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Gold Knowledge

How to protect your gold jewelry correctly

How to protect your gold jewelry correctly

The glimmer and luster of gold pieces of jewelry captivate the attraction of people more than jewelry made of any other metal; hence, people are in awe of those. We can consider gold jewellery a classic adornment, and we don't see any change in it shortly. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a gold necklace or a traditional gold wedding necklace; there's something undeniably beautiful about the understated sophistication that gold ornaments brings to an outfit.

If you are the proud owner of some attractive gold ornaments, you would love to wear it whenever possible. Doing so makes it very normal for the color of your gold jewellery to change or dull over time. Because of this, gold jewelries needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and last as long as possible.

 This article will discuss how to protect and clean your gold jewelries. At the same time, we are ready to tell you what to avoid.


Clean your gold ornaments regularly using warm, soapy water.

Clean your gold jewellery regularly using warm, soapy water

  You will use ornaments such as necklaces and rings made of gold regularly. But, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Using gold jewellery constantly could acquire dirt from the environment and oils from your body. These oils and dirt won't immediately affect gold items but will make a difference in how they look in the long run. As a result, you should make it a habit to clean your items regularly to retain their luster.

 Let us teach you a method. A safe and well-known method worldwide is, submerging your gold items in warm, soapy water for an extended period. When choosing soap, it is advised to use a mild dish soap that doesn't have any added ingredients in it. After keeping your gold item soaked in water for a couple of hours, remove the items and wash them thoroughly with clean water. When drying, use a soft cloth, but avoid paper goods, as these can scratch and damage gold jewellery. Take your time in carrying out this process, and we advise you to clean your jewelries properly.


Use of ammonia to clean gold ornaments.

Use of ammonia to clean gold ornaments.


     Put your gold items into a basin. Make sure this basin contains three parts lukewarm water and 1 part ammonia. Then comes the polishing part, and use a toothbrush for this. After rinsing with clean water, allow the air to dry.

     But here is something that you should be careful of, especially when dealing with white gold jewellery utilizing this method (when gold is combined with several additional elements, the resulting alloy is known as white gold). In most cases, a layer of rhodium is added on top of white gold jewellery, giving the piece of jewellery a shimmering appearance. But here is the trick! If you rub white gold too vigorously, you risk damaging the rhodium coating.


    Do not use chemicals that can harm your gold items.

    Do not use chemicals that can harm your gold items.

      Although they are fantastic for house cleaning, household cleaners should not be used on gold jewellery. The reason is that; they can tarnish your gold jewelries. Gold pieces should be kept away from harsh chemicals, such as chlorine. When gold is exposed to chlorine, the precious metal gradually loses its strength and faces the risk of being cracked.

    Did you know that most of these household cleaners I am talking about have abrasives and acids? Both of these are immensely harmful to gold jewelries. Finally, if you are swimming in a pool, we advise you to put any gold jewellery aside so it won't get damaged.


    Get your valuable gold jewelries cleaned by a professional cleaner.

    Get your valuable gold jewelries cleaned by a professional cleaner.

     Having your pieces professionally cleaned as frequently as you should clean them at home is unnecessary. You can ensure that your gold jewellery lasts a long time by taking them to a jeweler once or twice a year. Let us also point out that cleaning your jewellery pieces at home is the best way to ensure they remain pristine.

     Why take your gold jewellery to professionals for cleaning? Because of their extensive understanding of the metal and the irritants that they may cause, experienced jewelers are an extremely valuable asset. At the same time, they will be able to provide you with further information on how to care for your gold jewelries properly, and you can get it examined more carefully with a skilled eye. When you get your jewellery cleaned by a professional, they will fix any loose stones or prongs and examine it carefully for any scratches you may have missed at home.


    Store your gold items in a jewellery box.

    Store your gold items in a jewellery box

      No matter what you do to clean your gold items, it would help if you kept them in a well-organized ornament box. At the same time, you should protect gold jewellery without allowing those to rub against each other or scratch them if they are stored in this manner. Adding a layer of defense by wrapping each piece of gold jewellery in a gentle fabric will ensure its safety.



     Gold is a long-lasting and resilient material, but it is vulnerable to damage if handled forcefully. Gold's shine can gradually fade over time if it is frequently subjected to elements such as dust, sweat, and cosmetics. Therefore, make it a habit to clean your gold ornaments regularly.

     Finally, make sure that you check your gold items regularly for any signs of damage or weakness, and then take it to an expert jeweler as soon as possible to have it repaired. It is just as vital to clean properly as it is to store things correctly. When you're not wearing your gold jewellery, keep it secure by putting it in a jewellery box or wrapping it in a cotton cloth when it's not in use.


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    Best gold jewellery gift ideas for your girlfriend

    Best gold jewellery gift ideas for your girlfriend

    Are you a boyfriend looking for a perfect piece of gold jewellery gift for the woman in your life? If the answer is affirmative, then your best bet is to find something awesome that you are certain she will enjoy. But what are you supposed to do if you have no clue? If yes, this article is for you.

    When it comes to the art of gifting, the options are numerous. A gold jewellery gift will never fail to create an impression. There is never a wrong occasion to give a gold jewellery gift as it is the ideal present for any occasion. Be it your wedding anniversary, her birthday, or any other celebration, gifting a piece of gold jewellery gift to your girlfriend will make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

    What Kind of Gold Jewelry Should I Buy for My Girlfriend?

    What Kind of Gold Jewelry Should I Buy for My Girlfriend?

    The kind of statement you want to make with the gold jewellery gift, you give your girlfriend should be a primary consideration when shopping for it. It could be a gold pendant, necklace, bracelet, or ring. Whatever you decide to give her, it ought to be something she enjoys without jeopardizing the purpose of your gift. There are certain basic things, that you should remember. For an example, measure your girlfriend's ring size if you are willing to buy her a gold ring.

    A gold necklace

    What you think before buy gold necklace? If you ask whether or not it is alright to present your girlfriend with a gold necklace, the answer is a no-brainer. Of course, the response is "yes.". The necklace you are about to gift her should represent the physical connection that holds relationships together. In contrast, the pendant worn on the chest to touch the heart is meant to be a visual representation of how close you are to her heart. Nevertheless, when deciding, select the pattern she fawns over the most. It is also important that the length of the necklace be just right so that it does not hang awkwardly.

    A gold cuff

    Let me start by saying your girlfriend can never have too much gold jewellery. Therefore, adding a statement cuff made of gold to her collection is a great way to make her happy. There is a huge variety of bracelets available, but choosing this one will help your girlfriend stand out from the rest on any occasion. Yes, it is a unique choice of jewellery. In contrast to a small chain bracelet that is easy to overlook in photographs, she will undoubtedly adore a piece of jewellery that makes a statement wherever she has to look her best.

    Because this kind of bracelet does not come with a clasp, it is quite simple to put on and take off around the wrist. Choose a size that is neither excessively loose nor excessively tight. In most cases, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments by bending the ends to ensure that it remains in place. So, why not chose a cuff as your gold jewellery gift for your girlfriend?

    Astrology? Does she believe it?

    Astrology? Does she believe it?

     If your girlfriend is an astrology fan, you could choose this option. Nowadays, astrology has started to become a fundamental component of fashion. So if you are planning to gift your girlfriend with a gold jewellery gift, considering astrology, the possibilities are limitless. You could go from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets. Some jewellery alternatives contain mapped-out constellations on golden disks. In contrast, others such as Cancer, Leo, or Capricorn display the astrological emblem for the sign in question. You can take an unusual step as such and opt for a gift as such.

    Rose Gold Jewelry

    Rose gold jewellery is known for being delicate and romantic. Its composition of pure gold, copper, and sometimes silver makes it more long-lasting than yellow or white gold jewellery. Whether a pair of earrings or a necklace, Rose gold jewellery looks good on many different skin types and brings out the natural blush in the wearer's complexion. Since combining different kinds of metals is currently considered a trendy look, it will undoubtedly complement the other jewellery she already owns and wears. What do you think? Is your girlfriend a fan of rose gold?

    A personalized gold bracelet

    Whether you want to engrave the words "I love you" or a message or a love quotation, a personalized bar bracelet will make whatever you say or engrave distinctive and individual. You could engrave anything on your bracelet. It is better if you choose something special for both of you.  

