings that has a curve that mimics the movement of your hair. If you have long hair, you can go for styles that are more daring so that they stand out against your flowing locks, but choose styles that won't get tangled up in your tresses.

    Take into account the color of your hair as well. Yellow gold is a stunning color to wear when contrasted with dark or red hair, but it can be difficult to see on those with light or blonde hair. White gold makes a beautiful accessory for light blonde or silver hair.

    Shapes of your faces

    Girl wearing gold earring


    When choosing earrings, one of the most significant factors to take into consideration is the shape of the wearer's face. For those individuals who have an oval face shape, any type of gold earring will look good on them. Choose lengthy gold earrings with a slimming effect if you have a round face because this will help to balance out your features. Chandeliers and earrings in the shape of pears will work very well to balance out a face that is triangular in shape and wider at the top than it is at the bottom. These cuts are also suitable for people who have a heart-shaped face, which is broadest at the top of the forehead and tapers down to a point at the chin.

    Cluster earrings and hoop or round shapes will give the illusion that your face is wider, which is especially helpful if you have a long and narrow face. 

    Event you are wearing the gold earrings for


    Event you are wearing the gold earrings for


    Think about the occasions on which you intend to wear each pair of earrings while you shop for them. If you plan on wearing gold earrings to work, you should strive for a look that is understated and appropriate for the setting. Good options for earrings include traditional designs crafted from gold. When you want to seem extremely glamorous for a night out on the town, use chandeliers, drops, or clusters of earrings since they will give a high-voltage punch to your outfit. 

    Gold earrings are, without a doubt, one of the best accessories for allowing one's individuality to shine through. Choose a pair of gold earrings with an unusual form if you like to stay on the top of fashion trends. Pearls or a vintage design are two options that could appeal to the romantics in the room because of their gentle and understated radiance.

    You won't need to worry about your earrings getting in the way of your game if you wear a pair of simple solitaires, which will keep you looking professional even if you're the type of person who likes to be active. Large gold earrings are a fantastic accessory choice for anyone who enjoys a glamorous look or who favors a theatrical sense of style.

    Take your budget into consideration

    Take your budget into consideration


    Depending on the manufacturer and design, the price of a pair of gold earrings can range anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand. The majority of women believe that it is best to invest a moderate amount of money in the pairs that they wear on a daily basis and to invest significantly more money in the pairs that they keep for more formal occasions. No matter how much money you decide to spend on a pair of earrings, the most essential thing is that you are happy with the ones you end up buying.

    Size of the Earlobes

    Size of the Earlobes


    It's possible that the length of your neck will influence which earrings you choose to wear. If you have a shorter neck, you should wear earrings that sit closer to the ear lobe rather than hanging down below it. A single stud or a straightforward pair of drop earrings will do the trick. Your neck will appear longer if you wear earrings with longer drop lengths. If you have a swan neck, you can enjoy wearing styles that are longer and dangling since they will look great on you.

    When looking for gold earrings, you should also take into consideration the size of your earlobes. Always make sure that the size of your earring is proportional to the size of your earlobe. When shopping for earrings, this is an extremely crucial consideration to make. A gold earring that is too large for the lobe of your ear will not rest correctly on your ear and may even pull it down or tilt your lobes back so that the earring does not face outward in the correct manner. One solution to this problem is to replace the back of your earring with a larger one so that it may provide additional support for your earring. They may be purchased at a low cost almost anywhere, be it at a jewelry shop or on the internet.

    Conduct an analysis of the purity of your gold

    Conduct an analysis of the purity of your gold


    You shouldn't assume that anything is made of gold simply because it has the appearance of being made of gold. There are just a small number of truly stunning pieces of gold jewelry that are crafted of solid 24 carat gold. However, there is also jewelry that is gold filled and jewelry that is gold plated, and if you want to buy gold, you need to know the difference between the two. Starlight Jewellery assures that all items are crafted in full genuine 999/916 gold purity with a hallmark stamp.

    Last Word

    It does not appear to be a particularly challenging process to select a pair of gold earrings. Visit a store, try on a few different pairs of shoes, and buy the one that you like most. We really really wish it were that easy! It calls for a significant amount of skill and attention. Because of the consistent rise in the price of gold, the cost of a single pair of earrings may easily reach the thousands of dollars range; thus, it is essential that you know how to select the ideal pair.