    A personalized gold necklace

    Suppose you are looking for a gold jewellery gift for your girlfriend that may be personalized. In that case, an initial necklace is an excellent option to consider. These necklaces provide a blank space for a personalized pendant.

    In addition, the designs that can be used for personalized jewellery products are extremely varied. As a result, it is only appropriate to search for a pendant that complements your partner's aesthetic. She likely enjoys both simple and elegant settings equally. She could be either. Determine what her preference is, and act accordingly.

    Locket necklaces

    These necklaces come with a more sentimental pendant. The timeless locket necklace is an excellent choice for a present in a relationship because it can hold special photos or mementoes.

    In addition, you can personalize it by placing something you love within the necklace and closing it. That might be anything that has a deep personal significance for either of you. It may be a picture of you two on a romantic date, of you, or something else.

    Last Word

    No matter how long you've been together, your girlfriend will appreciate receiving a gold jewellery gift because it shows thought. As we've seen, you don't have to spend a bomb to make everything exceptional. There are a lot of things you can do, but in the end, it is the thinking that matters the most. You will be able to offer her a meaningful gift that she will cherish for the rest of her life if you use our recommendations.

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    What you should consider before buying wedding jewelry

    What you should consider before buying wedding jewelry

    You have met your soulmate. What a big day it is going to be? It’s your wedding. With abundance of joy, comes a lot of stress when you are getting ready to this special occasion in your life. You need everything to be perfect. We all hate last minute surprises. Don’t we? A crucial selection that you’ll make prior to your wedding is what sort of jewelry to wear on your big day.

    Firstly, you have to identify your style and budget before you start shopping. Once you’ve chosen out the right ring, it’s time to decide what style of wedding jewelry to wear. If you choose the proper wedding jewelry, it will not only go well with your outfit and the other accessories you have on, but it will also give some glitter and interest to an otherwise understated look. You shouldn't forget to think about the atmosphere you would like to create for your event.

    Finalize what outfit you will wear for your wedding

    It is imperative that you select your wedding attire before making any other decisions. When you have decided on each of the outfits that you will wear on your special day, it will be much simpler for you to select jewelry that complements those outfits. When it comes to what you wear, a lot of other aspects come into play, and it all depends on what you have on. Therefore, you must finalize your outfit first.

    When purchasing new pieces of jewelry, it can be challenging to know whether to go with white gold, yellow gold etc. However, your wedding dress will play a role in your decision. For an example, white dress looks stunning when accessorized with platinum. However, if the color of your wedding gown is ivory, accessorizing with gold will bring out the best look.  Rose gold is a beautiful complement to a dress that features pink undertones. To really make your dress sparkle, go for burnished silver rather than light beige.

    Always make sure that your accessories match the details on your wedding dress. Your choice of jewelry to wear will depend on the beading that is on your dress. Additionally, your hands and fingers should not be neglected. To achieve the most stunning effect possible, you should choose wedding rings that are complementary to the fabric of your dress.

    Your wedding jewelry should serve as an accent to your wedding dress and highlight it in scale. It should never draw too much attention away from your dress. Your bridal appearance might be improved by selecting jewelry of the appropriate size. Do not pick up jewelry that is too understated or it will go overlooked. 

    If the dress you are wearing is on the simpler side, try to limit the amount of jewelry that you wear. There are instances when the best look may be achieved by wearing just one necklace that complements your ring sets and draws attention to the rest of your outfit.

    Talk with your partner as well

    Talk with partner about wedding jewelry


    Is it wise to make the assumption that he will find the ideal piece of jewelry for you to wear? No, we do not think so. Talk with him about the jewelry, discuss with him your preferences, and inquire as to whether or not your future in-laws have already purchased anything for your big day. It will prevent you from purchasing similar wedding jewelry. He will genuinely appreciate even a small amount of assistance from you.

    Analyze the trends and jump on to those

    There is never a lull in popularity for wedding jewelry in Singapore. Latest wedding jewelry designs and styles will always be introduced onto the market irrespective of what month of the year it is. This fact does not change. Nevertheless, certain times enjoy far greater popularity than others for particular items. If you are looking to get wedding jewelry sets, it is a good idea to be aware of what is fashionable and trending at the moment. This will allow you to select an item that will make you appear fashionable and up to date on the day of your wedding. Hence, beware of what is trending and what’s not. Nobody wants to look out of date on their special day. 

    Do your homework, a proper wedding jewelry research 


     proper wedding jewelry research


    Everyone has a voice in the decision-making process regarding wedding jewelry. It is vital to select wedding jewelry that you enjoy wearing so that you can comfortably carry it off for everyone from your bridegroom to your family. Therefore, you should collect images from the internet, look through Pinterest and Instagram and identify the designs that appeal to you the most. It will make things ten times easy for the jewelers as well. When you provide a reference, everyone will know exactly what it is that you are searching for!

    Make your selection based on the shape of your face and neck

    Oval-faced brides should steer clear of wearing necklaces that are too long since it makes their faces look even longer. Choose instead a necklace that is broader and draws attention to the area around your collar bone.

    This is just one tip for those who are already thinking on buying wedding jewelry. 

    Keep your budget on your mind

    happy couple checking budget


    The first thing you should do when you are thinking about purchasing wedding jewelry sets is to figure out how much money you have available. You ought to establish a spending plan that is grounded in reality and work hard not to go over it. You will be able to find something that is within your price range or above that yet has a wonderful appearance and is one of a kind using this method. You do not need to face difficulties exceeding the budget. Do you?

    You might consider this to be simple. Even though this is just one of the considerations that goes into selecting jewelry for your special day, it is an essential part of the process. This is because, if you don't know what your budget will be like before purchasing anything else in terms of accessories or dresses or anything else, then purchasing appropriate pieces can become difficult when they cost more than what you consider to be an affordable amount. By reducing the number of options available to you, it may even detract from another facet of the issue for which you would prefer to have money spent.

    There are many affordable wedding jewelry sets available on the market these days, and if you do a little bit of shopping around, you'll definitely be able to find something within your price range that doesn't look cheap. However, this does not mean that you won't be able to find beautiful pieces even if you have a limited budget.

    Think about when you want to have your wedding

    If you are planning your wedding more than a year in advance, you should prioritize purchasing more traditional wedding jewelry because the designs are subject to change over time. If you are opting for a contemporary aesthetic, there is a good risk that it will start to seem a little bit dated as the wedding day approaches. However, if you go with a style that is more traditional, it will have a timeless appearance.

    Finalizing your wedding jewelry may not seem like a high priority on your list of things to accomplish before the wedding. But the truth is, selecting wedding jewelry ought to be done in a careful and cooperative manner. Which fashions do you and your loved one gravitate toward? When it comes to the ring, are you planning to engrave your initials on them to give them a more personal touch? Is there a possibility that you'll need to get them resized at some point? If you order your rings as far in advance as you can, you will have plenty of time to inspect them and make any necessary adjustments before the big day. This is a critical point.

    You can have your jewelry tailored to fit your preferences.

    Selecting wedding jewelry


    In the event that, despite your best efforts, you are unable to locate anything that is suitable to your preferences and tastes, you can even have the bridal jewelry you purchase personalized by a reputable jeweler. Even if it would cost you some more extra bucks to your total bill for the adjustments, you can rest assured that it will be well worth the money you spend. Do not force yourself to choose something that is already available. Yes, you can customize. 

    Matching your rings is not mandatory

    Let’s talk a bit about choosing the engagement rings. It's completely fine to buy rings of different styles, despite the fact that some couples prefer their bands to match. Consider using rings that are complementary to one another if you want there to be some sense of continuity between the rings. There is also the possibility of mixed metal bands

    . Even if just one partner like rose gold, the other can still show their appreciation for their spouse's ring by having the interior of their band made of rose gold. There are several methods to make the rings seem related to one another without making them look identical to one another. You should seek the assistance of a jewelry consultant or an expert in order to choose wedding rings that are a good fit for your personality.

    Balancing is critical

    friend helps to wear a necklace


    Keeping things simple is always great. When you include more specifics, there is a greater possibility that some of the more nuanced ones may get lost in the clutter. It is important to strike a balance between the intricacies on your wedding dress and the jewelry that you choose to wear on your big day. If your wedding gown features exquisite beading and embroidery, we advise you to keep the jewelry that you wear with it plain. If you have decided on a wedding dress that is simple or has few features, it is OK for you to select jewelry that is larger and more eye-catching. In a similar vein, you should pay attention to how the intricacies on your dress come together with the jewelry that you wear. 

    If the neckline of the bridal dress is particularly ornate, you might choose to skip the necklace. Alternately, if the dress has long sleeves, you can omit the bracelet from your outfit. Your choice of jewelry should not compete with any motifs that are of a large size and are located on the bust, neckline, or waist of your garment. Finding the right proportions for your overall appearance might be challenging, but you can pull it off if you concentrate on the things you absolutely require. If you follow these tricks, your guests will not think highly of your sense of fashion and neither will you. Avoid giving in to the temptation of selecting a greater quantity of sparkles than is actually required.


    Now that you know how to choose wedding jewelry, you can finally get some much-needed rest. You will look absolutely lovely in your wedding dress if you accessorize it with the correct wedding jewelry. This is your big day and you should not leave any stone unturned!

    For special events like weddings as well as for regular use, Starlight Jewelry offers original and high-quality jewelry. Discover more insights, information regarding jewelry, keep reading our articles.

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    How to clean your gold jewelry like a pro

    How to clean your gold jewelry like a pro

    Gold jewelry holds a very particular place in every one of our hearts, whether it be for dazzling wedding bands or priceless keepsakes. Gold jewelry needs to be properly maintained in order to ensure that it will continue to radiate unrivaled beauty each time it is worn. The brilliance that should be present in jewelry can be dulled over time by factors such as exposure to dust, detergents, sweat, air, etc. Hence it is true that, these factors can make your favorite pieces of jewelry appear less sparkling. But, did you know that the majority of these jewelry including gold in your jewelry box can be cleaned on your own without the assistance of a specialist jeweler.

    When should you clean your gold jewelry? How often?


    Gold ring


    This quote is from a couple of renowned jeweler Sophie Arnott. She says and we quote, "I would suggest cleaning your jewels every few weeks to keep them looking brilliant. However, I wouldn't recommend that you constantly polish your gold jewelries again and again because doing so can cause those to wear away more quickly. She further elaborates saying that, she would try to give my jewelry a new shine once every few months by buffing it with a polishing cloth.

    What are the unique characteristics of gold?

    We thought that, it would be better to be vigilant about the characteristics of gold before diving into more facts. Let’s start. 

    Gold, like the other noble metals, is resistant to corrosion caused by moisture as well as oxidation. This is one of the reasons that gold is used in jewelry. The other main reason is that gold resists oxidation better than silver. Because its luster may be preserved without regular polishing, it requires very little upkeep on the part of the owner.

    This means that if it is maintained in the appropriate manner, gold can last forever. Because it is a soft metal, as opposed to some of the other noble metals that were listed earlier on. Gold can also be being melted down and recycled. The majority of the time, people who own gold jewelry aren't interested in having it melted down; rather, they want attractive pieces that will hold up throughout time. However, gold in its purest form is so delicate that it can easily be destroyed. This is one reason why jewelers frequently work with gold alloys while producing jewelry. 

    Enough with the characteristics, now let’s discuss about cleaning gold jewelry.

    The Proper Way to Use Dish Soap to Clean Gold


    Dish Soap to Clean Gold


    Do not wonder when I say that using regular dish soap on gold jewelries that you possess is an effective way to remove any residue that may be there. Using warm water and soap as one of the cleaning methods that are good for your gold jewelry is one of the methods.

    Even though you might be doubtful at first, you can clean your gold jewelry using nothing more than soap and water. This approach achieves the finest results when applied to gold objects that are unadorned and do not contain any jewels. It is recommended to select a mild version, adding one to two tablespoons of the solution to a mixing bowl filled with warm water, and soaking the gold for around 10-15 minutes.

    The next step is to give it a light scrubbing with a cloth made of microfiber to remove any debris or surface imperfections that the dishwashing liquid alone was unable to release. Here it is advised to be gentle as much as possible. The reason is that, you don't want to scrub the gold too forcefully, otherwise you will leave scratches on the surface.

    These little scratches will become more noticeable as time passes. After using warm water to remove any soap residue, pat the surface dry with a clean cloth while taking care not to scratch it.

    How to Use Salt and Baking Soda to Clean Gold?


    Baking Soda to Clean Gold


    When it comes to cleaning gold, a combination of salt and baking soda seems to be surprisingly efficient. When brought together, they produce a chemical reaction that contributes to the removal of tarnish.

    Here it is recommended to should use equal proportions of salt and baking salt. For an example, one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda. Put both of these ingredients into a mixing dish filled with hot water, and then soak your gold for about ten minutes.

    If more cleaning is required, use a brush with soft bristles to give it a light scrubbing to remove any residue. After that, wash it with some warm water and wipe it dry with a cloth.

    The Methods for Cleaning Gold Using Sparkling Water


    Cleaning Gold Using Sparkling Water


    Gold can also be cleaned with sparkling water. The beneficial effect comes from the carbon dioxide. Carbonation assists in the removal of buildup or tarnish, allowing gold to regain its bright and shiny appearance.

    Put the gold in a basin that's been filled with sparkling water. Then let it sit there for ten minutes. Make sure that the gold is thoroughly covered by the liquid. If necessary, give it a light scrubbing with a toothbrush with soft bristles, then rinse it with warm water and pat it dry.

    Cleaning Gold Using Gold Cleaner


    Gold collection


    There is a wide variety of gold cleaners available on the market that are designed for use in professional settings and may restore luster to gold that has substantially dulled. You can get them on the internet or at big box retailers that specialize in home improvement or general products.

    Here are some products that consistently earn high marks. 

    • Tarn-X Tarnish Remover
    • Hagerty Silver Foam
    • Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner

    Now that you have a better grasp on the characteristics of gold jewelry, and how to carry out gold cleaning process on your own. The following advice will help you determine what activities you may carry out safely at home and which ones you should steer clear of. Let’s start with the Do’s.


    • When washing your gold, do clean it with warm water and not hot water.
    • Combine a couple of drops of ammonia, a couple of drops of mild detergent, and a few drops of warm water.
    • Do not rush through the cleaning process. Rather, give your gold jewelry a few minutes to soak in the cleaning solution to help loosen any dirt or grime.
    • Take into consideration how the cleaning process will influence the other components of your jewelry. Particular cleaning solutions might damage the surface of certain gemstones more than others. Suppose your gold jewelry is embedded with Pearls. Pearls, for example, have very delicate surfaces and must be cleaned with extreme caution to prevent damage.


    • Do not use soap that has any unidentified components. Even if it is safe to clean gold using mild dishwashing soap, you should avoid using any unknown chemicals because some substances can have the same kind of effect as chlorine.
    • Do not make use of any sort of cleanser that contains chlorine as one of its components. Gold can be irreparably damaged and discolored when exposed to chlorine. When using cleansers that include chlorine, it is imperative that any gold rings be removed before beginning the cleaning process.
    • Do not utilize any abrasive cleaning products or cleaning rags made of paper. These compounds have the potential to etch gold surfaces and reduce the thickness of gold overlays.


    So we think that, now you have a good idea about how to clean your gold jewelries. Let us conclude now. After giving your gold jewelry a thorough cleaning, you are free to wear it again or put it away for safekeeping. If you do decide to keep it, you should ensure that each piece of gold jewelry is kept in its own individual container to prevent it from becoming scratched or otherwise damaged. Those who have a fine gold chain ought to be hung from a hook so as to prevent the chain from becoming tangled.

    You also have the option of placing the chain of a necklace or bracelet in an anti-tarnish tissue, stretching it out to its full length, then rolling the tissue up and placing it in your jewelry box in a flat position.

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    Best ways to identify real gold jewelry

    Best ways to identify real gold jewelry

    jam Gold is the ultimate representation of power and wealth, and its possession is traditionally reserved for royalty. Gold jewelry is a valuable item. Hence, it makes perfect sense for you to need to verify the genuineness of a gold ring or necklace that you possess.

    Most of the genuine gold jewelry is not made of one hundred percent pure gold. They exist as alloys an are mixed with other metals in order to make it even more difficult to break and more long-lasting.