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    What you should consider before buying wedding jewelry

    What you should consider before buying wedding jewelry

    You have met your soulmate. What a big day it is going to be? It’s your wedding. With abundance of joy, comes a lot of stress when you are getting ready to this special occasion in your life. You need everything to be perfect. We all hate last minute surprises. Don’t we? A crucial selection that you’ll make prior to your wedding is what sort of jewelry to wear on your big day.

    Firstly, you have to identify your style and budget before you start shopping. Once you’ve chosen out the right ring, it’s time to decide what style of wedding jewelry to wear. If you choose the proper wedding jewelry, it will not only go well with your outfit and the other accessories you have on, but it will also give some glitter and interest to an otherwise understated look. You shouldn't forget to think about the atmosphere you would like to create for your event.

    Finalize what outfit you will wear for your wedding

    It is imperative that you select your wedding attire before making any other decisions. When you have decided on each of the outfits that you will wear on your special day, it will be much simpler for you to select jewelry that complements those outfits. When it comes to what you wear, a lot of other aspects come into play, and it all depends on what you have on. Therefore, you must finalize your outfit first.

    When purchasing new pieces of jewelry, it can be challenging to know whether to go with white gold, yellow gold etc. However, your wedding dress will play a role in your decision. For an example, white dress looks stunning when accessorized with platinum. However, if the color of your wedding gown is ivory, accessorizing with gold will bring out the best look.  Rose gold is a beautiful complement to a dress that features pink undertones. To really make your dress sparkle, go for burnished silver rather than light beige.

    Always make sure that your accessories match the details on your wedding dress. Your choice of jewelry to wear will depend on the beading that is on your dress. Additionally, your hands and fingers should not be neglected. To achieve the most stunning effect possible, you should choose wedding rings that are complementary to the fabric of your dress.

    Your wedding jewelry should serve as an accent to your wedding dress and highlight it in scale. It should never draw too much attention away from your dress. Your bridal appearance might be improved by selecting jewelry of the appropriate size. Do not pick up jewelry that is too understated or it will go overlooked. 

    If the dress you are wearing is on the simpler side, try to limit the amount of jewelry that you wear. There are instances when the best look may be achieved by wearing just one necklace that complements your ring sets and draws attention to the rest of your outfit.

    Talk with your partner as well

    Talk with partner about wedding jewelry


    Is it wise to make the assumption that he will find the ideal piece of jewelry for you to wear? No, we do not think so. Talk with him about the jewelry, discuss with him your preferences, and inquire as to whether or not your future in-laws have already purchased anything for your big day. It will prevent you from purchasing similar wedding jewelry. He will genuinely appreciate even a small amount of assistance from you.

    Analyze the trends and jump on to those

    There is never a lull in popularity for wedding jewelry in Singapore. Latest wedding jewelry designs and styles will always be introduced onto the market irrespective of what month of the year it is. This fact does not change. Nevertheless, certain times enjoy far greater popularity than others for particular items. If you are looking to get wedding jewelry sets, it is a good idea to be aware of what is fashionable and trending at the moment. This will allow you to select an item that will make you appear fashionable and up to date on the day of your wedding. Hence, beware of what is trending and what’s not. Nobody wants to look out of date on their special day. 

    Do your homework, a proper wedding jewelry research 


     proper wedding jewelry research


    Everyone has a voice in the decision-making process regarding wedding jewelry. It is vital to select wedding jewelry that you enjoy wearing so that you can comfortably carry it off for everyone from your bridegroom to your family. Therefore, you should collect images from the internet, look through Pinterest and Instagram and identify the designs that appeal to you the most. It will make things ten times easy for the jewelers as well. When you provide a reference, everyone will know exactly what it is that you are searching for!

    Make your selection based on the shape of your face and neck

    Oval-faced brides should steer clear of wearing necklaces that are too long since it makes their faces look even longer. Choose instead a necklace that is broader and draws attention to the area around your collar bone.

    This is just one tip for those who are already thinking on buying wedding jewelry. 

    Keep your budget on your mind

    happy couple checking budget


    The first thing you should do when you are thinking about purchasing wedding jewelry sets is to figure out how much money you have available. You ought to establish a spending plan that is grounded in reality and work hard not to go over it. You will be able to find something that is within your price range or above that yet has a wonderful appearance and is one of a kind using this method. You do not need to face difficulties exceeding the budget. Do you?

    You might consider this to be simple. Even though this is just one of the considerations that goes into selecting jewelry for your special day, it is an essential part of the process. This is because, if you don't know what your budget will be like before purchasing anything else in terms of accessories or dresses or anything else, then purchasing appropriate pieces can become difficult when they cost more than what you consider to be an affordable amount. By reducing the number of options available to you, it may even detract from another facet of the issue for which you would prefer to have money spent.

    There are many affordable wedding jewelry sets available on the market these days, and if you do a little bit of shopping around, you'll definitely be able to find something within your price range that doesn't look cheap. However, this does not mean that you won't be able to find beautiful pieces even if you have a limited budget.

    Think about when you want to have your wedding

    If you are planning your wedding more than a year in advance, you should prioritize purchasing more traditional wedding jewelry because the designs are subject to change over time. If you are opting for a contemporary aesthetic, there is a good risk that it will start to seem a little bit dated as the wedding day approaches. However, if you go with a style that is more traditional, it will have a timeless appearance.

    Finalizing your wedding jewelry may not seem like a high priority on your list of things to accomplish before the wedding. But the truth is, selecting wedding jewelry ought to be done in a careful and cooperative manner. Which fashions do you and your loved one gravitate toward? When it comes to the ring, are you planning to engrave your initials on them to give them a more personal touch? Is there a possibility that you'll need to get them resized at some point? If you order your rings as far in advance as you can, you will have plenty of time to inspect them and make any necessary adjustments before the big day. This is a critical point.

    You can have your jewelry tailored to fit your preferences.

    Selecting wedding jewelry


    In the event that, despite your best efforts, you are unable to locate anything that is suitable to your preferences and tastes, you can even have the bridal jewelry you purchase personalized by a reputable jeweler. Even if it would cost you some more extra bucks to your total bill for the adjustments, you can rest assured that it will be well worth the money you spend. Do not force yourself to choose something that is already available. Yes, you can customize. 

    Matching your rings is not mandatory

    Let’s talk a bit about choosing the engagement rings. It's completely fine to buy rings of different styles, despite the fact that some couples prefer their bands to match. Consider using rings that are complementary to one another if you want there to be some sense of continuity between the rings. There is also the possibility of mixed metal bands

    . Even if just one partner like rose gold, the other can still show their appreciation for their spouse's ring by having the interior of their band made of rose gold. There are several methods to make the rings seem related to one another without making them look identical to one another. You should seek the assistance of a jewelry consultant or an expert in order to choose wedding rings that are a good fit for your personality.

    Balancing is critical

    friend helps to wear a necklace


    Keeping things simple is always great. When you include more specifics, there is a greater possibility that some of the more nuanced ones may get lost in the clutter. It is important to strike a balance between the intricacies on your wedding dress and the jewelry that you choose to wear on your big day. If your wedding gown features exquisite beading and embroidery, we advise you to keep the jewelry that you wear with it plain. If you have decided on a wedding dress that is simple or has few features, it is OK for you to select jewelry that is larger and more eye-catching. In a similar vein, you should pay attention to how the intricacies on your dress come together with the jewelry that you wear. 

    If the neckline of the bridal dress is particularly ornate, you might choose to skip the necklace. Alternately, if the dress has long sleeves, you can omit the bracelet from your outfit. Your choice of jewelry should not compete with any motifs that are of a large size and are located on the bust, neckline, or waist of your garment. Finding the right proportions for your overall appearance might be challenging, but you can pull it off if you concentrate on the things you absolutely require. If you follow these tricks, your guests will not think highly of your sense of fashion and neither will you. Avoid giving in to the temptation of selecting a greater quantity of sparkles than is actually required.


    Now that you know how to choose wedding jewelry, you can finally get some much-needed rest. You will look absolutely lovely in your wedding dress if you accessorize it with the correct wedding jewelry. This is your big day and you should not leave any stone unturned!

    For special events like weddings as well as for regular use, Starlight Jewelry offers original and high-quality jewelry. Discover more insights, information regarding jewelry, keep reading our articles.