    Silver, nickel, and copper are some of the other metals that are commonly used in the production of fake gold jewelry. The reason is that; these metals are far less expensive than gold. And in order to make them appear more authentic, they are frequently covered in a gold plating.

    Testing with Nitric acid



    Nitric acid is used to test many metals, including gold. Here what happens is, when Nitric acid is applied on jewelry, fake jewelries will be damaged. But it will have no effect whatsoever on gold. 

    In order to carry out this test, as the first step, make an imperceptible small scratch on the piece of jewelry. Then a very small amount of nitric acid needs to be dropped into it. If the spot becomes green, you may be certain that the gold is a fake. The piece of jewelry is considered to be genuine gold if the test location reveals no discoloration and no chemical reaction.

    The stamp test

    What is a hallmark? It is a stamp that identifies the item's content and/or manufacturer. It is a common practice to engrave a hallmark onto a piece of gold jewelry. The hallmarks of a piece of jewelry are typically hidden in an unobtrusive place. It could be the interior of a ring or somewhere else. 

    Karats is a foundation upon which the standard purity scales are built. When determining whether or not the gold that you are testing is authentic, one of the first steps you should do is to perform the hallmark test. This is also referred to as the magnifying glass test.

    The skin test

    Let me explain how this test is done. It consists of the following: It requires placing a piece of gold jewelry in the palms of your hands and holding it there for a few minutes. The sweat on your hands will either cause a reaction with the metal, which will cause a change in the color of your skin, or it will have no effect at all. 

    There is no discoloration that occurs when genuine gold comes in direct contact with human skin. If the gold is not real, it will cause your skin to develop a dark color at the points of contact. These colors could be black or green.

    One scenario that deviates from this standard operating procedure is one in which you test gold on your skin while also applying liquid foundation. If gold comes into contact with your cosmetics, it will cause a darkening of your skin at the places of contact. This test is made more reliable by the removal of any and all makeup prior to testing.

    Makeup can also be used as an alternative method for determining the genuineness of gold. Apply a liquid foundation first, then dust powder on top of it. After the foundation has had enough time to dry, press the piece of jewelry against your skin, and then drag it over the area of your skin where makeup is applied. There is a good chance that you are dealing with genuine gold if the jewelry leaves a dark mark on the cosmetics.

    Since gold is so chemically inert, wearing genuine gold jewelry will never cause your skin to change color. But applying cosmetics to the item in question is a one-of-a-kind technique to validate its authenticity. If your gold jewelry has discolorations, this indicates that it is an alloy, which means that it contains other metals mixed in with the gold.

    Magnet test for check quality of the Gold jewelry



    The magnet test is an effective method for validating your suspicion that a piece of jewelry contains a significant amount of gold. In order to carry out this test, you will need a magnet that possesses a particularly high strength. Then, put it in close proximity to the jewelry, and wait till you get a reaction. If the piece of jewelry attracts the magnet, this indicates that it is not genuine gold.

    When there is very little attraction, but the jewelry does not attach to the magnet, this indicates that the jewelry has a low percentage of gold. If there is absolutely no attraction to it, then it is almost certainly gold in its purest form.

    Let your eyes take the judgment for you. Look at its size



    Your eyes should be the judge of this. Is the gold jewelry you are looking at is monstrously large in its size? If it is that large and thick, there is a good likelihood that it is not a genuine piece of gold. Huge chains or rings would be worth an incredible amount of money if they were genuine. But the chance is very low for those gold jewelry to be genuine. They are either hollow or plated in gold, and are not even close to being worth the price they are listed at.


    Being very honest with you, none of these tests are a foolproof method for determining whether your gold is genuine.

    Seeking the assistance of an expert is the most reliable method for verifying whether or not a piece of jewelry is made of gold. A qualified jeweler will have testing kits and equipment at their disposal that are created specifically for the purpose of accurately determining the genuineness of gold. Because of their extensive experience, expert dealers such as Starlight are also able to recognize authentic pieces of gold jewelry without much of a hassle.

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    About Starlight jewellery

    About Starlight jewellery

     Starlight jewellery is established in 2019, Starlight Jewelry has come a long way within a short span of time, and has become one of the most trusted vendors in Singapore. Since that time, we have grown into a solid corporation that operates on its own, while yet preserving the warm and friendly environment that was so characteristic of its formative years.

    Starlight and our staff is well-known our work ethic as well as the dedication and passion that they bring to the customers on a daily basis. Starlight Jewelry has always made it a priority to make beautiful jewelry of the greatest possible quality, as well as to deliver the finest possible service and experience to their customers. Every time we provide our services, we want to go above and beyond what is expected of us by our customers. In addition to this, Starlight developed a brand that was geared toward people who were purchasing items for themselves and focused on the concept of empowerment.

    We are committed to



    Starlight Jewelry is committed to offering only real 916/999 gold and the highest quality of service, from offering aid with size to addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding gold. They thrive to provide an open and honest breakdown of all the products that were purchased. Exquisite craftsmanship, reliable value, and outstanding customer service are the priorities of the store. After giving careful consideration to its attractiveness, quality, and skilled craftsmanship in its creation, the jewelry that we give to our customers comes to them at an affordable price.

    There's a good reason why so many of our customers keep coming back year after year. They have faith in us. We are aware that the value of gold jewelry extends beyond the material itself, so we work hard to ensure that your time spent shopping with us is every bit as memorable as the occasion you are commemorating. Purchasing jewelry shouldn't merely be a stress-free experience in and of itself.

    It need to be thrilling as well as enjoyable. Starlight invites you to celebrate your next occasion with us, and while you're here, find out what magnificent piece of gold is made for you. We at Starlight Jewelers think that the mementos of your love should not only be attractive, but also skillfully created, and that they should come at a price that you can have faith in. Allow us to assist you in preserving your memories by locating the ideal remembrance for you.

    Our mission is



    Our mission statement is providing ease and convenience for everyone involved in order to deliver services that will improve the lives of our customers by encouraging frugal spending and strengthening their commitment to us. At the heart of our business is the belief that everyone should have access to jewelry that is fitting for them.

    As a result, we put our attention on the things that truly matter, such as long-lasting jewelry that can withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday life, straightforward pricing that is as approachable as the pooch that lives next door and environmentally responsible business practices. You have established the standard, and all we can do is work toward reaching it. The creation of an uplifting environment at work that allows for continued growth and evolution is central to our principles.

    Why are we special?



    Why should people buy from Starlight Jewelry? Unlike many jewelry stores in Singapore, we grant you the opportunity to buy your gold pieces and pay for them in installments. To be precise, you can pay simply 1/3 upfront and take home the gold immediately today.

    In certain cases, we accept ¼ upfront as the outstanding amount as well. Whether it's a teeny-tiny pendant or a massive gold ring, we make it our mission to design jewelry that evokes feelings of wonder and helps preserve cherished moments. For Starlight, every stage of the design process presents a fresh challenge with countless new opportunities. We want to think creatively and never settle for the option that is the least difficult.

    How can you find us?

    It is not difficult to find this jewelry store in Singapore. Starlight’s physical address is, 810 Geylang Rd, City Plaza, #01-29, Singapore 409286, 8699 0129. It is at the City Plaza Mall and, the customer can head into the City Plaza Mall via the Paya Lebar MRT.

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    What are the benefits of purchasing gold bars

    What are the benefits of purchasing gold bars

    What are gold bars?

    Gold bars are blocks of pure gold that are often referred to as "gold bullion" or "gold ingots." Gold bars have a rectangular shape. Casting these gold bars involves pouring molten gold into a mold, where it is allowed to cool and harden before being removed. A normal gold bar is comprised of 24 carat gold and weighs 400 troy ounces. Now, let’s discuss why they are important and what are the benefits of purchasing gold bars. 

    Demand for gold bars in the global market is high




    As is common knowledge, the demand for gold is continuously growing in every region of the world. This means that purchasing gold bars is one of the greatest decisions that can be made regarding investments.

    Gold is becoming an increasingly popular investment choice among investors. As a direct consequence of this, you will have a better chance of receiving a greater return on your investment when a predetermined amount of time has passed.