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    How to clean your gold jewelry like a pro

    How to clean your gold jewelry like a pro

    Gold jewelry holds a very particular place in every one of our hearts, whether it be for dazzling wedding bands or priceless keepsakes. Gold jewelry needs to be properly maintained in order to ensure that it will continue to radiate unrivaled beauty each time it is worn. The brilliance that should be present in jewelry can be dulled over time by factors such as exposure to dust, detergents, sweat, air, etc. Hence it is true that, these factors can make your favorite pieces of jewelry appear less sparkling. But, did you know that the majority of these jewelry including gold in your jewelry box can be cleaned on your own without the assistance of a specialist jeweler.

    When should you clean your gold jewelry? How often?


    Gold ring


    This quote is from a couple of renowned jeweler Sophie Arnott. She says and we quote, "I would suggest cleaning your jewels every few weeks to keep them looking brilliant. However, I wouldn't recommend that you constantly polish your gold jewelries again and again because doing so can cause those to wear away more quickly. She further elaborates saying that, she would try to give my jewelry a new shine once every few months by buffing it with a polishing cloth.

    What are the unique characteristics of gold?

    We thought that, it would be better to be vigilant about the characteristics of gold before diving into more facts. Let’s start. 

    Gold, like the other noble metals, is resistant to corrosion caused by moisture as well as oxidation. This is one of the reasons that gold is used in jewelry. The other main reason is that gold resists oxidation better than silver. Because its luster may be preserved without regular polishing, it requires very little upkeep on the part of the owner.

    This means that if it is maintained in the appropriate manner, gold can last forever. Because it is a soft metal, as opposed to some of the other noble metals that were listed earlier on. Gold can also be being melted down and recycled. The majority of the time, people who own gold jewelry aren't interested in having it melted down; rather, they want attractive pieces that will hold up throughout time. However, gold in its purest form is so delicate that it can easily be destroyed. This is one reason why jewelers frequently work with gold alloys while producing jewelry. 

    Enough with the characteristics, now let’s discuss about cleaning gold jewelry.

    The Proper Way to Use Dish Soap to Clean Gold


    Dish Soap to Clean Gold


    Do not wonder when I say that using regular dish soap on gold jewelries that you possess is an effective way to remove any residue that may be there. Using warm water and soap as one of the cleaning methods that are good for your gold jewelry is one of the methods.

    Even though you might be doubtful at first, you can clean your gold jewelry using nothing more than soap and water. This approach achieves the finest results when applied to gold objects that are unadorned and do not contain any jewels. It is recommended to select a mild version, adding one to two tablespoons of the solution to a mixing bowl filled with warm water, and soaking the gold for around 10-15 minutes.

    The next step is to give it a light scrubbing with a cloth made of microfiber to remove any debris or surface imperfections that the dishwashing liquid alone was unable to release. Here it is advised to be gentle as much as possible. The reason is that, you don't want to scrub the gold too forcefully, otherwise you will leave scratches on the surface.

    These little scratches will become more noticeable as time passes. After using warm water to remove any soap residue, pat the surface dry with a clean cloth while taking care not to scratch it.

    How to Use Salt and Baking Soda to Clean Gold?


    Baking Soda to Clean Gold


    When it comes to cleaning gold, a combination of salt and baking soda seems to be surprisingly efficient. When brought together, they produce a chemical reaction that contributes to the removal of tarnish.

    Here it is recommended to should use equal proportions of salt and baking salt. For an example, one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda. Put both of these ingredients into a mixing dish filled with hot water, and then soak your gold for about ten minutes.

    If more cleaning is required, use a brush with soft bristles to give it a light scrubbing to remove any residue. After that, wash it with some warm water and wipe it dry with a cloth.

    The Methods for Cleaning Gold Using Sparkling Water


    Cleaning Gold Using Sparkling Water


    Gold can also be cleaned with sparkling water. The beneficial effect comes from the carbon dioxide. Carbonation assists in the removal of buildup or tarnish, allowing gold to regain its bright and shiny appearance.

    Put the gold in a basin that's been filled with sparkling water. Then let it sit there for ten minutes. Make sure that the gold is thoroughly covered by the liquid. If necessary, give it a light scrubbing with a toothbrush with soft bristles, then rinse it with warm water and pat it dry.

    Cleaning Gold Using Gold Cleaner


    Gold collection


    There is a wide variety of gold cleaners available on the market that are designed for use in professional settings and may restore luster to gold that has substantially dulled. You can get them on the internet or at big box retailers that specialize in home improvement or general products.

    Here are some products that consistently earn high marks. 

    • Tarn-X Tarnish Remover
    • Hagerty Silver Foam
    • Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner

    Now that you have a better grasp on the characteristics of gold jewelry, and how to carry out gold cleaning process on your own. The following advice will help you determine what activities you may carry out safely at home and which ones you should steer clear of. Let’s start with the Do’s.


    • When washing your gold, do clean it with warm water and not hot water.
    • Combine a couple of drops of ammonia, a couple of drops of mild detergent, and a few drops of warm water.
    • Do not rush through the cleaning process. Rather, give your gold jewelry a few minutes to soak in the cleaning solution to help loosen any dirt or grime.
    • Take into consideration how the cleaning process will influence the other components of your jewelry. Particular cleaning solutions might damage the surface of certain gemstones more than others. Suppose your gold jewelry is embedded with Pearls. Pearls, for example, have very delicate surfaces and must be cleaned with extreme caution to prevent damage.


    • Do not use soap that has any unidentified components. Even if it is safe to clean gold using mild dishwashing soap, you should avoid using any unknown chemicals because some substances can have the same kind of effect as chlorine.
    • Do not make use of any sort of cleanser that contains chlorine as one of its components. Gold can be irreparably damaged and discolored when exposed to chlorine. When using cleansers that include chlorine, it is imperative that any gold rings be removed before beginning the cleaning process.
    • Do not utilize any abrasive cleaning products or cleaning rags made of paper. These compounds have the potential to etch gold surfaces and reduce the thickness of gold overlays.


    So we think that, now you have a good idea about how to clean your gold jewelries. Let us conclude now. After giving your gold jewelry a thorough cleaning, you are free to wear it again or put it away for safekeeping. If you do decide to keep it, you should ensure that each piece of gold jewelry is kept in its own individual container to prevent it from becoming scratched or otherwise damaged. Those who have a fine gold chain ought to be hung from a hook so as to prevent the chain from becoming tangled.

    You also have the option of placing the chain of a necklace or bracelet in an anti-tarnish tissue, stretching it out to its full length, then rolling the tissue up and placing it in your jewelry box in a flat position.

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    Best ways to identify real gold jewelry

    Best ways to identify real gold jewelry

    jam Gold is the ultimate representation of power and wealth, and its possession is traditionally reserved for royalty. Gold jewelry is a valuable item. Hence, it makes perfect sense for you to need to verify the genuineness of a gold ring or necklace that you possess.

    Most of the genuine gold jewelry is not made of one hundred percent pure gold. They exist as alloys an are mixed with other metals in order to make it even more difficult to break and more long-lasting.

    Silver, nickel, and copper are some of the other metals that are commonly used in the production of fake gold jewelry. The reason is that; these metals are far less expensive than gold. And in order to make them appear more authentic, they are frequently covered in a gold plating.

    Testing with Nitric acid



    Nitric acid is used to test many metals, including gold. Here what happens is, when Nitric acid is applied on jewelry, fake jewelries will be damaged. But it will have no effect whatsoever on gold. 

    In order to carry out this test, as the first step, make an imperceptible small scratch on the piece of jewelry. Then a very small amount of nitric acid needs to be dropped into it. If the spot becomes green, you may be certain that the gold is a fake. The piece of jewelry is considered to be genuine gold if the test location reveals no discoloration and no chemical reaction.

    The stamp test

    What is a hallmark? It is a stamp that identifies the item's content and/or manufacturer. It is a common practice to engrave a hallmark onto a piece of gold jewelry. The hallmarks of a piece of jewelry are typically hidden in an unobtrusive place. It could be the interior of a ring or somewhere else. 

    Karats is a foundation upon which the standard purity scales are built. When determining whether or not the gold that you are testing is authentic, one of the first steps you should do is to perform the hallmark test. This is also referred to as the magnifying glass test.