    Less expensive production costs and premiums are associated with gold bar investments

    Because gold bars have a lesser premium linked to them than gold coins do, investing in gold bars makes a lot of sense. The premium that you pay will often comprise making charges, and it may also occasionally include fees associated with shipping and refining. Because gold bars are so much larger than their coin counterparts, they benefit from economies of scale that guarantee you will get your money's worth.

    It’s easy to sell and purchase




    Buying and selling gold bars is not a particularly difficult process. The only thing you absolutely need to check before making a purchase is the purity of the gold. In addition to this, do not overlook the necessity of collecting payment from your seller. If you have a legitimate bill in your possession, you will have an easier time reselling your gold bars.

    Gold bars have a high level of liquidity, which can make them an attractive investment option for traders who want to sell their holdings in the near future. A modest amount of effort is required to resell gold bars weighing one ounce once they have been purchased from multiple vendors at a relatively low cost.

    Even people who are new to the financial markets are able to purchase gold bars, and those people can keep their bars even when there is widespread uncertainty or panic in the market.

    Maintenance is not difficult at all

    The fact that buying gold bars does not require any upkeep on your part is among the advantages of this investment strategy. If you store your gold in a secure location, it could remain there for hundreds of years.

    On the other hand, if you invest in any other kind of property, such as real estate, it is imperative that you do routine maintenance on it in order to preserve its worth. On the other hand, gold bars are easy to acquire and can be kept for a number of years in a secure location thanks to the locker.

    Low level of risk involved




    This is an investment with a low level of risk. If you wish to use gold as currency, purchasing a gold bar is a considerably more secure option than purchasing a wad of one hundred dollar bills; nevertheless, having a gold bar to look at is much less versatile.

    It is possible for it to be taken, just like paper money is. Take note that the price of gold is currently at an all-time high. If you purchase your bar right now, it might be a few decades before it dramatically increases in value, but who can say for sure? With the volatility of the market, it could also rise sooner than expected.

    Easily be passed on to future generations

    When you make an investment in gold, you will easily be able to hand down this asset to subsequent generations. You might want to think about purchasing gold bars as a means of storing your money for the purpose of meeting your future requirements.

    The market worth of your gold bars will not change based on how old they are; they are valuable no matter what. You can even trade in your old gold bars for newer and fancier gold jewelry at any of the local traders.

    Price is not unstable unlike other assets




    If you look at the scale, you'll notice that the price of gold is rather consistent, and it doesn't drop by that much even when there's a crisis going on. It has been observed that whenever there is a crisis in the world of finance, the majority of individuals gravitate to purchasing gold bars, which causes the prices to skyrocket in a very short amount of time. This demonstrates that purchasing gold as an investment is a smart choice when it comes to putting money away for the future. 

    Now, there are certain things that you should pay attention to when purchasing gold bars. Here are a few of those. 

    Opt for gold bars that are recognizable

    It is essential to keep in mind that the vast majority of people feel more at ease acquiring bars that are recognizable as compared to those that are not. This is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind.

    This indicates that you should only consider gold bars that another person will wish to buy in the future when making your investment decision. On the current market, there is a plentiful selection of well-known bars.





    As was just mentioned, the bars with the highest market value are also the ones that are the most well-known. Although there are buyers of gold who want to keep their bars as investments for the rest of their lives, the vast majority of people will, at some point in the future, decide to sell their gold bars.

    When it comes time to sell your bars, the best approach to ensure that you have access to a market that is as large as possible is to make sure that you have purchased recognizable bars, such as those that are listed above.


    It is true that "size matters," and this is also true when it comes to gold bars. Nevertheless, the significance of this may not be exactly what you think it is. Bars are available in a wide range of sizes. How can you choose which of these possibilities is the best when there are so many to choose from?

    It has come to our attention that normal sizes, such as one ounce, are in greater demand than smaller and bigger sizes, and that the latter can be somewhat more challenging to sell. The sort of gold bar that weighs one ounce is typically the most popular choice, and this is also the case with gold coins. It is interesting to note that some of the largest online coin dealers sell fractional or off-size gold bars for a premium that is slightly higher than the premium for one-ounce gold bars.

    This does not mean that you should steer clear of fractional or off-size gold bars; rather, you should make sure that you are paying a premium that is commensurate with the likelihood that you will be able to recoup your investment by selling the items in the future.

    Condition of the gold bars

    Condition is important to consider while dealing with gold bars, just as it is when dealing with gold coins. To get the best value for your money, you should get a gold bar that has been encased in plastic and carded. These are gold bars that have been packaged in plastic that cannot be opened without detection.

    In most cases, the assay number that is printed on the bar is identical to the assay number that is printed on the container; however, this is not always the case. That is not to imply that you must steer clear of gold bars if you find them outside of their original packaging. In point of fact, we frequently buy them and most recently did so this morning. However, you should expect to pay a premium that is only marginally lower for these bars.

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    Everything you need know about Gold

    Everything you need know about Gold

    Introduction about Gold

    Gold is the gleaming symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is utilized to manufacture pricey things, but is also used to adorn fancy items ranging from cellphones to supercars. Other metals, which are more scarce than gold, are, on the other hand, significantly less expensive. So what is it about gold that makes it so expensive?

    Scientists believe that gold arrived on Earth as a result of the collision of two neutron stars in space, which fused gold atoms together to form meteorites, which landed down the planet approximately 3.9 billion years ago. Throughout long periods of time, the hot core of earth propelled the nuggets of gold to the surface, where they eventually accumulated. Gold flakes were discovered in caves in the Paleolithic period, which traces its origins around 40,000 years. It is the first known instance when human had some sort of interaction with gold. 

    Throughout the world, gold is found in free elemental form. It can be found in a solid solution series with silver, naturally and is made into alloys with metals such as copper and palladium, and as mineral inclusions such as pyrite. It is also found in a solid solution series with platinum

    Because of a wide range of specific qualities, it is quite valuable. This significant metal conducts electricity, is not subjected to tarnishing, is very easy to work with, can be drawn into wire, can be alloyed with many other metals, can be melted and cast into extremely detailed shapes, and has a brilliant luster. Gold is a pretty uncommon metal that has a wide range of applications. It is very malleable, which means that it may be deformed or modified without causing the material to fracture. Its bright-yellow hue, however, sets it apart from other valuable precious metals in that it is completely distinct. Because of these features, gold has a wide range of practical and superficial applications on Earth.

    The color gold is identified as the best representation of love for a bride to be. For the investors, gold is a great way to diversify your portfolio and increase your returns. People prefer to know that they have an element of their money that they can actually feel in their hands. The majority of the time, it is aesthetically pleasing, and this adds an emotion to the purchase. Moreover, for those who work in manufacturing industry, or if you design smartphones or tablets, you should know that the elemental symbol of gold is Au and the chemical symbol Au-79, and it is regarded as the most precious of all of the metals. It's an excellent conductor of electricity and has a high melting point. 

    Gold has a metallic sheen to it and melts quickly when formed into bars, coins, or jewelry. It is not subject to rust, corrosion, or decomposition. The question remains, however, as to why gold is so valuable, both in our minds' eye and in actuality, as a global store of value and a means of trade. Why is silver consigned to a distant second position, and what about copper, which possesses many of the same physical characteristics as gold, is left out of the equation? Let’s discuss in detail and you will get a much better idea at the end of this article.

    Occurrence of gold

    texture of the gold


    Gold may be found in trace levels in igneous rocks, including granite. It is believed that the amount of this element in the Earth's crust is roughly 0.005 parts per million. With the exception of tellurium, selenium, and bismuth, it is found generally in its natural state, where it has not been chemically mixed. Gold-197 is the only isotope of the element that may be found in nature.

    In addition to copper and lead deposits, gold is frequently discovered in association with these metals, and while the amount of gold present is generally insignificant, it is easily collected as a byproduct of the refining of these base metals. It is uncommon to come across significant amounts of gold-bearing rock that is rich enough to be classified as ores. Water-saturated hydrothermal veins, in which gold is linked with quartz and pyrite, are the most well-known forms of gold deposits, while placer deposits result from weathering of gold-bearing rocks are less well-known.

    The metal is prevalent enough to be used to make coins, but it is also rare enough making sure it's difficult to be produced. Gold does not corrode, making it a long-term store of value, and humans are attracted to it on a physical as well as an emotional level. Throughout history, societies and economies have valued gold, ensuring that it will continue to be valuable in the future.