    The skin test

    Let me explain how this test is done. It consists of the following: It requires placing a piece of gold jewelry in the palms of your hands and holding it there for a few minutes. The sweat on your hands will either cause a reaction with the metal, which will cause a change in the color of your skin, or it will have no effect at all. 

    There is no discoloration that occurs when genuine gold comes in direct contact with human skin. If the gold is not real, it will cause your skin to develop a dark color at the points of contact. These colors could be black or green.

    One scenario that deviates from this standard operating procedure is one in which you test gold on your skin while also applying liquid foundation. If gold comes into contact with your cosmetics, it will cause a darkening of your skin at the places of contact. This test is made more reliable by the removal of any and all makeup prior to testing.

    Makeup can also be used as an alternative method for determining the genuineness of gold. Apply a liquid foundation first, then dust powder on top of it. After the foundation has had enough time to dry, press the piece of jewelry against your skin, and then drag it over the area of your skin where makeup is applied. There is a good chance that you are dealing with genuine gold if the jewelry leaves a dark mark on the cosmetics.

    Since gold is so chemically inert, wearing genuine gold jewelry will never cause your skin to change color. But applying cosmetics to the item in question is a one-of-a-kind technique to validate its authenticity. If your gold jewelry has discolorations, this indicates that it is an alloy, which means that it contains other metals mixed in with the gold.

    Magnet test for check quality of the Gold jewelry



    The magnet test is an effective method for validating your suspicion that a piece of jewelry contains a significant amount of gold. In order to carry out this test, you will need a magnet that possesses a particularly high strength. Then, put it in close proximity to the jewelry, and wait till you get a reaction. If the piece of jewelry attracts the magnet, this indicates that it is not genuine gold.

    When there is very little attraction, but the jewelry does not attach to the magnet, this indicates that the jewelry has a low percentage of gold. If there is absolutely no attraction to it, then it is almost certainly gold in its purest form.

    Let your eyes take the judgment for you. Look at its size



    Your eyes should be the judge of this. Is the gold jewelry you are looking at is monstrously large in its size? If it is that large and thick, there is a good likelihood that it is not a genuine piece of gold. Huge chains or rings would be worth an incredible amount of money if they were genuine. But the chance is very low for those gold jewelry to be genuine. They are either hollow or plated in gold, and are not even close to being worth the price they are listed at.


    Being very honest with you, none of these tests are a foolproof method for determining whether your gold is genuine.

    Seeking the assistance of an expert is the most reliable method for verifying whether or not a piece of jewelry is made of gold. A qualified jeweler will have testing kits and equipment at their disposal that are created specifically for the purpose of accurately determining the genuineness of gold. Because of their extensive experience, expert dealers such as Starlight are also able to recognize authentic pieces of gold jewelry without much of a hassle.

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    About Starlight jewellery

    About Starlight jewellery

     Starlight jewellery is established in 2019, Starlight Jewelry has come a long way within a short span of time, and has become one of the most trusted vendors in Singapore. Since that time, we have grown into a solid corporation that operates on its own, while yet preserving the warm and friendly environment that was so characteristic of its formative years.

    Starlight and our staff is well-known our work ethic as well as the dedication and passion that they bring to the customers on a daily basis. Starlight Jewelry has always made it a priority to make beautiful jewelry of the greatest possible quality, as well as to deliver the finest possible service and experience to their customers. Every time we provide our services, we want to go above and beyond what is expected of us by our customers. In addition to this, Starlight developed a brand that was geared toward people who were purchasing items for themselves and focused on the concept of empowerment.

    We are committed to



    Starlight Jewelry is committed to offering only real 916/999 gold and the highest quality of service, from offering aid with size to addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding gold. They thrive to provide an open and honest breakdown of all the products that were purchased. Exquisite craftsmanship, reliable value, and outstanding customer service are the priorities of the store. After giving careful consideration to its attractiveness, quality, and skilled craftsmanship in its creation, the jewelry that we give to our customers comes to them at an affordable price.

    There's a good reason why so many of our customers keep coming back year after year. They have faith in us. We are aware that the value of gold jewelry extends beyond the material itself, so we work hard to ensure that your time spent shopping with us is every bit as memorable as the occasion you are commemorating. Purchasing jewelry shouldn't merely be a stress-free experience in and of itself.