    A repository of value

    To put it simply: A store of value is an item, commodity, or money that has the ability to be preserved, recovered, and exchanged in the future without losing its worth. Gold and other precious metals are considered to be "stores of value" because their shelf lives are virtually indefinite. Throughout history, societies and economies have valued gold, ensuring that it will continue to be valuable in the future.

    What causes gold to have such a high monetary value?


    Money with pure Gold bars


    Here is an experiment. You can use any other type of material, and it should be buried in the ground. Drop it into a body of water or do whatever you want to do with it. Then return after a few decades to see what has happened. Some materials, would have decayed to the point where they would have been rendered virtually incomprehensible. Allow your great-grandchildren to unearth items that have been buried for 150 years. Stronger materials will also degrade as a result of the degradation process.

    But, travel 10,000 years into the future in a time machine to recover the gold you buried thousands of years ago! After rinsing it off, it seems shiny and brand new.

    Gold's atomic structure makes it the hardest element to rust and corrode, making it the most valuable precious metal. When compared to humans, it appears to be indefinite. As a result, it has frequently been used to represent deities throughout history. Men come and go in and out of my life. Gold is here to stay.

    The value of gold rises because the demand for it increases. But the supply has remained essentially static over a long period of time People are increasingly interested in it because they consider it to be a secure location to invest their money.

    Factors that influence the price of gold on the open market include:

    Color: A person may easily determine that it is not silver or iron by looking at it. 

    Because of its low corrosion rate, it can be passed down through generations. Furthermore, it is resistant to electrical corrosion, making it ideal for usage in in electronics 

    It is malleable, and it could be worked by hammering it. A state capitol dome can be covered with gold sheets that are so thin that the amount of gold required is measured in ounces rather than pounds or tons. In a same vein, early humans discovered that it could be easily turned into gold jewelry without the use of a furnace and with only the crudest tools. 

    Scarcity: Gold is the 74th most abundant element on the planet in terms of natural abundance, but half of the elements less common than gold are radioactive and occur in extremely low abundance. (Prestige effect: a sought-after, hard-to-find item!)

    It's simple to plate. Increases usability while also providing a strong anticorrosion covering.

    History of the gold and some fun facts

    Across many ages, civilizations all over the world, including the ancient Egyptians, fell enamored with the gorgeous metal. It wasn't just that they used gold as a kind of commerce; they also buried themselves in it because they believed it was the flesh of the gods. As a matter of fact, King Tutankhamun was rested in three coffins wrapped with gold, and one of those caskets were built from pure, hammered gold. This casket could be valued over than $1 million dollars today.

    The Coinage Act of 1792, passed by the United States Congress, set a price which is fixed for gold in relation to US dollars. During the great American gold rush of the following century, gold mining attracted the eyes of many. A boy of 12 years back then named Conrad Reed discovered a huge 17-pound gold nugget on his family's farm in 1799. This was in North Carolina and it was the beginning of the gold rush. 

    The beginning of modern-day gold mining can be traced back to these gold rushes. Despite the fact that people have been mining gold for thousands of years, the intricacy of the operation has not altered. It is true that gold was becoming the basis of value for many precious things now being transported between Central Asia and the Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age, which lasted between 1600 and 1200 BC. These costly objects included metals such as tin and copper.

    Gold, religious beliefs and culture


    Gold bars


    From antiquity to the current day, gold has been linked with cultures and religions all across the globe. With its key role in many of the world's faiths, gold is unlike any other metal. The metal is known for its association with the divine sphere, and gold artwork and religious symbols are examples of this association.

    It is considered appropriate to ponder on the significance of gold in religious traditions during the joyful season of Christmas and gold is even talked about in the Christmas tale. As per the Bible, after the birth of Jesus Christ, a bunch of wise men (Magi) came to see him from the East to glorify the birth and celebrate. They brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh as gifts. They were the first visitors to Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus Christ. Gifting gold was intended to be a sign of prosperity and power. But, religious scholars believe it was also intended to be a symbol of Christ's reign as king on Earth.

    Gold is mentioned extensively throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations, and everywhere in between as well.  It is commonly identified in the Bible as the substance with the highest value on earth, it is also juxtaposed with spiritual value, illustrating that spiritual value transcends even gold's tremendous earthly value. Psalm 119:127 states, “I love your commandments more than money, yea, pure gold!”

    So it's no surprise that gold is revered in Christianity. Eastern Europe is known for being the home for Christian churches that have gold-gilded domes. 

    Gold is the most widely utilized metal in the manufacture of jewelry. It is long-lasting and does not tarnish despite being exposed to everyday conditions. Gold is believed to be extremely valuable by many Hindus. Hindus believe that gold has the ability to purify anything it comes into contact with. Beyond that, it is a representation of good health, affluence, and femininity.

    Gold has a long and illustrious history in Indian history, attracting people from all over the world with its allure and allurement. Many people's hearts were moved by its golden radiance that could be seen across oceans and boundaries. Indians are accounting for the vast majority of gold consumed around the world. When it comes to Indian history, gold is more than just a financial investment; it is also a culturally significant metal that has found a place in both Indian hearts and houses.

    The vast majority of India's population does indeed survive on limited resources, but they nonetheless manage to acquire gold and incorporate it into their daily life, regardless of gold prices in their particular cities or towns. 

    Hindu religion and culture are centered on gold. Brahma, the God of creation is believed to be born from an egg known as cosmic golden egg of creation. It is also a symbol of Lakshmi. Lakshmi is goddess of wealth and good fortune. As a result, gold is widely accepted as auspicious in Hinduism. That is exactly why the Hindus use gold for gifting in special celebrations and as a major part of their religious festivals. Gold is also given as a present at Hindu ceremonies, and people make offers of gold to temples as a result of this tradition.

    Buddhism, like many other religions, places a high value on gold and venerates it. Gold color is associated with the golden beams of the sun, as well as with the attainment of enlightenment in the religion. Buddhist culture is home to numerous Buddha sculptures made of gold. The largest of those statues is the Golden Buddha in the Temple of Wat Traimit in Bangkok, Thailand. Typically, Buddhist statues that are in Tibetan regions are decorated with gold paint. As recently as 2013, the former king of Thailand made a generous donation of over 300 kgs of gold to Bodh Gaya in India for decorations. The famed Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, is another example of how gold is utilized to embellish. It is covered from a gold leaf made of pure gold.

    Investing in Gold


    Gold bar and value of the gold


    Despite the fact that each individual will have their own motives for investing in gold, for many, gold investment is about conserving their financial security.

    Regarding wealth preservation, an ounce of gold cost roughly £200 at the time the survey was conducted at the end of the 1990s. For example, if you had purchased an ounce of gold for £200 and kept £200 in cash, the gold would now be worth almost 650 percent more. The cash, on the other hand, would not have gained in value and, as a result of inflation, would actually have decreased in value.

    On the other hand, many people pick gold to safeguard the remainder of their portfolio from risk and to diversify their investment strategy. Very few people would want to put all of their money into gold, as it is usually recommended to have a diversified portfolio of investments that includes a variety of different sorts of assets. Many investors pick gold precisely for this reason, as it allows them to diversify their holdings across a variety of sectors. Because the price of gold is typically negatively connected with the stock markets, gold prices generally rise when other markets collapse, it is hypothesized that this is the case. As a result, gold has long been seen as a "safe-haven" asset to invest in. When the market is volatile, and equities and shares collapse, a portion of the decline can be attributed to investors shifting their funds away from 'riskier' assets and towards the safe haven of gold.  Simply said, if you acquire gold and hang onto it until the price rises, you will be able to sell it at a profit.

    When it comes to investing in gold, it is impossible to disregard the influence of human psychology. Fear and uncertainty, which tend to accompany economic recessions and depressions, have traditionally made precious metals a popular choice as a safe haven investment.

    Interesting facts about Gold

    • Gold is the only metal that is yellow, or "golden."  A yellowish color may appear on the surface of other metals, but this is only after the metal has been exposed to oxidation.
    • Approximately half of all gold mined today is used in jewelry, which continues to be the most popular application for the precious metal.
    • The Perth Mint cast the world's largest gold coin in 2012, making it the world's largest gold coin ever made. With a weight of one tonne and a circumference of 80 cm, it broke the previous record set by a C$1 million coin that was just 53 cm wide in 2007.
    • When it comes to the symbol for gold(Au), it is derived from a Latin word, which literally translates as the "glow of the daybreak." Term “gold” is derived from the Germanic languages, and it is derived from the Proto-Germanic gul and Proto-Indo-European ghel, both of which imply "yellow/green," respectively. Since ancient times, people have been aware of the existence of the pure element.
    • Gold is considered as the element with the highest malleability. A single ounce of gold can be beaten into a sheet that covers 300 square feet. We can make a gold sheet that is transparent. This is because gold is reflecting red and yellow light so strongly.
    • A pure karat of gold is 24 karats. 18 karat gold is 75 percent pure gold. 14 karat gold is 58.5 percent pure gold, and last but not least 10 karat gold is 41.7 percent pure gold. The purity of gold is measured in percentages of pure elemental gold. 


    None of the materials taken from the Earth is more valuable than gold, which is the most valuable of them. Its usefulness can be attributed to a wide range of unique characteristics. Gold conducts electricity, does not tarnish, is very easy to work with, can be drawn into wire, hammered into thin sheets, alloys with many other metals, can be melted and cast into highly detailed shapes, and has a beautiful color and brilliant luster. It is the most valuable precious metal on the planet. Gold is a distinctive metal that holds a particular place in the hearts and minds of people all around the world.

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    Brilliant benefits of wearing gold jewellery

    Brilliant benefits of wearing gold jewellery

    Learn about golden benefits of wearing gold jewellery. 

    Alchemists in Alexandria created a liquid gold remedy over 5000 years ago that they believed might help the body fight ailments and stay young. Gold jewelry is lovely to wear. There are many benefits of wearing gold jewelry including spiritual and health benefits.  Well-being and reduced stress and anxiety are a couple of health benefits. Beautiful jewelry that we may wear and admire makes us healthier. This is a good reason to get extra gold jewelry from a reputable jeweler. 

    Gold works wonders on the solar plexus and heart chakras. Also it is believed to bring luck, fertility, and wealth. Gold can store and increase the wearer's and other stones' energy. Sun and moon energy unite in white gold, making it a better conductor. White gold is a regenerator. It boosts the neurological system and assists people with anxiety and panic attacks. It can help with indigestion, digestion, and aid with the body's natural excretion processes. Controlling chemical imbalances is possible with gold. It is compatible with all crystals and gemstones, as well as copper and silver. 

    Let’s discuss the benefits of wearing gold is this article.


    This is obvious, isn’t it? Gold Jewelry Is Beautiful. Wearing well-designed gold and precious stone jewelry gives beauty to our world. Every ensemble needs a touch of gold. The beauty of gold jewelry is passed down through generations, along with feelings of continuity and memories. Gold's beauty makes us happy and confident. 

    Fine gold jewelry can be created entirely of gold or with precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, and etc. Many are seeking out for 14K gold and good design. Jewelry can be rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces that can be worn alone or with other pieces. Knowing how much gold jeweler to wear so it stands out without being overwhelming is something that you should pay attention on.

    Regulating the body temperature


    Many people suffer from chills, hot flashes, and other temperature-related issues. Gold is known as a popular remedy because it naturally regulates body temperature. For example, menopausal women get hot flashes. Gold jewelry are traditionally known to be quite beneficial to assist in these cases.

    Many people might also experience chills and sweating. It is known that, gold controls body temperature naturally. These natural characteristics of gold help those with temperature regulation concerns. These qualities promote immunity as a steadier temperature promotes a healthy immune system.

    Gold’s healing qualities are interwoven. Because your body's systems function together, you'll feel gold's health benefits in various ways. Your entire body may change.

    Gold Jewelry's Economic Value Lasts Forever

    Gold Jewelry's Economic Value Lasts Forever


    Many people, especially women use gold as a kind of financial security. The more gold jewelry people have, the safer they are financially. Gold jewelry can be sold for cash in an emergency. A gold jewelry collection boosts a woman's self-esteem. It is a good investment that retains its value well. Gold is a wonderful way to store money in cultures where banks are not always available. Gold has long represented strength, beauty, and achievement.

    Gold is believed to have a lot of healing qualities

    Gold may help heal wounds and infections. Since the ancient times, it is believed to aid in the healing of infections and wounds. The gold's warm energy and relaxing vibrations do this. In addition to relaxing and promoting blood circulation, gold promotes healing.

    The Egyptians were the first to use gold for healing. They used gold for jewelry, dentistry, and medicine. The Romans and medieval Europeans utilized gold to treat skin issues and limb discomfort. Gold has long been used medicinally in China and India.

    Cancer growth is slowed

    Gold can assist the body limit malignant cell proliferation. Thus, it is utilized as an alternative therapy to treat diseases including prostate and ovarian cancer. Gold also aids in cancer detection. In the US, CytImmune has found a way to administer anti-cancer medications using gold nanoparticles. Nanospectra has developed “nanoshells” that use heat to kill cancer cells. A nanoshell plasmon is a spherical nanoparticle with a dielectric core and a thin metallic shell.

    Additional health benefits

    The warm yellow glow is claimed to dilate tissues and relax the area it is worn on. Some say this is why kings and queens wore gold crowns with bands around their temples! Similarly, wearing gold rings might aid to calm our hands, which we use heavily during the day.

    In addition, gold contact with the skin has been shown to reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in some people. Wearing gold rings or chains helps promote overall blood circulation and oxygen flow to all parts of the body due to the relaxing effect of gold vibrations on the skin. Gold is also proven to help regulate body temperature and promote immunity!

    People have long believed that gold may alleviate arthritic symptoms. Chronic arthritis causes pain and reduces quality of life. It causes painful, swollen joints. Wear gold jewelry to benefit from its healing properties. These items may relieve your pain and suffering when they rest on your skin.

    Gold's healing properties have been examined extensively. Gold is most usually used to treat autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis. Several studies have found a link between gold and arthritis alleviation.

    Healing powers from gold may improve your overall health. Having gold jewelry against your skin might make you feel nice. Gold's powers look limitless if it enhances oxygen intake. It also has a favorable energy flow.

    Positive energy may heal and rejuvenate your body. You'll have more energy, a happier outlook, and a more satisfied life. Owning gold is essential to wearing it. Allow and welcome the energy. Believe that this mineral can alter your mind and body.

    Gold can help you keep young skin

    The most obvious and desired reason to wear gold jewelry is to reflect its alluring glow onto your skin. The Chinese and Egyptians believed gold was the secret to youthful, glowing skin. Its benefits in restoring smooth skin and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles are still extolled by many beauty professionals today.

    Royals have used gold to keep their skin appearing young for centuries and many affluent people have benefited from gold. Wearing gold may result in tighter, moisturized, and smoother skin. These effects, like the others, occur from wearing gold. No more steps are required to enjoy these wonderful results.

    Gold can also help treat skin infections. Romans used gold salve to treat skin ailments. Cosmetic dermatologists have used gold's skin-healing powers for years. Your own skin care products may contain gold as an ingredient. Gold is utilized in many skin care products due of its calming properties. When searching for skin care products, seek for gold-based compounds.

    Gold can brighten the mood 

    Gold can brighten the mood


    Anybody can rock a lovely pair of gold earrings. The proper gold jewelry may lift anyone's spirits. Gold jewelry makes you feel better about yourself.

    You'll feel confident and unstoppable if you locate the correct gold jewelry. Good self-esteem automatically improves mood. This can help alleviate worry and stress. Gold adornment also impresses. Wearing gold jewelry can win you respect because it is a status signal in many areas.

    Choosing the gold jewelry that suits you

    Everyone has unique jewelry preferences. Some appreciate detailed traditional patterns. Or classic lines and understated beauty. Buy at least 14K gold to ensure the jewelry's worth and longevity.

    Necklaces, bracelets, and rings, worn alone or in groups, are trendy nowadays. People acquire and wear coordinated sets of simple gold chains or pendants with little valuable stones. They can adjust their look by changing the necklace groups. The same goes with bracelets and rings. 

    Jewelry made of gold is not only beautiful but also good to one's health. This includes the workplace, funerals, business meetings, social events, family festivities and love dates. Also you can personalize gold jewelry with a name or favorite design element.