    It need to be thrilling as well as enjoyable. Starlight invites you to celebrate your next occasion with us, and while you're here, find out what magnificent piece of gold is made for you. We at Starlight Jewelers think that the mementos of your love should not only be attractive, but also skillfully created, and that they should come at a price that you can have faith in. Allow us to assist you in preserving your memories by locating the ideal remembrance for you.

    Our mission is



    Our mission statement is providing ease and convenience for everyone involved in order to deliver services that will improve the lives of our customers by encouraging frugal spending and strengthening their commitment to us. At the heart of our business is the belief that everyone should have access to jewelry that is fitting for them.

    As a result, we put our attention on the things that truly matter, such as long-lasting jewelry that can withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday life, straightforward pricing that is as approachable as the pooch that lives next door and environmentally responsible business practices. You have established the standard, and all we can do is work toward reaching it. The creation of an uplifting environment at work that allows for continued growth and evolution is central to our principles.

    Why are we special?



    Why should people buy from Starlight Jewelry? Unlike many jewelry stores in Singapore, we grant you the opportunity to buy your gold pieces and pay for them in installments. To be precise, you can pay simply 1/3 upfront and take home the gold immediately today.

    In certain cases, we accept ¼ upfront as the outstanding amount as well. Whether it's a teeny-tiny pendant or a massive gold ring, we make it our mission to design jewelry that evokes feelings of wonder and helps preserve cherished moments. For Starlight, every stage of the design process presents a fresh challenge with countless new opportunities. We want to think creatively and never settle for the option that is the least difficult.

    How can you find us?

    It is not difficult to find this jewelry store in Singapore. Starlight’s physical address is, 810 Geylang Rd, City Plaza, #01-29, Singapore 409286, 8699 0129. It is at the City Plaza Mall and, the customer can head into the City Plaza Mall via the Paya Lebar MRT.

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    How to select perfect gold wedding ring

    How to select perfect gold wedding ring

    Throughout human history, a gold ring used in weddings has represented love, devotion, and commitment. This practice dates back to ancient times and can be found prevalently in most different cultures. In many cultures, wedding rings are revered as holy jewellery that holds great significance.

    Purchasing a wedding band is significantly different from buying an engagement ring. There is typically no element of surprise involved when it comes to the act of a couple purchasing their wedding ring jointly. Both sides have reached a reasonable judgment based on practical considerations. In addition, it is frequently the most significant piece of jewellery that the two of you will purchase together, and it is a display of your love and personal style, values, and beliefs.

    We are a well-known jewellery store in Singapore, and on our blog, we write about things that we adore and that we hope you will enjoy. So today, let us tell you how to choose the perfect gold wedding ring.


    Gold is a standard option; however, you might not be aware that there are various distinct varieties of gold to select from including the options such as yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 


    Take your budget into consideration.


    wallet with money


    When looking for wedding rings, you should go into the process with a firm idea of your spending limit. It will assist you in finding a wedding ring within your price range, but it will also help you avoid disappointment. If you go into the jewellery store without a specific spending limit in mind, you risk falling in love with an item that is significantly more expensive than what you can afford.

    Your hunt for a ring will go more smoothly if you establish a spending limit beforehand. It is recommended that you set aside between three and five per cent of the entire budget to pay for the ring. Putting a spending limit before looking for a wedding ring will help you narrow down your options.

    As opposed to platinum, white gold is a preferable option to go with if your spending limit is relatively modest. White gold rings are far cheaper than platinum rings, even though both metals are virtually identical.

    There is a widespread misunderstanding that it will be more expensive for you to create your own wedding ring from the ground up. Because of the many years of experience that we have, we are aware that purchasing a bespoke ring does not necessarily result in an increase in the total cost.

     Make the right choice.

     What kind of ring do you plan to purchase? Make your selections for the ring's metal, color, and size. You might begin with a metal and then look at the various style possibilities available, like a channel set, a half-round, etc. Last but not least, check out the available sizes and make a purchase.

    Take quality into consideration.


    Gold wedding ring


    Because a wedding band is an investment, a symbol of love, and one of those gifts that long last, you need to ensure that material of exceptional quality is used to manufacture the ring. It will be in your best interest to purchase an engagement ring from an accredited, reputable jeweller.