    Gold jewelry provides great gifts for friends and family. And how many of us wear a particular gift necklace or pendant practically every day? The same goes for a favorite bracelet or earring. A wedding, engagement, or friendship ring is often worn every day to represent love.

    Gold jewelry is a pleasure to wear and we have made you aware of how it can improve one's health. Gold absorbs heat from the body and returns it as a warm feeling. Gold jewelry chosen with care will remain fashionable and provide healing effects for a lifetime. Gold jewelry will also have future financial significance as an investment. A person can sell old gold jewelry to get new items that better reflect their taste and current style. Gold is a fantastic investment because of its beauty, and health advantages.

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    Things you need to know before buying gold jewellery

    Things you need to know before buying gold jewellery

    What is jewellery?

    The word "jewels" derives from the word "toy". A jeweller creates, sells, and repairs jewellery. A goldsmith is someone who makes gold jewellery, and this occupation is seen prominently in Asian countries. The most basic sort of jewellery differs widely between cultures.

    A wide variety of materials can make jewellery, including gold and silver. Shells, bones, pebbles, tusks, claws, and wood have all been regarded rare and beautiful, as have precious metals, precious and semiprecious stones, pearls, corals, enamels, vitreous pastes, and ceramics. They were produced manually or automatically. Handmade jewellery is more expensive than machine-made jewellery. 

    Throughout history, jewellery has been worn as a show of social standing and a talisman to ward off evil and bring good fortune. A ruby ring, for example, was supposed to impart virtue, defend against seduction, and prevent effervescence in water—but only if worn on the left hand.

    What is gold jewellery?

    Beautiful and versatile, gold is the standard for most jewellery. It's also the softest metal, making it unsuitable for pure jewellery. The karat is the gold standard. 24-carat gold is pure gold, meaning 24 parts gold. Gold is alloyed with other metals to make it stronger. It's made up of a lot of gold and a few other alloys. 10K gold is more substantial, with ten gold to fourteen other alloys.

    Copper and silver are alloys with yellow gold. Green gold is made by mixing gold with copper, silver, and zinc. White gold is made by mixing pure gold with copper, zinc, nickel, or palladium.

    Yellow has long been connected with gold. White gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds. A glossy metal that enhances the brightness and strength of gold is used to coat white gold jewellery. Contrary to popular belief, white gold is not interchangeable with platinum. The whiteness of white gold and platinum varies.

    Some jewellery items combine white and yellow gold for a lovely two-tone effect. Yellow, white, and rose gold are also available.

    Gold has long been seen as a safe haven and household investment. Experts advise investors to diversify their risk by investing in gold rather than solely gold. Partly, this is because gold doesn't always pay off. The coronavirus outbreak forced investors to put their money in havens other than volatile corporate stocks, but this isn't the typical annual return gold gives. Gold prices only doubled in value during the last decade. Physical gold and digital gold are two of the most common ways to invest in gold.

    Identifying the type of jewellery you want to purchase




    In a showroom with many gold jewellery designs and wonder what to buy. While what you see will influence your ultimate decision, knowing what type of jewellery you want before going shopping is crucial. Take a look at the jewellery that you already have. Are you going for a similar one? How do you dress? Is it a special event you are getting yourself prepared for? For a special event you should be aware of the current fashion trends. Looking at online jewellery websites is a terrific method to obtain an idea of the hottest designs without leaving your house.

    What we want may be out of style or replaced by something more powerful. 
    Head over to our shop located at City Plaza! Take a feel and test out these beautiful gold jewelleries.

    We've done extensive research for you, and if you do need any help with picking out or even sizing, Starlight Jewellery's on site staff will be here for you.

    Understand the colour variation you will opt for

    We all are aware of the fact that, gold jewellery has a wide range when it comes to colors. Rose gold, white gold and there are a few more that can add to the charm of an ornament. Aside from personal preference, keep in mind these suggestions. In contrast, an antique or bronze finish can transform a lehenga or suit. White gold accessories with go well with the western attires. If you choose studded jewellery, it’s better to pick those that could be paired with multiple attires.

    How pure your gold is?




    It is well known that the purest gold is 24 karat gold. Gold is exceedingly malleable at its maximum pure level. That is why it is mixed to make alloys, often a mixture of copper and silver . The above mentioned alloy can make your gold jewellery durable. When gold goes through this alloying process, it becomes 22 kt or lesser. It typically leads to a shift in pricing and also in the resale value of gold jewellery. To ensure you obtain your money's actual worth, only purchase gold jewellery certified BIS 916hallmark. This certification verifies the purity level of your jewellery, giving you the total genuine price should you ever wish to sell or exchange it. (Ornament or jewellery made of 916 gold is BIS hallmarked. That's 91.6 g of pure gold per 100 g of gold. It certifies jewellers who make BIS 916 gold jewellery)

    Price of the gold

    Everyone with the experience in buying gold jewellery knows that the prices of gold and the price of gold jewellery are not the same. In general, the actual cost of a piece of jewellery is substantially more than the gold rate. Ask for a breakdown of the final price without immediately accepting the initial quote given. Take a look and compare pricing between the jewellery shops. The same necklace or bangles may not be found in two different showrooms. But you will find ones at least closer to those in karat or weight. These may give you a better idea about the pricing differences. 

    It is challenging to forecast gold price declines. While prices are generally standard, there may be occasional deviations. Before buying gold, check local rates. Gold's price fluctuates daily, dependent on market rates. Starlight Jewellery accurates our items to provide accurate rates to customers. To understand how the cost is calculated, feel free to contact us!

    Mark of identification

    The Hallmark or KDM seal on pure gold jewellery certifies its purity. This is a very significant embossing on the inside of most ornaments that makes sure of purity. Solicit this mark from the retailer. We will never sell any jewellery without this mark. Instead of a purity mark, some vendors may provide you with a purity certificate. But keep in mind that, the certificate is worthless without the purity mark. Only precious stones can use this designation. Only a purity certificate with a rating is given for valuable stones.

    Get and keep your invoice.




    An invoice is required for many reasons. To calculate capital gains tax, our customers will need to know the purchase price of gold. The invoice is also helpful in case of a future dispute. 

    Check the weight of your gold before purchasing.

    Check the gold weight if there are any studded things. If you have any questions from Starlight Jewellery. We are always available to provide you the answers! Diamonds and emeralds are frequently set in gold jewellery, and have different charges all to themselves. We understand gold isn't like groceries. While they has become exceedingly desirable and costly. All item's prices will be carefully broken down accurately when making your purchase with Starlight Jewellery.

    Bargaining is no sin!

    When buying gold jewellery, it is vital to understand that we do include manufacturing charges. Starlight Jewellery is able to offer a certain amount of fees and discounts here. We are also able to offer discount code to offset your total cost price! Bargaining is no sin!

    Man-made and machine-made jewellery



    In this age of mass production, it is usual to see machine-made jewellery. Machine-made ornaments are cheaper than hand-made ornaments since manufacturing costs are lower. All our 916 gold pieces are made professionally with love and care, and making sure all items are beautiful and best in its production quality.

    A trusted vendor.

    Choosing the best and most reliable vendor is crucial when buying pricey jewellery. We take pride in our good reputation, to provide the most accurate valuation of our gold jewellery, which is vital, we understand most of our customers might not be able to evaluate the authenticity of gemstones, diamonds, or gold. Whether small diamond studs or a massive gold necklace, jewellery is a significant investment. Starlight Jewellery aims to do our best to provide the most accurate pricing for these timeless pieces, and to assure our customers that they will be satisfied with their purchases.

    Create a budget that you can fit in

    Knowing your financial limit is crucial. It will help you narrow down your alternatives and give you an idea of the type of jewellery to seek. A little extra on your favourite gems is always a good idea, but going over budget on impulsive purchases isn't? Starlight Jewellery tries our best to offer installment plans that includes Grab Paylater and Atome for installment payment for our customers to split your payments comfortably and pay with bite-size amounts!

    Think twice before going for stone-studded jewellery

    Do you prefer precious or semiprecious stone jewellery to plain gold? We recommend best that our customers always check the net gold weight before purchasing stone-studded jewellery.

    Always ask for the net gold and stones breakdown. Because gemstone jewellery involves sophisticated patterns and designs, production fees may be different from each design. 

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