    You may buy the wedding rings online, and there is a money-back guarantee and a free return policy. Make sure that you verify the quality mark and the manufacturer's trademark that is located inside the band. By the way, Starlight holds the reputation for being the best in Singapore.

     Shop with your partner

    Because you will both be wearing wedding rings, it is a pleasant opportunity for the two of you to partake in this activity related to wedding planning. When it comes to purchasing wedding bands, we always recommend that couples do so together. Both parties need to be involved to ensure that they end up with something they like and that they enjoy the process. In addition to being a great and joyful experience, it is something that partners in a relationship should do jointly at some point during their journey.

    Going shopping together can also help you zero in on the ring style most suited to your taste. Having each other there can also be beneficial when reducing your choices for "the one" to a more manageable number. It is common for our couples to consult one another to determine what clothes and accessories complement each other.

     Talk and be honest with the jeweler

    buy gold ring


    You may rely on jewelers to assist you. If you are straightforward and honest with your budget, they will be able to direct you in the right direction. Ask them if they have any forthcoming bridal events or promotions because they may give a special gift with purchase, preferred pricing, and sometimes even a glass of champagne during your visit to make the experience even more delightful. Do not be hesitant to ask questions if you are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed by the process of shopping for a ring.

    Jewelers are the professionals when it comes to answering questions like which precious metals complement your lifestyle the most or which ring style is superior. If you tell the specialist in charge of your wedding band what you have in mind, they will be able to assist you come up with innovative ideas and solutions. If you put in the effort and put in the time, you can do almost anything.

     Shop for the wedding ring as early as possible

    To ensure sufficient time for the rings to be crafted, we always recommend that our customers start looking for wedding rings at least six months before the big day. Organizing a wedding requires a significant amount of preparation, and the week leading up to the big day will be filled with a lot of little things to think about and stress about. You don't have to put the wedding rings at the bottom of the list if you don't want to. Finding the ideal wedding band requires the same amount of patience as searching for the perfect engagement ring.

    You could want to go to a few different merchants, but you could also take your time at a single jewellery store and consider things there. Because you intend to keep this on your ring finger for the rest of your life, you must select the ideal ring.

     Purchase a ring that compliments your engagement ring

    Wedding rings


     Every pair should start their collection of love jewels with an engagement ring. When it comes time to choose wedding bands, couples can select rings that coordinate with the engagement ring or opt for a whole different style altogether. Most women prefer to wear their wedding and engagement bands concurrently, side by side. If you are interested in doing the same thing, you should choose rings that either complement or contribute to the look of the engagement ring.

    If you already have a sophisticated engagement ring, enhancing your ring finger with a plain band studded with diamonds is the ideal complement to your existing jewellery. If the ring you exchanged for your promise was not particularly elaborate, you might want to consider purchasing an expensive gold ring to wear during the wedding. Just ensure that the new ring does not compete for attention with the engagement ring's band and that the metals are the same. You also can purchase wedding bands that are brand new designs that conform to the most recent fashion trends.

     Choose rings that are easy to be resized

    Wedding rings resizing process is something that married couples should pay close attention to because wedding rings are meant to be worn year-round and even for a lifetime. There would be moments when the ring would get tighter as the body swelled after a workout or during particular periods of the year, and there would be occasions when the bands would go looser as the fingers got smaller during the winter months.

    In addition, it's common for women to put on weight during pregnancy and then shed those extra pounds after giving birth. When it comes to choosing wedding rings, couples need to make sure they take these things into consideration. The vast majority of specialists in the field of jewelry advocate purchasing rings with adjustable shanks. It is suggested that you go out and get a ring that can be easily adjusted to either a lower or larger size.


    To summarize, if you put some thought, planning, and effort into the decision-making process, you can always end up with the most beautiful wedding rings. When the couple has enough time for it, they can pay attention to every detail, and when they know what they want, they can cover all the bases in terms of the many aspects. Whether it's about the price range, the type of ring settings, making an online purchase of rings, or deciding on a design for a bespoke wedding band, both partners need to have a conversation and reach an agreement on the individual and couple-level decisions. I really hope that you find these suggestions for purchasing wedding rings to be helpful.

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